31 December 2016

Welcoming the New Year at Cru Steakhouse, Manila Marriott

One evening while we were stuck in traffic, Mickey and I reminisced about how we went on dating at fine dining restaurants before.  Some of them already closed, we then laughed out loud after we realized that it was a long time since we went to one.  Don't you just love it when you coincidentally receive a text that gets your heart racing?  That's exactly what happened when I got a text from Michelle Garcia, Director for Marketing Communications at Manila Marriott Hotel, inviting me and Mickey for dinner at Cru Steakhouse!  Of course, you never say no to that kind of an invitation.

This photo was taken a right at the entrance of Cru Steakhouse.  Each time I look at it, it reminds me of our early days of dating.  It brings a very big smile to my face.   


24 December 2016

The Bird House Cafe in Subic Bay

Last week, when the city was abuzz with all the Christmas parties and just when everyone was busy completing their Christmas lists, Mickey and I snuck away and left the city to celebrate my birthday out of town.  It was a no-brainer, there are a few places in the Philippines that is a favorite and the fastest to access for me is Subic Bay. Having gone here many times, we have seen most of what the city has to offer.  But for this birthday weekend, we were lucky enough to have met some fine feathered friends.

Visiting The Bird House Cafe for the first time was a unique experience.  It is hard to miss, the cafe is designed like a huge red birdhouse with tinted glass windows all around and is located just outside Magaul Bird Park.  When we arrived, we first peeped through the glass doors and saw these colorful budgies freely flying around the cafe.  Mickey and I absolutely love animals, and any chance to interact with them is always a delight.


15 December 2016

The First Ever Sony Fair!

Sony Philippines hosts the first ever Sony Fair at Bonifacio High Street, BGC!  The fair brings together some of Sony's flagship products in different spaces dedicated to mobile, digital imaging, home entertainment, personal audio and gaming for everyone to enjoy.  I had a first hand experience of the fair during the media launch.  Let me take you through the Sony Fair through these photos:


01 December 2016

Casa Villa gets ready for Christmas 2016

My favorite season is finally here!  Christmas sends joy and happiness to our hearts at Casa Villa.  Probably because, it is one great reminder that Jesus Christ was born.  There is no greater way to celebrate this special gift than to gather and celebrate that special day.

I guess you know by now that my favorite thing to do is dressing up our special table for two at Casa Villa.  I always change it up every year and this year, I wanted something very festive, colorful and something bright on the table.  This year, there are new pieces, heirlooms and current favorites.        


20 November 2016

Doña Elena Olive Oil's Festive Flavors at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen + 5 Free Recipes

Doña Elena Olive Oil in collaboration with 49-B Heirloom Kitchen presents Festive Flavors at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen featuring five special dishes by Chef Erica Aquino starting November 20, 2016 until January 2017.  On the special healthy holiday menu are Grilled Shrimp Patacones, Olive and Chorizo Stuffed Roast Chicken, Grilled Tilapia with Red Onions and Olive Relish, Cuban Beef Stew with Yellow Rice and Cheese Panna Cotta. 

Try these special dishes at 49-B Heirloom for a limited time!  After having a taste of these healthy holiday dishes at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen, you can also try making them at the comforts of your own home as Doña Elena Olive Oil in collaboration with 49-B Heirloom Kitchen have shared these special recipes of Chef Erica Aquino as well!


The New Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Watch Collection

I am a fan of the Tommy Hilfiger brand way back when it wasn't available yet in the Philippines.  Each time we would travel abroad, I go online and search for the stores near the places we visit.  There was one Tommy Hilfiger store in Las Vegas where I literally spent half a day in the store, hoarding clothing, fashion accessories and their home items as well.  Yup, I'm that kind of a Tommy Hilfiger fan.

Can you just imagine my excitement when I got an invitation to the launch of the new Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid watch collection?  I let go of a short shriek when I got the invitation and had a smile on my face while I was reading the details of the event.  The theme was nautical and guests where asked to come in Nautical attire as well in signature Tommy Hilfiger colors of red, white and blue.  

In this photo: Chelle, Maxine, Nikki, Mr. Julian Addison, President of Movado Group Inc., Luxury Asia Pacific Ltd, Ruth, Me and Janeena with our new Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid watches!


