01 October 2016

Great Lakes Natural Fruit Juices

How do you start a great day?  I start mine with a hearty breakfast and a refreshing drink for an instant day booster.  It's a good thing that I was recently sent boxes of Great Lakes natural fruit juices to try.  Great Lakes is the latest line of natural fruit juices made from the finest fruits.  The best thing is that Great Lakes is all-natural, has no artificial coloring or flavors and has no sweeteners.  Originally they first released the Fruit and Vegetable Mix and Tropical Fruit Mix Flavors.  Now, they are introducing two new refreshing flavors:  Pure Pressed Apple and Just Right Red Grape.

I couldn't wait to try them so I chilled them in the refrigerator first.  Once cold, I made sure to shake well before opening and added plenty of ice cubes to enjoy my all-natural refreshing drink from Great Lakes.  The verdict?  We love Great Lakes!  Especially the Pure Pressed Apple Juice variant! 

Great Lakes juices have a clean, refreshing taste as expected in natural fruit juices.  The Just Right Red Grape variant has the perfect blend of grapes that tastes just right.  It has a bold flavor that only real grapes can deliver.

Great Lakes PurePressed Apple is made from 100% apple juice.  The cloudy color in the juice is caused by the fiber in apples.  Honestly, we're pretty hooked on the apple juice variant. 

On your next trip to the grocery, pick-up some Oishi Great Lakes natural fruit juices for your family to try!  Great Lakes is now available in major supermarkets and convenience stores and retails for Php 20.00 for the 250ml packs and Php 70.00 for the resealable 1L variant.

Great days start with Great Lakes!  Try them and share on social media "what made your day great?", don't forget to use the hashtags #OishiGreatLakes and #WholesomeRefreshment.


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