29 April 2016

Breaking the Norm: Globe myStarter Plan

In my line of work, I always rely on my trustee mobile phone for fast communication and accurate coordination.  From top management to frequent contacts in the organization, my mobile phone is always ringing.  Thanks to my power bank, I don't have to run out of battery while on the go.

However, I noticed that when contacts with prepaid lines call me, the line is always cut short after every 15 minutes.  They would call me back only to be cut again after a lengthy conversation which is such a hassle since important information needs to be relayed or coordinated accurately and in a timely manner.  Plus, every time the line gets cut, I am not certain whether my contact got the information correctly the first time.  So, my tendency is to summarize our last conversation, then pick-up from where we left off again.  Can you imagine how frustrating that can be, especially if it's crunch time? 

One day, my colleague noticed the cut conversations and the repeated instructions and told me that my contact probably has a prepaid mobile number that is enrolled to an unlicall (unlimited call) promo.  She said that the network really limits the duration of the calls because of the "fair use policy".  She further mentioned that the call drops aren't experienced if you have a postpaid line, which I agree to because I also have a postpaid line.  It is vital for clear communication and emergency calls.  She said that it is the very reason why she converted her prepaid line to a postpaid line without having to change her mobile number.

I said, "what?" how can you possibly convert to a post paid without changing your digits?  She quickly replied that Globe has a new budget friendly myStarter Plan which allows you to avoid the hassle of changing your number and informing all your contacts.  "That innovative" I said,  I then looked at the website for the plan details.  They have two plans:

myStarter Plan 300 comes with:
  • 300 minutes of calls to Globe and TM
  • 300 texts to all networks
  • 200 MB of data
  • Provides free access to Facebook, Viber and 1GB of data for Spotify basic
myStarter Plan 500 comes with:
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM
  • 300 texts to other networks
  • 200 MB of data
  • Provides free access to Facebook, Viber and 1GB of data for Spotify basic

This plan prevents you to have a bill shock as myStarter Plans guarantees a fixed bill every month.  Should you need to go over your limit, you can top it off using a prepaid card.  The plan is very flexible and carefully thought of by the people at Globe Telecom.

Recently, Globe also introduced the new Disney mobile devices (in three themes - Frozen, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess) - that are exclusively available with the Globe myStarter plan 500 with P250 monthly cash out that can be charged to your monthly bill.  Customers can go to any Globe Store or online to get the plans and the devices. 

Ready to convert your prepaid number to a Globe myStarter postpaid plan?  Visit www.globe.com.ph or call 730-1010, or visit a store near you.

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