19 November 2016

Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color, Japan's No.1 Hair Color Brand, now in selected Watsons and SM Beauty stores!

I have to admit there were many times when I had to have my hair color done sooner than later because of hair (over) re-growth.  My hair would sometimes look like I had a mini-ombre hair dye process (even if I didn't).  But sometimes, I also have to tide it out, until my schedule will allow me to book an appointment in a salon.  Simply because it would mean allotting at least 3 hours of sitting in a chair until I get the final result.  Let alone driving, parking and going to salon for my appointment.

There were times when I wish there was a simpler, faster and easier way to apply hair dye (even if I have to do it myself), because this would mean I can spend more precious time with my husband, weekends are spent more for adventure and I would get more important things done.  


15 November 2016

Marriott Manila's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2016

It was a magical evening of twinkling lights, Christmas carols in the air, as guests gathered around the Christmas tree sipping holiday drinks and feasting on gustatory delights to celebrate Marriott Manila's Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony. 

These two are so cute, I couldn't help but take a photo with them!


13 November 2016

A Special Dinner by Chef Billy King, Our Two-Bedroom Suite at The Manor at Camp John Hay and their Grand Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Last weekend would have to be one of the best vacations we've ever had.  We were invited by The Manor at Camp John Hay to stay for 3 days and 2 nights in one of their spacious two bedroom suites.  It was a good weekend to go up to Baguio, the weather was good, there was no storm coming and the best part is that we just passed a long holiday weekend which meant travelling would be a breeze.  

We were in awe at the extent of the preparations for Christmas.  It starts as you enter the driveway, to the lobby, until the garden and even into the hallways of the rooms.  It was evident that there was no scrimping on the Christmas decorations all over the hotel.  It's still November but you can feel the Christmas spirit all over the property.


01 November 2016

The Sleep Revolution by Uratex: Discover the Future of Sleep

We live in an age where there are a million tasks to do in a day and for some reason, a lot of us have been able to adapt to this lifestyle because the need dictates that we need to adapt as fast as we can.  But with this change, there are also some things that are sacrificed, one of them is the chance of a good, adequate, uninterrupted sleep.

The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough with sleep loss having drastic effects on a healthy lifestyle, it can seriously have an effect on our health which can impact our heart, weight, mind and well-being.  It is a good thing that Uratex understands the fundamental need for better sleep.  Known as the "Sleep Specialist", Uratex continues to innovate and revolutionize the way it gives a superior sleeping experience through its latest collection, the Sleep Revolution.


31 October 2016

Burger King Chicken Fries Cute Convention

Burger King has just launched their newest product, the Burger King Chicken Fries!  If you like chicken and fries then you'll definitely love this new product that is made of tender white chicken meat coated with a light breading and with the crispiness and form of fries. 

The launch of the new Burger King Chicken Fries was kicked off with a cute convention at the Burger King Connecticut Branch where we were able to try the Chicken Fries for ourselves.  We also got to choose from three different dips - Barbecue, Maple Syrup and Honey Mustard for this yummy snack.  Personally, my favorite is the Barbecue dip! 


22 October 2016

A Pink Party to raise Breast Cancer Awareness with Health Cube + A 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram Give-away!

Breast Cancer hits home to many of us.  I'm pretty sure there is a friend, a cousin, a sister, a mother, an aunt or a grandmother who had it or who are currently waging a war against breast cancer.  The statistics are high, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and unfortunately, the Philippines has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia.  While we can provide support in many ways to our loved ones, we also become witnesses to the battle that they have to go through and how they are all very strong-willed and courageous.  To me, this is very important when you're battling cancer.  I had my very own battle myself of a different type of cancer three years ago, and I thank God everyday that I survived that.  Now, I am cancer free. 

I had the privilege of listening to breast cancer survivors stories at Health Cube's recent Pink Party to raise breast cancer awareness.  They all have something in common, while they had breast cancer, they kept a positive attitude and the will power to fight it for themselves and their families, plus of course, full trust and faith in God.


