25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

   From Me and Mickey, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!


23 December 2012

Beautiful Christmas Flowers from King Louis

Two weeks ago, I was telling Mickey about how I'd like to place Christmas flowers (or poinsettias) starting November (next year) in our veranda.  I would love to see them when I open our curtains in the morning and perhaps provide some Christmas cheer to our neighbors too.  

Yesterday, I got a very special delivery from Nikki & Efren Chato of  King Louis Flowers & Plants.  They sent me pots of beautiful Christmas flowersI immediately took them out of the big box they came in, unwrapped the plastic that was protecting their fragile leaves and lined them in our veranda.  It's just a pretty site to see.  How special are these flowers that turn red only at Christmas time? 


22 December 2012

The weekend that was at Resorts World Manila

I'm pretty sure some of you were caught in that horrific traffic last Saturday.  Well, we were also caught in one of those on our way to Resorts World Manila.  Though we were a bit lucky catching a good parking slot when we arrived.


17 December 2012

Thank you Paul Smith Manila!

I've always been a fan of the man and of the brand.  So, you can just imagine how happy I am to receive a gift from Paul Smith Manila!   

I am so elated that they sent me Paul Smith's book, "You can find inspiration in everything".  I am currently reading it and I'm  browsing a bit faster than I should so I can write about it and say my proper thank you's.


14 December 2012

Gifts any girl would love: Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

Time flies so fast, It's just 11 days 'til Christmas!  and If you haven't got a clue what to give the beauty-conscious women in your life.  Here's something I recommend - the special edition Shu Uemura eye lash curler with the adorable mon shu charm and trademark red pad.  It also comes with an extra red pad in the box! 


12 December 2012

Celebrating Design: Wilmer Lopez

Most recently, Wilmer Lopez celebrated his 20th year of living the dream as an Interior Designer and the 15th year anniversary of his design firm, W. Lopez Designs.

His mid-century modern furniture store, Space Encounters was filled with friends who celebrated his design journey.  Truly, Wilmer is one of the country's greatest design minds.

Here is a timeline of Wilmer's design journey:


05 December 2012

Wonderful desserts from Kuppa Roastery & Cafe

My good friend, coffee buddy and sometimes (when time permits) lunch partner, Eve was telling me about the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bombe at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe a few weeks ago.  When she told me how good it was, I wanted to run to Kuppa and enjoy it with a good cup of coffee.  

Eve, being the good friend that she has always been to me, told me she will bring me one so I could taste it.  The other week she called me and said that she's dropping off the cake from Kuppa.  I was excited that finally I'll be able to try the Peanut Butter Bombe, but she sent me 6 different mini cakes to try!  Thanks Eve!


04 December 2012

The weekend that was: A Merry Mall of Asia Christmas

Every year Mickey goes to the Manila Auto Salon Show (It's a car show).  This year, the venue was at the SMX Convention Center.  Since it's just beside Mall of Asia, I am tagging along, not to the show (it's a guy thing) but to go to Uniqlo to get 2 pairs of jeans which I badly need at the moment (A few weeks ago, Mickey gave me Sodexho GCs which I can use at Uniqlo, so this shopping trip is on him).  Nice! 

As I entered Mall of Asia's Main Atrium, it has transformed into a child's fantasy dream come true.  The Atrium is filled with giant robots, ballerinas, toys and presents!  Not to miss is the huge 50-foot Christmas tree with multi-tiered gears that spin simultaneously.  


30 November 2012

Quirky Indie Café: Subspace Coffee House

Thor Balanon of Space Encounters invited me and Mickey to come see their Indie Café, Subspace which is just a skip and a hop away from their funky mid-century modern furniture shop.  

When we arrived at Subspace, there was an on-going pre-nuptial photo shoot.  We found out that a lot of couples who are about to get married prefer to have their photos taken at this quaint and quirky Indie Café.  It’s really a fun place to do a shoot!  

