17 February 2016

We took our Milanos and Parisian Shoes out for a spin

Yup, you read it right, we took our new Milanos and Parisian shoes out for a spin on Valentine's day weekend and instantly fell in love!  Be still our beating hearts.  Here are some scenes over the weekend that was:

Tina says: It is no secret that I love wearing flats.  I love that having a comfortable shoe makes me do a lot of things faster than I normally would when I'm wearing heels.  They come in different styles but there is something so simple yet so classy and classic about these blush colored Parisian "Anne" flats that caught my eye.  It comes in the most perfect tinge of pale pink reminiscent of a ballerina's pointe shoe.

Alright ladies, I'm pretty sure a lot of us had ballet lessons when we were younger and these pair of ballet flats just gives any outfit that touch of whimsy.  You can pair it with your favorite ripped pair of jeans (just like I did) for instant irony or wear it with a dress for instant femininity.  Any which way, have fun with it!   

Mickey says:  I like wearing shorts for the weekend.  A casual shoe like this Milanos "Shawn" shoe sure completes my weekend get-up.  I was surprised that it fits my feet like a glove.  The construction and form is also of great quality.  "How can they possibly price it affordably low I asked myself?"  One look at the materials used, showed me the answer.  It's Upper and Lining is made of PU or synthetic leather, it looks and feels like real leather but is actually not. 

Of course this might not outlast your expensive casual shoe in terms of durability.  But this is so affordable that you can buy five pairs vs. the price of a leading casual boat shoe. Oh, and did I mention that they have a lot of casual shoe designs for your every get-up?  Just ask James Reid why this is his favorite shoe brand. 

Check-out the latest collection from Milanos and Parisian shoes at your favorite
SM Department Stores!

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