21 October 2016

101 ways to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The award-winning Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has earned itself a reputation as a dependable healing product that offers moisturizing, soothing, and protective benefits. But did you know that apart from these tried and tested benefits, there are still hundreds of ways you can use the world’s original wonder jelly?


10 October 2016

New Betadine Fresh Bliss

A few weeks ago, I received an All-Day Freshness Care Pack from Betadine.  The care pack contained a soft bath towel, a fluffy loofah, a pair of rubber slippers whose colors, lavender and pink blended well with the introduction of two of their new daily feminine wash variants, the New Betadine Fresh Bliss in Lavender Dreams and Pink Paradise!  


01 October 2016

Great Lakes Natural Fruit Juices

How do you start a great day?  I start mine with a hearty breakfast and a refreshing drink for an instant day booster.  It's a good thing that I was recently sent boxes of Great Lakes natural fruit juices to try.  Great Lakes is the latest line of natural fruit juices made from the finest fruits.  The best thing is that Great Lakes is all-natural, has no artificial coloring or flavors and has no sweeteners.  Originally they first released the Fruit and Vegetable Mix and Tropical Fruit Mix Flavors.  Now, they are introducing two new refreshing flavors:  Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape.


25 September 2016

Sugar Factory at Shangri-La Fort

Sugar Factory, America's favorite eatery and confectionery has just opened their first branch in the Philippines at Shangri-La Fort.  They first debuted in Las Vegas, USA in 2009 and we are all too happy they found a sweet space in Manila!  Sugar Factory can also be found in other cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami and Bahrain. 

Sugar Factory Manila opens to shiny chandeliers and furniture you'd most likely find in a club.  Probably because the restaurant also offer an area for dancing at the loft area at night. 

You'll also find loads and loads of candies and chocolates in a special corner.  But aside from sweets, Sugar Factory also serves appetizers, pancakes and waffles, soups and salads, burgers and entrees.  Do not miss trying their insane milkshakes, drinks in huge goblets you can share with friends, martinis and other Sugar Factory signature drinks.  Sugar Factory's menu is created by a team of world-class chefs and is available all throughout the day.


05 September 2016

How to have a truly relaxing vacation

We plan a vacation to relax and to get away from it all.  But have you ever felt that nagging feeling?  Just as you have finished going on a glorious vacation, you suddenly feel that you need to go on another short vacation just to recover from your last vacation?  It is quite funny, but I'm pretty sure most us have felt this.  Here are some tips that Mickey and I would do when we're on a relaxing vacation.


26 August 2016

What's on your wish list? A ShopBack Edition

We just don't notice it, but we go through our habits everyday.  Wake up early, grab a quick bite, make sure we arrive at the office on time, work, go home late in the afternoon.  We cook, eat and catch up with the family over dinner, watch some late night news, and suddenly you notice it's already getting late and it's time to hit the bed.

Like your everyday electronic gadgets, we also need to recharge.  I always get excited when I browse through my favorite travel and fashion websites and create my wish list to break my daily cycle.

In my mind and heart, it would always be about traveling.  I just love exploring new places, immersing in new cultures, but most specially learning from the locals - where they go, what they love to eat, what they are proud of.  Oftentimes, although a map would be helpful, I would rather lose the map and go off the beaten path.  Isn't it more exciting doing it that way?  Of course, when I am in a new country, I also do see the sights and the places of activity like any other tourist would do on their first visit.  But what excites me more, is going where the tourists don't go, but rather, where the locals would go.  

If I could make a travel wish list, this is how it would look like: 

1. Hotel Accomodations in Subic Bay at Hotels.com via ShopBack

Earlier this year, I booked our summer vacation in Boracay, Philippines with Hotels.com thru ShopBack.  It was an easy, hassle free experience booking our hotel online.  We got a lower price than the published rate and since we booked thru ShopBack we got a 6% Cashback. 

For my travel wish list, I have been looking at several hotels at Hotels.com in one of my favorite places in the Philippines - Subic Bay.  I stumbled upon a new hotel with excellent review ratings that got my curiosity running.  A 3-night stay at Best Western Plus Hotel Subic at a fair price of Php 3,281.00/night would be a good thing.  Subic Bay is a great place to visit for the weekend with it just being 2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, activities in nature is so much easier to reach plus a really nice hotel to go home to would be more than a welcome experience. 