Let me show you the place:


22 November 2012

Space Encounters

I've seen their lovely furniture in numerous lifestyle magazines but haven't really seen them up close until a good friend of ours, Francis, invited us to see his new pad at Bonifacio Global City.  As he opened the door to his new pad, we felt like we were going inside a hip place somewhere in New York.  We loved his new placeI sat glued the entire night on his Papa Bear arm chair (that chair is so comfortable I could sleep in it).  Francis' pad was designed by W. Lopez Designs and the furniture are all from Space Encounters

A week ago, Mickey and I finally were able to go to Space Encounters.  I love the industrial look of the store, it had a mix of mid-century pop furniture, memories of old Berlin (and old Manila) in photos, retro-TVs, radios and telephones that sends us back in time.  To me, they are instant conversation pieces and lovely things of the past to have in the home. 

Let me show you the store in these photos:


20 November 2012

My new Panasonic Lumix LX5 Camera

My camera has been showing signs of dying.  Each time I turn it on, a message on its 6-year old LCD screen reads "no access".  I have to switch it on and off again so that it'll re-set and function well.  "I think it's going to die on me soon", I told Mickey.  The sheer thought of it brings me to a state of panic (I have no back-up digital camera!).  

I've always loved taking photos.  I'm actually the type who goes to a photo lab to have them processed.  I even invested in acid-free Henzo photo albums from the UK (I used to buy them in a specialty bookstore in Rockwell called Quill).  I still have a few of them with me.

The other week, Mickey surprised me with a new camera.  It was a lovely Panasonic LX5 Lumix Camera.


05 November 2012

Got a headache? Get a badger!

When I have a headache, I am not quick to pop a pill.  At least, I try not to until I can still bear it.  Recently, I’ve come across this organic, relaxing headache soother from Badger at Rustan’s Beauty Source.   


03 November 2012

How to jazz up your flats: from flat to fabulous!

I love these Chelsea flats from Lower East Side that I bought from Payless, it’s just PHP 695.00!  Here’s the admission, I have four of these - in black, nude, brown and this latest one in coral.  The reason for the shameless hoarding is that I’ve tested this particular Chelsea flat and it really lasts long (up to more than a year!).  I always kid Mickey, "I've got more mileage on my flats than our car!"  An exaggeration of course, but it just tells you how I love using my flats to walk around in.


01 November 2012

Themed Dinner: Indian night at Circles

A fever that's starting and chills could not stop us from dining at Circles last week.  The food was just too good to resist!  Plus, on Thursdays nights, they serve one of Mickey's favorite cuisines - Indian.  

So, here we are on a rainy Thursday night, where traffic outside seems to have made a parking lot out of the streets, we ride out the traffic (and the rain) to savor authentic Indian food at Makati Shangri-la's Circles.

Circles' open-theater kitchens with its different stations features a selection of specialties from cold appetizers to seafood, Western to Asian cuisines and delectable desserts that are simply irresistible!


23 October 2012

First Look: Le Monet

While we were in Baguio, we saw a new hotel in Camp John Hay.  From the outside, you'll see their beautiful chandeliers that somehow beckons you to go in.  So we did!
As you enter the hotel, you'll find Le Monet's Dinelli Gourmet Cafe. I love that they used wing back chairs and love seats.  It makes you want to linger longer.


19 October 2012

Baguio Eats: Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Army Navy Burger + Burrito has been around for quite some time in Manila now.  Unfortunately, I haven't tried their food yet in their Manila restaurants.  So, while we were in Baguio, Mickey asked me to try their food at their new Army Navy restaurant at the Baguio-AyalaLand TechnoHub. 


18 October 2012

Baguio Eats: Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe

During our recent trip to Baguio, Mickey and I had breakfast everyday at Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe.  For two days, we both ordered the same thing on the menu.  The dishes that we ordered were simple but delicious! 


16 October 2012

The shops at the new Baguio-AyalaLand TechnoHub

It’s been two years since we last visited Baguio and it’s amazing how a city undergoes so many changes in a short amount of time. 

