15 February 2016

Café Enye

For me and Mickey, living in Eastwood City is convenient, everything is accessible including choices in dining establishments.  However, restaurants in the malls are also subjected to the mall hours.  Oftentimes, we also look for restaurants that are open before mall hours, and yes, even after mall hours. 

We walk around Eastwood a lot and we've been seeing this new restaurant over at Eastwood Excelsior called Café Enye.  I recently received an invitation from them for their official launch but missed it because we had to leave for Boracay.  It was a good thing that they invited us over to dine in the restaurant when we got back from our trip.

Café Enye first greets you with a covered Al Fresco dining area

It is adjacent to the bar and the stained glass walls can also be opened up to the al fresco space for specialized outdoor events.

The specially commissioned mural of a floral woman at the al fresco dining area is executed
by Japanese artist, Akane Watanabe.

They also have a function room that can comfortably accommodate 25 persons.  For a minimum consumable spend of Php 15,000.00, you can book this cozy room for a small party with friends or perhaps a private event.

The entire restaurant can accommodate 120 persons for private functions and was designed by Architect Alan Casas.  There are special nooks for catching up with friends, celebrating milestones with family or even just simply enjoying great tasting colonial Spanish cuisine with loved ones. 

Here's what we had at Café Enye:

House Blend Iced Tea
Freshly brewed white and green tea with syrup
Php 110.00

Calamansi Cucumber
Blended fresh cucumber and clamansi
Php 90.00

Calamares Salad
Crispy calamari with mixed greens and Café Enye's secret green onion dressing
Php 250.00

Forest Mushroom Soup
A mix of mushrooms creamed into soup
Php 185.00

Paella Brunch Plate with Handcrafted Garlicky Longanisa
Enye rice topped with pickled vegetables, salsa and crispy fired anchovies served in a Paellera
includes your choice of egg - scrambled, poached, sunny-side up, hardboiled or red egg
Café Enye's way of infusing paella with famous "silog" favorites
Php 215.00

Spanish Brunch Plate
Spanish style toast, crispy bacon strips, Spanish chorizo, homemade baked beans with two eggs
Php 280.00

Bacalao Puttanesca
Classic pasta putanesca topped with crisp homemade Baccalao (Atlantic Cod) chunks
Php 275.00

Aglio Olio with Chorizo
Olive oil and garlic based pasta with Bilbao style chorizo
Php 235.00

Mojo Chicken and Lechon Carnitas
Café Enye's version of sisig.  Citrus and garlic marinated pork and chicken cubes
with olives, pickled vegetables and mushrooms.
Php 385.00

Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled marinated pork loin, served with roasted root crop mash, salsa, grilled tomato and gravy cream
Php 385.00

Fish Mojo Skewer
Two sticks of citrus marinated fish skewers served with Enye rice cilantro yogurt, Harissa and Latin salsa.  It is served with a choice of Enye rice, French Fries or Mashed Potatoes.
Php 380.00

Crème Catalan
Classic anilla and orange zest infused custard topped with fresh fruits
and served with a shot of artisan espresso
Php 185.00

Chouxros with Dulce de Leche Cream
Homemade light Pate a Choux pastry with dulce de leche red egg and tsokolate peanut butter

Refreshing drinks, savory dishes, delectable desserts, interiors that makes you want to linger and of course, restaurant hours that are not tied to mall hours - Café Enye, you are now on our list of favorite dining places in our Eastwood City neighborhood!  See you again soon!

For updates on what's cooking at Café Enye, find them on Instagram @café_enye and on Facebook @CafeEnye, share your bonding moments and food favorites with the hashtags #ExploreEnye and #CafeEnye. 

Café Enye is located at the Ground Floor of the Eastwood Excelsior on Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City.  For inquiries and reservations call (+63-2) 671-3230. 

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