11 August 2016

Organique Acai

Organique Acai is a concentrated drink supplement made of the most nutrient-dense fruit in the world, the acai berry.  Organique products (which constitutes of a drink supplement, freeze-dried capsules and soap) are made of natural, wild harvested acai berries from the Belem region in the state of Para, Brazil where "cream of the crop" acai is grown. 

Top 5 health benefits of acai berry:
  1. Powerful antioxidant
  2. Heart healthy
  3. Glowing skin
  4. Immune defense
  5. Energy boost
Organique's owners Elton and Cathy Salimbangon, tapped the services of a top designer, who they met at the Organic and Natural Health Show 2015 in London, to work on the new look of Organique .  They aim to reach consumers worldwide and showcase their premium organic products that incorporates nature to their new design.


24 July 2016

Marry Me at Marriott

It happened on a weeknight but I couldn't miss going to my first "Marry Me at Marriott" event.  The venue for the biggest bridal event of the year was at the Marriott Grand Ballroom which happens to turn a year old this year.  The name for the ballroom was apt, it was indeed Grand!  Did you know that it is the largest, pillarless ballroom in the Philippines?  It provides 86,111 sq. ft. of space for over 3,800 guests.  It has a wedding chapel as well as bridal suites with gardens which is perfect for any couple's stress-free dream wedding.

There was an enchanted forest theme with cocktails, pastries and a dessert spread prepared for all the guests.  The long table was lined with white trees that had hanging crystal baubles and pixie lights that resembled fireflies.  There were also crystal candelabras with long tapered candles that set the romantic scene for the night's event.


22 July 2016

The New Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza

Hey guys!  Our Greenwich Barkada has great news for all you pizza lovers!  Greenwich has just launched their latest pizza called Bacon Pizza Thins.  It's a limited edition pizza that has a generous portion of bacon, cream cheese, mozzarella, ham and mushroom on top of a crispy thin crust. 

Don't miss out, try it with your barkada at your nearest Greenwich pizza branch from now until September 30, 2016.  Just a bite will surely get you to do the #BaconEffect dance!  Curious what that is?  Search for the hashtag on Instagram and you'll see how it's done.  But first, here are some scenes during the new Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza launch:

With our Greenwich Barkada, Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras


19 July 2016

Beauty MNL

Hi ladies!  How would you like to shop for beauty products in the comforts of your own home and avail of freebies with every purchase?  It sounds like a great idea, right?  Think about it, you don't have to look for parking, pay for parking or spend time going around looking for what you need when you can be at home and spend precious time with family instead.  Well, if you haven't tried shopping at Beauty MNL yet, you are really missing out.  Recently, I had the privilege of shopping on their site, and only a day after I checked out my virtual shopping cart, the receptionist called for me to pick-up the box at the lobby because it wouldn't fit the mail box.  I knew it was going to be a good day for opening a big box of beauty goodies.


10 July 2016

Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood City

I recently asked my interior designer friend Gerard, where can I go in Asia (not to shop) to experience a new culture and some good food.  He quickly replied, "Go to Vietnam Tina, the cuisine is healthy and it tastes really good, plus you don't have to travel too far".  Little did I know that I would be able to experience a slice of Vietnam in Manila when I received an invitation to the opening of Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood City last week.   

As I stepped inside Annam Noodle Bar, it felt like I was somewhere exotic but with a modern touch.  I couldn't help but gaze at the colorful Vietnamese lanterns, the colorful neon signs of hot pho and bahn mi, the Vietnamese ca phe (coffee) bar by the entrance, a black and white film on Vietnamese culture is projected to a wall, ingredients that are undeniably part of Vietnamese cuisine such as bun rice vermicelli, hoisin and chili sauce are spread around the restaurant to form part of the décor and can be purchased as well.  The tables are tightly arranged as if to evoke a nostalgic street setting.


07 July 2016

Cafe Enye's New Weekend Brunch Menu + Unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Marys for just Php 199.00

The weekend is almost here and here's one thing that's worth checking out. 