While driving through Camp John Hay, we saw the new Baguio-AyalaLand TechnoHub with its retail cottages and low-rise buildings.  It houses popular Baguio restaurants such as Everything Nice cake shop and cafe and Pizza Volante and popular Manila restaurants such as Brothers Burger, Yellow Cab, Army Navy, Pancake House, Seafood Island, Pan de Manila and FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) Summer Café.  There is also a 7-Eleven convenience store for basic grocery items.  


15 October 2012

The Manor at Camp John Hay

On the average, we travel to Baguio at least once every two years.  Every time we go, the hotel that is top on our list is The Manor at Camp John Hay.  Years after they opened, The Manor has not lost its touch. Nestled amidst towering pine trees in Baguio’s most pristine location at Camp John Hay, its log cabin design and Baguio stone exterior finish blends well with nature. 

It also boasts of a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range, an enchanting garden filled with greenery, colorful flowers that grow beautifully in Baguio’s cold weather, a multi-layer water feature with a koi pond and a romantic gazebo (where Mickey and I also tied the knot back in 2009).   


14 October 2012

What I'm loving now: Yummy cupcakes from Len's Kitchen!

I've finally tasted these yummy cupcakes from Len's Kitchen - baked of course by no less than my talented friend and college barkada from Assumption, Len Sobremonte-Rosario.

Len makes these yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (also available in red velvet) in creamy candy-colored butter cream frosting.  When the cupcakes arrived, they smelled so yummy!  I also couldn't help but admire how pretty they are!


09 October 2012

Ban the broom!

Living in a condo has it’s challenges.  Space is precious that’s why you always have to consider storage.  Pretty much, I guess this may be one of the reasons why we haven’t bought a vacuum cleaner since we moved in our condo 3 years ago.  We just had to find the right one for our space. 

The other day, Mickey brought home what I would call our new best friend.  It was an Electrolux Dynamica vacuum!


01 October 2012

Mandaue Foam

Years back when my dad was assigned in Cebu for work, Cebu City was home to our family for 5 years.  But when it was time to go back to Manila, I remember my mom also had our Mandaue Foam mattresses sent to Manila together with our other furniture.  She tells us that there simply was no mattress as durable as Mandaue Foam mattresses in Manila.  

Years after Mandaue Foam started selling their good quality mattresses in Cebu, they have grown to a full furniture store.  They now have sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, night stands, outdoor furniture, bed frames, wardrobe cabinets, chest of drawers, shoe cabinets, buffet cabinets, home entertainment consoles, chairs and recliners.  They also have lamps, chandeliers, pillows, window panels and accessories, carpets, wall decor, mirrors bed linens and other home accessories.  

I visited Mandaue Foam in Ortigas Avenue Extension, and I'd like to share with you what they have in their 3-level store:

They have mini-showrooms to allow customers a visual of how they can decorate and transform a space.  
These are for dining areas.


26 September 2012

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Mickey and I pass the corner of 4th and 26th at Bonifacio Global City everyday on our way home. Each time we pass, I see this new Cafe + Bakery with it's floor to ceiling glass walls and with a good number of diners at night.  It was very intriguing (and inviting!).  "We should try that new place sometime", I told Mickey.   

So here we are on a Saturday at breakfast time at Bonifacio Global City's much talked about eatery, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery.  I called early at 7:30 am and had a table reserved for 9:30 am. The waitress handed us the menu and we ordered the Croque Madame and the Wildflour Breakfast.

While waiting for our food, we observed that there was a good mix of foreigners and locals dining at Wildflour, everyone seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations, the atmosphere was laid back and casual and I love the feel-good music they were playing that time, it was Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" (listen to it here).

Wilflour's casual and relaxed dining atmosphere


22 September 2012


Ever had a favorite bag, wallet or shoe that you used so much, you refused to let it go even when it’s stained and faded? I know I have.  I’ve hung on to my favorite Prada wallet for years and it sat in my cabinet for a long time because I was afraid that if I bring it to an inexperienced cleaner, they might ruin it. 

