21 April 2016

Orbik, The Light Experts

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a surge of emotion, just because the over-all design is good?  This is called Emotional Design, and this kind of design makes you linger longer in a space, oftentimes longer than you usually would.  If a space evokes emotion in the design alone, it means that the Interior Designer and the Architect has successfully done their job.  I have visited many spaces that evokes this kind of emotion and when I zoom in on what makes me feel this way when other spaces do not, it comprises many different things: design, flow, colors, cohesion and most importantly, the proper lighting.

Most of the time, most people start decorating with furniture, appliances and then lighting is considered as an afterthought, which should not be.  In traditional design, there is usually just one central light that will illuminate the entire space.  In modern design, lighting is used for many different purposes, it can be used to highlight a focal area (such as a home entertainment system, a bookshelf, a piece of furniture or perhaps an artwork),  and installed in different heights for a more sophisticated look. 

During Orbik's recent launch at Cafe Naya at The Palace, a visual display is shown of how lighting can change the look and the mood of a space.  Come take a look!

These vintage LED lamps set such a dramatic scene in the middle of the room.  It was hung overhead among the faux ivy which was used as a nice room divider.  It was hung in different heights and the best thing?  Aside from the cool fact that you can see the LED that looks like a filament lit thru the clear casing of the light bulb, it did not give off heat, unlike most light bulbs do. 

At the launch, I had the privilege of meeting Architect Conrad Onglao.  I have always been a fan of his design style, he blends interior living spaces enclosed in glass with the outdoor landscape, allowing a fusion of the indoors and outdoors.  At Orbik's, launch, he talks about the vital role of lighting in design.

He shares that "lighting serves different purposes: accent lighting to highlight artwork, indirect lighting to create mood, task lighting for desks, clear lighting above kitchen counters.  There are many different ways I apply lighting so that function and design complement one another.  For example, a bedroom should have soft and warm lighting while an office space should have bright white lighting to keep people alert."

It is also good to consider the size and the function of a space when you buy lighting.  This way you're sure that you get the proper illumination of a light that is specific for its function.  In doing this, we must look at lumens and not the wattage.

Here are just some of the Orbik LED bulbs on display: 
Orbik, apart from the normal LED bulbs, also has candle LED bulbs, globe LED bulbs, smart LED bulbs (with phtocell sensor, motion sensor, bluetooth speaker, 3-step dimming), high power LED bulbs, PAR lamps, special lamps, vintage LED lamps, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights and more)

LED Bulbs G-50 (available in 3W, SRP 200.00) 
and LED A60-C (available in 6W/9W/12W, SRP 120.00/180.00/220.00

Vintage LED lamp ST64-C (available in 2.5W/7.5W, SRP Php 400.00/480.00)

LED Ceiling Downlight OB-SD-150C (available in 15W, SRP Php 950.00)

The same LED bulb displayed in groups of different watts

Jam Chan, Marketing Director of Orbik LED light bulbs says, "your room can be transformed with a switch of a single light bulb.  But with low quality bulbs, you'll find yourself more inconvenienced than benefited with the transformation if you have to keep changing it.  This is where LED bulbs make a difference.  The energy efficient bulb is known for its low environmental impact and cost-effectiveness, lasting three times longer than its outdated predecessor the CFL light.  Choosing LED bulbs means saving money, effort and the environment - It's a win all around!". 

For home lighting solutions, follow Orbik's Instagram (@orbikthelightexpert), Facebook (@orbikledlight) and Twitter (orbikledlight) accounts.  Share your Orbik LED light experience by using the hashtag #OrbikLightExperts.

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