Café Enye in Eastwood City will be having their "Bros Who Brunch" brunch selection on the menu every weekend from 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m..  Apart from the yummy selection of brunch dishes, you can also order bottomless mimosas and bloody marys by just adding Php 199.00 to any dish.  Happy hour definitely starts early on weekends at Café Enye!

Having our happy drinks (read: mimosas) at brunch
with foodie friends Chessika Chua and Vannah Santiago at Café Enye's "Bros Who Brunch" launch


30 June 2016

Singapore Airlines x MasterCard Launch the Largest Nationwide Mid-Year Travel Fair

You've hustled all year, and by now, I'm pretty sure you're dreaming of your next travel destination where you can unwind, recharge, discover new cultures, learn something new, breathe fresh air somewhere amazing.  Well, what better time it is than now to start planning that much needed escape.

Singapore Airlines (together with sister carrier, SilkAir) and MasterCard just launched their largest mid-year travel fair from July 8 to 31, 2016.  Throughout this period, MasterCard holders and Krisflyer members will have the exclusive privilege of availing special promotional deals plus get a chance to win a trip to Germany or South Africa.

To avail of the exclusive promo rates, there are three things to remember:


27 June 2016

Dunlopillo launches the Talasilver Wave Mattresses

There are a lot of people who go through sleepless nights, and they don't feel well-rested the following morning.  Mood and alertness suffers, memory and concentration takes a dive, and performance at work falters.  What they don't know is that the mattress they sleep on plays a vital role on their sleeping patterns. 

Dunlopillo is one of the few companies that are committed to provide quality sleep care mattresses.  Recently Dunlopillo launched a revolutionary latex technology called the Talasilver Wave that sets it apart from the current mattresses in the market. 

It's unique design allows you to move freely without compromising body support and comfort.  It also aligns the spine for optimal blood circulation and reduces one's tendency to toss and turn in sleep.  It keeps the body's temperature at a comfortable level by allowing excellent ventilation and air circulation.  Furthermore, Talasilver Wave boasts of the Nano-Silver Technology that eliminates and prevents growth of 99.9% of harmful bacteria.


25 June 2016

Solique x Marilen Styles

One of my favorite de-stressing activities is going to a spa or salon and have a major pampering session.  Last week, I had the opportunity to do just that at Coco Nail Studio.  I had  a much needed mani-pedi using the newest colors of Solique Gel Polish by Girl Stuff, Serenity and Rose Quartz.  These relaxing, cool colors is released under a collaboration with Interior Designer, Blogger and Mom, Marilen Faustino-Montenegro.


21 June 2016

I am SM Woman

SM Woman recently held a 3-night fashion event entitled "I am SM Woman" from June 14 to 16, 2016.  For each night, they had creative styling activities, a theme-based fashion show and a time-based sale on selected fashion finds in the evening.  To pump up the shopping experience, they have featured DJ's every night. 

On the first night, it was all about honoring exceptional women with their "I am Exceptional" theme, on the 2nd night, they showcased trendy, work wear perfect clothes for women who are fashionable and career driven with their "I am Driven" theme.  On the 3rd and last night, they featured a collection that compliments a woman's curves and key fashion pieced that will leave a great impression with their "I am Strong and Confident" theme.  It was three fun nights of celebrating women.  

I had the privilege of attending the 2nd night, "I am Driven" fashion event with my fun blogger friends.  There are several common denominators here:  a love for fashion, career-driven women who also know how to have fun as well.

From left to right: Jeanne Khe, Chessika Chua, Tina Villa, Phya Pineda and Charlene Ajose

For the "I am Driven" collection of SM woman, there were a lot of on-point fashionable pieces.  They featured pieces in black, white and navy, also muted colors, and a slight punch of color in orange.  My favorite key pieces are the ones in white and muted colors.


12 June 2016

7107 Culture + Cuisine

I was recently watching Beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network.  One challenger chef proudly showcased Filipino cuisine, and Iron Chef Michael Symon commented that "it's one of the most underrated cuisine in the world".  Let's face it, we Filipinos love our rich culinary cuisine, there really is nothing like homegrown dishes that also serve as the ultimate comfort food.  In recent years, Filipino cuisine has gone global as well as we see our local dishes find its way in menus of restaurants abroad. 