I’ve always been hoping we’ll have professional cleaners for luxury brands in Manila. That’s why I was so elated that ColorWash has finally arrived in Manila!

Meet sisters Kate and Jen Osmeña, the wonderful tandem who brought in ColorWash to Manila


21 September 2012

Secret Fresh x Magis Puppy Chair

I saw these beautiful Magis Puppy chairs in Dimensione High Street and just had to take a closer look.
I found out that eight (8) Filipino architects and designers were asked by Dimensione's head honcho, Mr. Ben Chan to give their interpretations of "Puppy", one of the iconic chairs under the Magis Me Too collection designed by Mr. Eero Aarnio.   

The architects and designers who participated in this collaboration are Nemo Aguila, Farley Del Rosario, Jagnus Design, Electrolychee, Mimi Tecson, Tripp 63, Wesley Valenzuel and Whoop.  


16 September 2012


Memories of cafes in Paris flash back when Mickey and I first saw Gourmandise.

The aesthetics of the lovely patisserie shop draws us in, and as we walk towards the door, La vie en rose is playing in my head. We walk in and we instantly get a whiff of freshly baked pastries and brewed coffee.

We sat on a table outside and sampled their yummy salted caramel eclair paired with Nespresso coffee, got lost in conversation about beautiful memories of Paris and the rain outside seems to disappear. 


13 September 2012

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama infuses bold colors and her signature polka dot patterns to Louis Vuitton's classic silhouettes in their newest collaboration.  It covers everything in the collection from bags, shoes even to the dresses!

Here’s a peek at Yayoi Kusama’s collection for Louis Vuitton:


04 September 2012

Recaro's furniture collection: It’s a man’s world!

I suppose this post will be for the men in your life. Unless, you're the sporty type.

One afternoon, while walking through Greenbelt 5, I stumbled upon the Recaro Showroom. Recaro is the world-renowned German seat manufacturer of sports cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, etc.

In the showroom they are featuring Recaro’s Relax furniture collection. You’ll find sporty single seaters to cinema center sofas made of leather in Recaro’s unmistakable form.

If you have a media room or your man would like to build a man cave in one part of your house, these would make perfect furniture pieces. I’m pretty sure he would agree!


03 September 2012

Momo Café

One of our favorite restaurants that serves all day breakfast is Momo Café in Eastwood.  

Momo Café is one of the fine restaurants under the Raintree group (others are M Cafe, Mr. Jones and Chelsea).  Mickey and I absolutely love the casual dining atmosphere and the delicious comfort food that reminds us of home.        

Here is Momo Café Eastwood in photos:


26 August 2012

Academy of Rock

A group of popular local musicians were jamming behind the glass walls of the Academy of Rock and a crowd has already gathered outside to watch them. Mickey and I got curious, and found ourselves going inside to watch them play.

We found out that the musicians playing were also professors at the Academy of Rock, a music school that focuses on teaching rock and popular music. In the school, they say that it's “never too early” and “never too late” to learn to play the drums, guitar or the bass and also learn to sing and dance. Their brochures feature students as young as 5 years old and as “young at heart” as 66 years old.


23 August 2012

Not your average Chuck's and Jack's

John Varvatos’ rendition of Classic Converse Chuck Taylor's and Jack Purcell's is probably as badass as you can get.  He reinvents All-Star Classic Converse Chuck's and Jack's and brings them to life.  In his most recent collaboration with Converse, he made a weathered, grungy look of the classics using premium leather and canvas materials.  

If you’re the type of man who loves the classic shoe with an edge, then this is the shoe for you – Converse by John Varvatos, spotted at Greenbelt 5! 


22 August 2012

Behind the Palace doors

If there was a weekend that was worthy of a countdown, the two-day holiday that just passed was well worth it.  To me and Mickey, it was a holiday we would like to spend with no specific schedule in mind.

