08 February 2016

Estacio Uno Boracay, Dinners and Daily Walks

After our 3-day stay at Alta Vista de Boracay, we transferred to Estacio Uno Boracay located on the famous 4 kilometer beach line at Station one, where we booked a Standard room.  We really intended to switch hotels for this trip, a first in our many Boracay travels, so that we can feel experience how it is like to be on different sides of the island and be able to make a comparison for ourselves.

Estacio Uno Lobby

Suite rooms have direct access to the pool

Our Standard room at Estacio Uno

The Standard rooms at Estacio Uno are much smaller than the one we previously stayed in at Alta Vista de Boracay.  There is no balcony and window view here.

A 32 inch LCD TV is rightly placed across the bed

Standard toiletries just in case you forgot your vanity kit

At breakfast, we always sit at the table with the view

During sunsets, we are either at the beachfront area of the restaurant...

...or up at the second level lounge area for a better view

Quick hotel review (Standard room):
  • Standard rooms on this side of the beach are more expensive (the published room rate at Estacio Uno is Php 8,000.00 per night).  But being located at the beach front literally means a few steps away from the shore line.
  • It is a challenge to hang wet clothes that needs to be dried because there is no open and airy area where you can hang them.  You would have to hang them in the bathroom to dry.
  • There was free Wi-Fi access in the rooms that came with the room rate.  But because the router is placed outside the door, the signal is poor.  Wi-Fi routers work best when placed in line of sight.
  • Mobile phone signals are also intermittent inside our room and you have to find a spot where the signal is a bit better.  Two signal bars is the most you can get which is only good for sending a text message.
  • For a higher priced Standard room at a better part of the beach, I expected high standards of cleaning but I was a bit disappointed with how the shower door was not cleaned well on a daily basis.  I guess a simple Mr. Muscle Mold & Mildew Killer will do the job.  The closet also needed some disinfecting, there was a musty smell that never went away even if we had our room cleaned every single day.
  • Three years ago, we had many breakfasts here, I can clearly remember that the breakfast buffet was one of the best in Boracay.  The late and former F&B manager Hermie saw to it that the food quality was topnotch everyday.  Loyal customers like us know him way back when this hotel was still named Waling-Waling.  When he passed away last 2015,  we did notice a big difference in the standard of the buffet. 
  • Some of the food we ordered needed some improvement, especially when we ordered two grilled chicken burgers that was clearly under seasoned.  If a hotel is charging more than the average price of a burger, we expect a little bit more, right?
  • We absolutely loved that they had non-smoking rooms, but it wasn't right to allow guests to smoke in the breakfast area while other non-smoking guests are having breakfast.  Honestly, I would love to see the day that Boracay beach would be 100% smoke free.  
  • I am a fan of excellent customer service.  Unlike Alta Vista de Boracay, I can count with my one hand the number of hotel staff that provided high levels of customer service.  Surely, this can be improved. 
  • Safety deposit box in each room is a standard.
  • Hotel location is one of the best in Boracay.

I can clearly remember that Estacio Uno was at it's best form back in early 2013.  We even met  renowned interior designer Cynthia Almario here, who did the interior design of Estacio Uno.  Although I understand that wear and tear is inevitable, proper maintenance should be a priority.  With the boom of the hotel industry in Boracay,  Estacio Uno is now facing very stiff competition from newly built hotels on the island.

Boracay Dinners

We also had dinner along d'mall many times.  Of course, we had several dinners at our favorite Boracay restaurant, Lemoni Café

T.G.I. Friday's has opened in Boracay as well.  We met the General Manager, Rafael who is familiar to us because he served at T.G.I. Friday's Glorietta and Eastwood. Thanks for the Brownie Obsession you sent our way Rafael! 

Daily Boracay walks

Here are some of our views during our walks at the beach:

A couple enjoying a morning run

Exploring the other side of the island

Love them island dogs!

Shared a lot of good memories and laughs with Mickey during this trip.
He is the best travel buddy ever.

Going up to Nami for a better view of the beach

The view is awesome up here

One of the best memories I have of this trip is meeting this group of girls who just came from their cheer dance practice by the beach.  How fortunate are they to walk by the fine white sand near the waters edge with the view of the famous Boracay sunset on their way home from school everyday.

They like JaDine, K-Pop and two of them are into singing as well.  Coaxed by friends, Jerian and Sophia sang Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself".  They gamely sang the song as the sun was setting.  They were really good!  I hope to see and chat with you again next time, girls!

From left to right: Jerian, Sophia, Me, Vena, Loisa Jane, Jessa and Sweet Candy Venus

Sunsets are always beautiful here

We'll be back again, sooner than you think.  Stay beautiful Boracay! 
One day, we hope we never would have to leave.

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