12 March 2016

Hello Stan Smith!

Six years ago when Stan Smith's were always found on racks of shoe stores and not as in demand as they are now, I remember my husband Mickey would always pick up a pair of Stan Smith's and he would tell me that "these are classics".  I would look at the pair, and would think to myself, "it is very simple, with just the green heel patch with the adidas logo as an accent".  Little did I know that Stan Smith's would be taken off the shelves for a brief hiatus in 2012.  It came back in 2014, to kick start its own re-launch with an aggressive social-media campaign targeting celebrities that it suddenly became a cool thing to wear.  It is also worn by major fashion influencers on the ramp and stylized in many different ways by online influencers that it literally blurs the lines between a shoe that is worn for sports, street style and even high fashion.

It had taken me a while to have my own pair of Stan Smith's, simply because they are almost always off the shelves hours after they have been displayed.  Sometimes, if you do find them online, they are either too expensive or there is a risk that you might get duped by a seller who sells knock-offs.  So, I waited, and just when we were on a weekend holiday and didn't have Stan Smith's on my mind, this pair was on the shelves. 

I couldn't believe that a pair of Stan Smith's was right in front of me.  I was trying to hide my excitement, let alone blurt out a chirpy "woohoo!" I peeked at the shoe size and prayed that it would fit me.  I stealthily took the pair of Stan Smith's to the dressing room to try them on in private and I noticed that a girl was actually following me around and waiting for me to come out of the dressing room (perhaps, hoping that it would not fit me so that they can try them on for size).  But I emerged out of the dressing room, handed the pair to the salesperson and said, "They fit!  I'm getting it".  It knocked the wind out of her sails (probably shouting "noooooooooooo!" in her head, haha!), she then turned her back and scoured the shelves.  I hope she finds her Stan Smith's one day.  After all, sometimes, they just magically appear in front of you just when you're not searching for them.

Well, these Stan Smith's are not your usual classic whites, but they're just as special.  It is part of the adidas Originals City pack, more specifically the "Russian Bloom" pack.  It is feminine, but edgy - dressed up in woven jacquard with a floral tapestry pattern and an exciting color-scheme inspired by the city of Moscow.  It also features perforated 3-stripes, a gold metallic Stan Smith logo on the tongue, a rubber cupsole and a contrasting pink heel patch.

I took them out for a weekend spin, and they are perfect for long walks!  It is comfortable shoe that goes well with a dress, jogger pants and even shorts.

Outfit details:
Shoes: adidas Originals Stan Smith
Dress: Zara
Bag: Kate Spade Park Avenue Beau bag

Know the man, behind the shoe.  Click on the video and enjoy!

How did you get your Stan Smith pair?  Share with me your stories.

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