Finally, we had the time to go to Shang Palace and sample their Dim Sum Plus lunch menu.  Shang Palace's Dim Sum Plus is from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, Mondays to Saturdays (except holidays) at PHP 888++/person .  The menu consists of unlimited dim sum, endless servings of soup, appetizer, rice, noodles, congee, vegetarian dishes, dessert plus a choice of one main course per person.  Strictly no leftovers.  Leftover food will be charged regular a la carte prices, so be sure to just order what you can consume.  There's also a dress code for dining guests - smart casual.

The first thing that strikes you as you enter Shang Palace would be the glittering crystal chandeliers that light up the hallway as you make your way inside the restaurant.  They look like suspended ice crystals or even glittering rain.  It sets the mood for a delightful meal.


21 August 2012

Car Couture: The Fiat 500 by Gucci

I love classic cars, they somehow send you back to an era when car designers understood what makes a car design stand the test of time.    

In modern times, consumers are still attracted to classic car designs, such as the retro design of The Fiat 500.  The Fiat 500 or cinquecento in Italian was designed by Dante Giacosa and produced by the Fiat Company of Italy in 1957 and marketed as an inexpensive town car measuring only 3 meters (< 10 feet).

Photo courtesy:  comunidadfiat500.com

18 August 2012

Victoria's Sexy Secret

The pink shelves and the sweet scent of their body and fragrance line are all too familiar.  An even closer look reveals their trademark sexy lingerie and their ultra-feminine bag and accessories line.


13 August 2012

Spice up your life!

Their performance at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics has been long-awaited and much talked about all though-out the year.

Sixteen years after their phenomenal rise in the British pop scene with their debut track “wannabe”, the Spice Girls' opening did not disappoint as they took the stage in front of an estimated one billion sport and music lovers worldwide.

Arriving in five traditional London cabs that each reflected their unique personalities, the fabulous five – Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C wowed the crowd as they broke out into an energetic dance routine and performed their fist smash hit single, Wannabe.
 The Spice Girls arrived on stage in five individually-designed black cabs


10 August 2012


My good friend Heny invited me to lunch at the Peninsula Manila yesterday, it was a good time to do some catching up over great tasting food since we haven't seen each other for quite some time.

When we arrived, we were delighted that Escolta is featuring Swiss cuisine. We found out that The Peninsula Manila together with the Embassy of Switzerland is featuring "Swissness: More Fun in the Philippines,” a Swiss food festival where The Peninsula Manila’s very own Swiss Chef Samuel Linder of Old Manila takes over all the hotel’s kitchens and showcases the very best in Swiss food and wine until August 11, 2012.

This food festival is doubly meaningful because this year marks the 150th anniversary of friendship between the Philippines and Switzerland. Today, the Swiss community in the Philippines is the second largest in Asia, and Switzerland is one of the Philippines’ top 10 investors.

Let me take you on a tour with these photos:


09 August 2012

Disaster Preparedness

It is quite alarming that even monsoon rains can create such wide-scale disasters and can affect all of us.  The other night, while watching the news, Mickey told me that we really have to build that disaster kit urgently.


07 August 2012

Museum Café

The best thing after a heavily-scheduled work week is looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Whenever we can, Mickey and I start our weekend early at our favorite brunch place in Makati, Musem Café  (also known as M Café).  Situated beside the Ayala Museum and the high-end Greenbelt 5 shops, this place starts our weekend right with its visually appealing and relaxing interiors, calming playlist and most of all, great tasting food.

Let me show you the place:  


03 August 2012

Paul Smith

1997 was a year that changed Manila’s fashion scene.  English fashion designer Paul Smith opened his first store in Manila and introduced his signature style of bringing twists to otherwise classic styles in fashion.  

Now on his fifteenth year (in Manila), Paul Smith still sticks to his sure-fire style.  He takes materials from upper-class tailoring and brings them together with something unexpected, uses floral prints for men’s shirts, lines tailored jackets with flamboyantly colored silks, uses vibrant colors for button holes, leather shoe laces and of course, his signature multi-colored stripes are still seen in his merchandise to date.

