03 January 2016

Moleskine Limited Edition Planners and Notebooks 2016

Even in this digital age, I am still one of those who likes to write things down on a planner or notebook.  But there is one brand that I like to use, Moleskine.  My earlier Moleskines were hardbound and were just either black or red.  But now, Moleskine has released special edition planners and notebooks in collaboration with pop culture icons which makes them more interesting and inspiring.

Before 2015 ended, Mickey and I were able to get our own limited edition planners and notebooks at Powerbooks and National Bookstore.  Plus, we also chanced upon the free personalization at Powerbooks Greenbelt last December 29.   

I was drawn to the white rabbit on the cover of this Moleskine notebook from Alice in Wonderland, and of course, we all know that somehow, "we are all mad here" (but in a good, creative way).

We're ready to face 2016 and here are our respective Moleskine Planners and Notebooks.  Let's start with mine.  It wasn't planned but I noticed that I chose a red, gold and white motif.

The notebooks comes with stickers of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds, reminiscent of the Playing Card characters in Alice in Wonderland. 

The first page of the notebook opens to a quote from The Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, "Everything's Got a Moral, if Only You can Find it" while the second page opens to the famous illustration of the Cheshire Cat on the tree talking to Alice. 

The Cheshire Cat is the cat of the Duchess. Alice meets the cat when she leaves the Duchess house, and finds it in a tree.  It constantly grins and can disappear and reappear whenever it likes and sometimes, it disappears and leaves its grin behind.

I chose a Hello Kitty Daily Planner speckled with white polka dots for this year.  It is the thickest planner version, but I don't mind, with the many hats I wear, I need a page (oftentimes more) for every day in the calendar. 

The planner comes with three bookmarks with different Hello Kitty designs

The first page opens to a reminder from our favorite cat to "Fill your year with lots of ideas!"  The second page opens to where you should write your name, address and contact details.  Should you lose your planner, Hello Kitty already wrote in advance that as a reward, whoever finds it will get your mom's apple pie.  So, don't forget to tell mom.

Here are Mickey's Moleskine Planner and Notebook for 2016:

After watching "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", we were fortunate to get this Planner at National Bookstore Glorietta with C-3PO on the cover.  

The planner comes with two sheets of themed stckers as well.

The first page opens to illustrations of X-wing star fighters, and the second page opens to where you should write your name, address and contact details.  Don't forget to write down how much you'll be willing to give as a bounty, just in case you lose your planner.

Now, how apt is this notebook for Mickey's business, Audio Artist Manila?  The design is made in celebration of 50th anniversary of the Audio Cassettes and it had a typical cassette player design in front.

The notebook also comes with stickers of the iconic audio cassette with the rewind, forward, stop, play, pause and record buttons.

The first opens to a reminder - to "Play with words, rewind memories, fast-forward projects, record ideas, pause to think, stop and enjoy."  The second page opens to where you should write your name and contact details, just in case you lose your notebook.

Well 2016, we're all set with our Moleskine Planners and Notebooks!  Let's make it count!  Are you ready for 2016?

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