27 February 2016

Dove Go Shave

Living in a tropical country, I love the fact that women can wear fashionable yet comfortable clothes that are perfect for sunny weather.  Don't you just love wearing sleeveless tops and breezy dresses on most days of the year?  When the weekend hits, most of us are often off to the beach ready to plunge into the water in our bathing suits, or for some of us engage in outdoor sports and activities.

But what stops most women from confidently wearing sleeveless clothing or confidently engaging in sports or activities that might catch a glimpse of their underarms?  It must be the sight of bumpy, dry and dark underarms caused by shaving.  

Since shaving is the quickest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair, 70% of Filipinas shave as a method of underarm hair removal.  But, what causes underarm darkening?  Whenever we shave, 1/3 of what we actually remove is skin, which causes irritation, and with continued shaving, our skin is unable to heal on its own.  It then becomes bumpy, dry and dark.     

In the recent Dove Go Shave event held at The Greens in Greenbelt 5, we wrote messages to our razors on a gold Dove logo and attached it on the hanging blue and white ribbons.  Most of the messages that were written was something all of us can relate to.  What did my message say?  Mine read "Dear Razor, Please be gentle.  Tina Villa". 

Here are some scenes during the Dove Go Shave event.


17 February 2016

We took our Milanos and Parisian Shoes out for a spin

Yup, you read it right, we took our new Milanos and Parisian shoes out for a spin on Valentine's day weekend and instantly fell in love!  Be still our beating hearts.  Here are some scenes over the weekend that was:


15 February 2016

Café Enye

For me and Mickey, living in Eastwood City is convenient, everything is accessible including choices in dining establishments.  However, restaurants in the malls are also subjected to the mall hours.  Oftentimes, we also look for restaurants that are open before mall hours, and yes, even after mall hours. 

We walk around Eastwood a lot and we've been seeing this new restaurant over at Eastwood Excelsior called Café Enye.  I recently received an invitation from them for their official launch but missed it because we had to leave for Boracay.  It was a good thing that they invited us over to dine in the restaurant when we got back from our trip.


08 February 2016

Estacio Uno Boracay, Dinners and Daily Walks

After our 3-day stay at Alta Vista de Boracay, we transferred to Estacio Uno Boracay located on the famous 4 kilometer beach line at Station one, where we booked a Standard room.  We really intended to switch hotels for this trip, a first in our many Boracay travels, so that we can feel experience how it is like to be on different sides of the island and be able to make a comparison for ourselves.


06 February 2016

Alta Vista de Boracay and a visit to Puka Beach

It has been three long years since we've been back to our favorite place in the world, the beautiful island of Boracay.  I knew we needed to go back soon.  Last August 2015, I was fortunate to win a 3 days/2 nights hotel accommodation with daily breakfast at Alta Vista de Boracay during the Pine-Sol event.  So, when I had a clearer view of my schedule, we booked plane tickets from Philippine Airlines via Kalibo, which we got at an inexpensive rate of Php 3,500.00 per person (round trip).

Mickey and I have never been to Alta Vista de Boracay, so this is definitely a first for us.  The hotel is located in Barangay Yapak and is near Puka Beach and Shangri-La Boracay Resort & Spa.  Though it may not be located in the famous 4 kilometer beach line.  There are many reasons why we love it here.

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