There's a new restaurant that had just opened in Bonifacio Global City called 7107 Culture + Cuisine, it showcases the best of what our country has to offer - the beauty, richness, and uniqueness of our culture and cuisine through four different sections: 
  • Kanto - Order merienda treats like Sisig Nachos, Malunggay Pestocino and Chori Burger Sliders.
  • Dampa - Go on a seafood adventure through dishes such as Bangus Caesar Salad, Vitamin Sea Chowder and Bangus Sisig Flipside.
  • Talyasi - Is reminiscent of food that is served in many Filipino gatherings and brings forth Filipino favorites such as Krispy Kare Kare and Bulalo v2.0
  • Himagas - Indulge in local sweet treats such as the Molten Pastillas Lava Cake, Buko Pie ala mode and Epic 7107.
Here are some of the dishes at 7107 Culture + Cuisine:

Chick Chick Bang Bang

Tamarind Salad with Adobo Flakes


29 May 2016

Hannah Kong unveils Collection

On the 24th of May 2016, I witnessed Hannah Kong's debut collection at Aruga by Rockwell.  Her collection features a 15-piece broderie d'art occasion wear, with meticulous stitching and embroidery known as the Lunéville or Tambour technique (a couture embellishment technique).  Hannah studied the techniques of embroidery art at the prestigious Ecole Lesage Paris, which is inextricably linked to the greatest names in fashion such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Louis Vuitton, Valentino Garavani, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld.

Hannah created such romantic and timeless pieces for her debut collection and the dresses were aptly named after her teachers, roommate, clients and favorite French names.  "My show is very French, the feel of an afternoon stroll in the gardens of Versailles", she says. "It's an ode to my stay in Paris."


19 May 2016

What makes a classic bag?

Usually, classic and iconic bags have been around for some time already and have been updated a gazillion times in different ways: by using different types of leather, different colors for every season and even different textures.  Collaborations with iconic designers are also evident when it comes to classic bags, which makes them land on the much coveted list of every fashionable woman.  Most importantly, a classic bag can be worn for every kind of outfit, for different occasions and can effortlessly transition from day to night. 

Recently, I have been setting my eyes on Kate Spade's Cedar Street line which I think can be (if not already) a classic.  I already have a Cedar Street Harmony bag which I bought a few years back, I use it on days when I need to carry a lot of important things with me.  But in this ultra fast paced era, we carry less things, usually just the essentials, that can fit in a tiny bag so that we can do a lot of things without having to carry around a heavy bag.  

A current favorite that I have now that fits this criteria is the Cedar Street Mini Nora, it clearly has the features of a new classic bag.  It is a structured bag made of durable saffiano leather and subtly accessorized with gold hardware.  A mini bag that can be worn three ways: as a crossbody bag that falls right at your hip for easy access, as a shoulder bag, or you can take off the straps and it becomes a handbag.  It is a small wonder and it comes in fun colors from bright to muted as well.  For me, I always like a punch of color to brighten an outfit, so I chose pink! 


29 April 2016

Breaking the Norm: Globe myStarter Plan

In my line of work, I always rely on my trustee mobile phone for fast communication and accurate coordination.  From top management to frequent contacts in the organization, my mobile phone is always ringing.  Thanks to my power bank, I don't have to run out of battery while on the go.


28 April 2016

Experience The Healing Power of Vaseline Jelly, Now in Lotions!

As the song goes, "Feeling hot, hot, hot!".  Lately, the over the top hot temperatures we've been experiencing has become a daily dilemma or shall I say (but, hopefully not) summer's new normal.  Sometimes, simply going out for lunch can feel like you're actually being baked in an oven.  So, we choose to stay indoors and enjoy cooler temperatures in an air-conditioned room.  Even if the latter is so much better than the former, in both cases, our skin is stripped off its natural hydration and moisture.