His Greenbelt 5 shop is filled with books, 1960s posters, vintage toys, quirky home décor alongside Paul Smith clothes, shoes and accessories as when he first opened 15 years ago.

Let me take you on a tour in photos:


01 August 2012

Don't leave home without it: Urban Survival Kits

Certainly, this summer's olympic games in London will create a degree of chaos, including an extraordinary number of tourists in the capital and a congested transport system, with this in mind, some very creative and forward thinking folks at Selfridges has commissioned a series of ten limited edition backpacks from British and International designers to give their interpretations on what it would take to survive urban living during this tough summer of sport.  

The Urban Survival Backpack range exclusive to Selfridges includes designs from Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, 3.1 Philip Lim, Paul Smith, Oliver Spencer, Barbour, Kiehl's, Nike and Selfridges.  

Anya Hindmarch
Anya Hindmarch's Urban survival canvas bag fully embraces the games with her spacious holdall which comes fully equipped with sports-inspired memorabilia, including a pair of Dunlop trainers, a metal trophy, a bottle of energy drink and a foil blanket.

23 July 2012

Mango's New Look Book

Mango's new lookbook is out! Modern twists on the old classics are evident.  Have a look:

Note to self: When silver hair overpowers thy brunette hair, this is a good color (and cut)


20 July 2012


If you have a big space to fill and you need large scale furniture, then O.M.O is the right place to look for the beautiful big stuff.   

O.M.O often uses indigenous materials in their furniture line, they use water hyacinths, abaca fiber, sea grass and incorporates them into their contemporary designs. They have a wide range of furniture available and has tapped the discriminate taste of the international market.  O.M.O exports its products to high-end specialty shops in Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. 

Here's a tour of the store in photos:

I love the raw, yet polished look of this table in it's odd rectangular shape


18 July 2012

Triboa Bay Living

When you step inside Triboa Bay Living, you just know they have the good stuff.  Stuff you'd normally just see in Elle Decor (yes, that good!).

Triboa Bay Living is a furniture and lighting brand.  Their style is a mix of classic forms with pared-down contemporary sensibility. Wood is the primary material in their furniture line (Mahogany, American, White Ash, Black Walnut, old wood, etc.) in raw finishes that give off a warm, casual and resort-like feel.  Sometimes, they also use steel components for industrial forms of furniture.  Their design ranges from rectilinear and modern to traditional French and English Country.  

This lamp gives off an interesting illumination to a room 

Triboa Bay Living is also a leading source for resort contractors, furniture retailers and interior decorators from Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia.  In the store you'll find Chairs, Sofas, Daybeds, Tables, Beds, Storage, Lighting and Accessories.  Here's a tour of the store in photos:

The textured mirror wall accent is a conversation piece in itself 


16 July 2012

Haute Design

I finally was able to go to LRI Design Plaza.  I have heard about this place from friends who are in the interior design business and read about it in lifestyle magazines.  I could just imagine, it must be a treasure trove of quality furniture - from the best of  asian modern, modern minimalist, funky furniture to rarities, antiques and collectible art.  

Mickey and I arrived late in the afternoon on a Saturday and were able to catch some of the stores before they closed at 7:00 pm.  So please indulge me in my next blog posts as I feature some of the wonderful stores at LRI Design Plaza.  

The first store we went to was Haute Design

What I like about this store is that they make local furniture fun and the look - modern.  The store features organically sourced materials and furniture in modern colors for a more vibrant home or for accent pieces.  Most of the furniture are resort-ish in nature which is a good thing, don’t we all want to go home and feel like we are on vacation someplace?

Haute Design has an array of local modern furnishings, from dining tables and chairs, lounge chairs, accessories for the home (I love the glass starfish, you'll see it in the photos later) and lighting fixtures.  Have a look:


01 July 2012

Missoni ♥ Havaianas

This summer 2012, the love story between the two iconic brands continues...Sharing their passion for fashion, "Missoni loves Havaianas Collection 2012" brings chic and coolness to your feet:  The perfect mix of Italian sensibility and Brazilian flair.  

