09 February 2019

A sleek new kitchen tool you'll love: The Asvel Rice Dispenser from Japan

Do you like clean lines in terms of design?  Or perhaps, do not like bulky kitchen tools?  Popular home care brand, Asvel from Japan has come up with modern and clean aesthetics to their rice dispenser line, and it is perfect for today's modern kitchens.  

But apart from it's modern design, it also has innovative functions:  It has measuring functions, drawer type rice bins that are compact enough and are perfect to use in modular kitchens.  More importantly, it has air tight rice stockers to protect the rice from moisture, dust and insects from creeping in, keeping your rice fresh and clean at all times. 

12 December 2018

A New Way to Relax at Saltwater Float Center

Finding new ways to relax in just 90 minutes?  Here's something new to try - the Float Pods at The Saltwater Float Center.  Even two-time MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors swears by this method to relax his body from aches and pains after playing on the hard court.

These big Float Pods measures 8 feet by 5 feet wide.  It holds about 12 inches of water, which is saturated in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.  This creates a solution more buoyant than the Dead Sea, which makes you float on your back about half in and half out of the water.  The water is kept at the average skin temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, so you don't have to worry that the water might be cold.  

You may also opt to close the Pod for the ultimate sensory experience, or if you're a bit claustrophobic, you can also leave it open.  You also have the option to activate the lights that change color, or if you are bothered by light, you can also keep it off.  There is a small opening in the pod where air can flow freely in and out, and the lid never locks or latches, there is just a handle you can grab if you want to open or close the pod.

09 December 2018

honestbee X The Marketplace

The Christmas countdown has begun, and so has the preparations for this festive season.  I am pretty sure, everyone is starting to prepare their Special Christmas menus, trying to make sure that their planned Christmas spread is on point.  Christmas somehow brings families and friends together and we all want to make it memorable.   

Now, we can make preparations much easier, as honestbee, Asia's leading concierge and delivery service, is yet again transforming the way you shop through their newest partner for premium grocery shopping, The Marketplace.  With their wide selection of local and international products, including fresh produce, deli items, and exclusive wines and spirits, you can make your Christmas preparations a lot easier by just having all that you need delivered right at your doorstep.

04 November 2018

Qantas Celebrates 68 Years in the Philippines

Qantas, The Spirit of Australia, is celebrating their 68th year of service in the Philippines and coinciding with this, is the commencement of their daily flight services between Sydney and Manila.  Qantas has moved their operations to NAIA Terminal 3 since October 28, 2018 to benefit customers as Terminal 3 has more improved check-in facilities, and a range of cafes, restaurants, and retail shops.  

In celebration of the milestone, Qantas held a fun Pinoy-Aussie themed party at Manila Life Cafe at the NAIA Terminal 3.  The event featured Pinoy-Aussie food and themed beverages such as Australian mini meat pies and lamingtons, as well as Pinoy fare such as sisig and popular street food, among many others.

Celebrating with Jen Casitas, Business Development Manager 
for HTT Travel Philippines Inc. (General Sales Agent - Qantas Airways)

01 November 2018

All Out of Love: The Musical (with The Music of Air Supply)

Just recently, while we were stuck in traffic at Edsa, Mickey and I were looking at the billboards of upcoming concerts this 2018, and how the Philippines became the concert capital of Asia. We were always visited by legendary bands and singers, and one of them is Air Supply.

It was a pleasant surprise when we received an invitation from no less than Michelle Garcia, Cluster Director for Marketing Communications at Manila Marriott Hotel Manila, to come and see "All Out of Love" The Musical, featuring the music of Air Supply during the Gala Night.  How can we say no?  with such iconic songs, such as All Out of Love, Every Woman In The World, Here I Am, Lonely is The Night, Keeping The Love Alive, Lost in Love, The One That You Love, Two Less Lonely People in The World, even The Nights are Better and so much more, it is a musical that you shouldn't miss.