It's a good thing that Vaseline has just released their New body lotions which are infused with micro-droplets of a wonder ingredient that can deeply replenish the skin's lost moisture, Vaseline Jelly .
  1. For everyday healing: Heal dry skin from within the epidermis with the new Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion (in yellow bottle), now with micro-droplets of Vaseline petroleum Jelly.  SRP 100 ml Php 69.30 / 200 ml Php 126.00 / 400 ml Php 225.00.
  2. For healing and fairness:  Heal dry skin and get 4x fairer skin instantly with Vaseline Instant Fair lotion (in pink bottle). 
  3. For targeted areas like elbows, heels and knees: Heal dry skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly the original wonder jelly (in clear tub with blue cover).  


A Review of Lux Soft Touch Body Wash Plus, an Instagram Contest from LUX!

Hello LUX fans!  Recently, I was sent a beauty care set by LUX to try.  This time, it contains their Soft Touch variant Body Wash and Bar Soap.  I got curious and excited with this variant that I tried the body wash as soon as I can. 


21 April 2016

Orbik, The Light Experts

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a surge of emotion, just because the over-all design is good?  This is called Emotional Design, and this kind of design makes you linger longer in a space, oftentimes longer than you usually would.  If a space evokes emotion in the design alone, it means that the Interior Designer and the Architect has successfully done their job.  I have visited many spaces that evokes this kind of emotion and when I zoom in on what makes me feel this way when other spaces do not, it comprises many different things: design, flow, colors, cohesion and most importantly, the proper lighting.

Most of the time, most people start decorating with furniture, appliances and then lighting is considered as an afterthought, which should not be.  In traditional design, there is usually just one central light that will illuminate the entire space.  In modern design, lighting is used for many different purposes, it can be used to highlight a focal area (such as a home entertainment system, a bookshelf, a piece of furniture or perhaps an artwork),  and installed in different heights for a more sophisticated look. 

During Orbik's recent launch at Cafe Naya at The Palace, a visual display is shown of how lighting can change the look and the mood of a space.  Come take a look!


03 April 2016

Row 101 Summer Pop-Up at Whitespace: A sneak peek and shopping party!

Summer is here!  It's the perfect season to travel with friends and family, perhaps go to the beach or go on outdoor adventures.  It is also a good time to update the look of your home to complement this extremely fun and sunny season. 

Here's a summer pop-up event that is perfect for that much-awaited summer getaway or interior update.  Row 101 recently gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming Summer Pop-up on April 16 & 17, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Whitespace, Pasong Tamo, Makati City.  They have gathered together a cool line-up of brands so you can start shopping for that summer wardrobe (from swimsuits, apparel, accessories and bags), look good while getting in shape with some work-out apparel, for the home there are throw pillows and home scents, there are also some safety products that are in pastel colors such as fire extinguishers and pepper spray, and much more.

                         Come and take a sneak peek at Row 101's upcoming Summer Pop-up!

Benefit Cosmetics make-up minis perfect for that beauty travel kit - The Porefessional, They're Real beyond mascara and Air Patrol BB Cream eyelid primer

Perfect that summer look with make-up from Japanese beauty brands BCL Philippines and Dolly Wink.


19 March 2016

Chaplin Café at Century City Mall

It must be coincidence, but a few weeks back, my husband Mickey and I have been talking about the fact that we haven't been to Century City Mall yet.  It has piqued our curiosity quite a bit and we were actually thinking of dropping by when our schedule permits.  When suddenly, an invitation to come and try out the dishes at the newly opened Chaplin Café fell on our laps!  Chaplin is located at the rooftop of the Century City Mall and is described as a "contemporary restaurant with middle eastern flair" and they also offer vegan and healthy dishes on their menu. 

The interiors receives a generous amount of natural light, with black and white leather armchairs that remind me of the era when Charlie Chaplin became famous, not to mention the quirky floor lamps that are reminiscent of the top hat that was part of his wardrobe.  They also had several tufted sofas around the restaurant, which is perfect for long conversations with family and friends.

Come and take a peek inside Chaplin Café!


16 March 2016

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water

It's always exciting to receive an invitation from one of my favorite beauty brands, Burt's Bees!  The invitation for their Nourishing Facial Water launch arrived with a bunch of fresh flowers, and I thought, how thoughtful of them to send flowers to all invitees, I'm pretty sure it brightened everybody's day.  