But this year, Missoni and Havaianas share more than only "love": their deep involvement with the environment.  Avoiding waste has always been something taken seriously at Havaianas.  That is why the 2012 mini-collection has been designed by recycling residual rubber pieces from the manufacturing process.  Mixing the multicolored residuals of the "Havaianas Brasil" style and using the photo-print technique to apply Missoni's pattern to the sole..that's how this mini-collection is born.  It is also presented in special packaging, made of recyclable material enhancing this famous zig-zag pattern.  As Angela Missoni explains:  "For Missoni the relationship with nature has always been a priority.  We live and work in touch with the landscape, its seasons and all the time changing colors have been always an inspiration.  At the same time, Havaianas is firmly concerned about reducing waste, re-using and recycling of materials.  This collaboration matches perfectly both of our passions:  "fashion and respect for nature".

With Missoni ♥ Havaianas 2012, become one with nature.  You'll not only feel that love is in the air, this summer is especially at your feet!

Missoni ♥ Havaianas at Adora


24 June 2012

Let there be light! A glamorous light!

There's nothing like beautiful lighting fixtures.  It can instantly transform an otherwise average ho-hum space to an interesting one.  Recently, I've come across these beautiful lighting fixtures from QisDesign in Tina Maristela-Ocampo's Greenbelt 5 store, Celestina.

The Coral Light
Sparkling light from the water

The Coral light, on LED fixture is inspired by the exquisite corals in the ocean.  Imitating how natural coral reflects rays of light through the living sea, the Coral Light creates a visually mesmerizing effect as it graces a table, ceiling or floor.

Thanks to a special light diffusion technique, the light emmitted by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed on the edge of each diffuser.  Besides serving as an ambient lighting fixture, its desk lamp, equipped with high bright LEDs, also provides a reading function.

Source:  QisDesign
Coral Ball LED Suspension Light
Material:  PMMA, Metal
LED Color:  Warm white and Cool white
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Net Weight:  1.8 Kg.
Power Consumption:  5W
Colors:  Clear in cool white, red, gold, yellow green, purple and orange
Price:  PHP 19,500 (per suspension light)


16 June 2012

Braving Uniqlo's opening day

My husband Mickey, our friend/Uniqlo shopping partner, Bambi and I capped our Friday evening by going to Uniqlo's opening day.  I knew there was going to be a long line when we arrive, which is always the case in Uniqlo openings around the world.  It actually took us 35 minutes to get in the store with the line starting from Uniqlo's entrance to the far right side of the mall entrance.  The line was a bit intimidating when you see it, there is also a Uniqlo staff holding up a sign that says "End of line" under it is a note that says it takes an hour to get in the store.  But, thanks to Uniqlo's well-organized opening team, they actually let people get in faster.  We didn't have to wait that long.


04 June 2012

Bleach Catastrophe

The store certainly has a unique name, it gives a good name recall and it makes you want to go in and check on the merchandise.  

Bleach Catastrophe is more popularly known for their unique and artsy clothing collection.  Now, they also have a collection for the home.  You'll see a small shack in the middle of the store that showcases their Bleach Home range which includes placemats, table runners and cushions with monograms, illustrations and photographs. Truly, the home range can give character to your sofa or dining table.


02 June 2012

Lovely Daphne Chairs

I first saw Daphne's chairs a few years back when they were first exclusively sold in Rustan's Makati and at Rustan's Shangri-la.  Now, she has partnered with Ben Chan's Dimensione and has released her lovely Daphne Chairs anew.

What I like about the chairs apart from their unique character and the extra oomph it gives to a room, is that the chairs are finely handcrafted and that it has both an old world and modern feel to it.  Each chair is labeled at the back with "Daphne Furniture" on a gold metal plate and are made of mahogany wood.  These chairs would be nice to use in a boudoir, for a study table or as accent chairs in your home.

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