The venue for the launch was at the Sky Lounge, W Building, Bonifacio Global City.  I just loved how they transformed the space into a garden!  Burt's Bees products are after all, synonymous to using natural ingredients and it is always refreshing attending their well-executed events that match their company's beliefs.

My favorite Burt's Bees skin care line - Intense Hydration


12 March 2016

Hello Stan Smith!

Six years ago when Stan Smith's were always found on racks of shoe stores and not as in demand as they are now, I remember my husband Mickey would always pick up a pair of Stan Smith's and he would tell me that "these are classics".  I would look at the pair, and would think to myself, "it is very simple, with just the green heel patch with the adidas logo as an accent".  Little did I know that Stan Smith's would be taken off the shelves for a brief hiatus in 2012.  It came back in 2014, to kick start its own re-launch with an aggressive social-media campaign targeting celebrities that it suddenly became a cool thing to wear.  It is also worn by major fashion influencers on the ramp and stylized in many different ways by online influencers that it literally blurs the lines between a shoe that is worn for sports, street style and even high fashion.

It had taken me a while to have my own pair of Stan Smith's, simply because they are almost always off the shelves hours after they have been displayed.  Sometimes, if you do find them online, they are either too expensive or there is a risk that you might get duped by a seller who sells knock-offs.  So, I waited, and just when we were on a weekend holiday and didn't have Stan Smith's on my mind, this pair was on the shelves. 


05 March 2016

Boulangerie 22

My husband Mickey is a fan of Gordon Ramsay's "The Ultimate Cookery course" on the Asian Food Channel.  During one episode, that I was able to watch with him, they had a special feature on bread.  A Parisian pastry chef was a special guest, and he said that, "We Parisians are not happy without bread.  We even drive as far as 9 kilometers just to get good bread".  I was thinking to myself, that's a long drive to get bread.  But then again, Parisians are also known to not scrimp on quality, not even on bread.

Well Manila, we are lucky that we can get good quality bread like the Parisians.  Boulangerie 22 has several branches spread across different cities in the Metro and they had just opened a branch in Makati City, near the Legaspi weekend market and Greenbelt, located at the Ground level of One Legaspi Park Condominium, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. 

As soon as you step inside Boulangerie 22, the aroma of fresh bread greets you and instantly brings a feeling of home.  The bread varieties are categorized into sweet, savory, "Frais and Authentique" or "Fresh and Authentic".  The place is orderly and clean, and the aisles are wide enough for people to choose from their selection of breads that you can either take out, or choose to dine in and enjoy with freshly brewed cups of coffee or bottled juice and boxed fruit milk drinks.  The best thing for me is that they are all individually wrapped for extra freshness.


27 February 2016

Dove Go Shave

Living in a tropical country, I love the fact that women can wear fashionable yet comfortable clothes that are perfect for sunny weather.  Don't you just love wearing sleeveless tops and breezy dresses on most days of the year?  When the weekend hits, most of us are often off to the beach ready to plunge into the water in our bathing suits, or for some of us engage in outdoor sports and activities.

But what stops most women from confidently wearing sleeveless clothing or confidently engaging in sports or activities that might catch a glimpse of their underarms?  It must be the sight of bumpy, dry and dark underarms caused by shaving.  

Since shaving is the quickest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair, 70% of Filipinas shave as a method of underarm hair removal.  But, what causes underarm darkening?  Whenever we shave, 1/3 of what we actually remove is skin, which causes irritation, and with continued shaving, our skin is unable to heal on its own.  It then becomes bumpy, dry and dark.     

In the recent Dove Go Shave event held at The Greens in Greenbelt 5, we wrote messages to our razors on a gold Dove logo and attached it on the hanging blue and white ribbons.  Most of the messages that were written was something all of us can relate to.  What did my message say?  Mine read "Dear Razor, Please be gentle.  Tina Villa". 

Here are some scenes during the Dove Go Shave event.


17 February 2016

We took our Milanos and Parisian Shoes out for a spin

Yup, you read it right, we took our new Milanos and Parisian shoes out for a spin on Valentine's day weekend and instantly fell in love!  Be still our beating hearts.  Here are some scenes over the weekend that was:

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