24 June 2012

Let there be light! A glamorous light!

There's nothing like beautiful lighting fixtures.  It can instantly transform an otherwise average ho-hum space to an interesting one.  Recently, I've come across these beautiful lighting fixtures from QisDesign in Tina Maristela-Ocampo's Greenbelt 5 store, Celestina.

The Coral Light
Sparkling light from the water

The Coral light, on LED fixture is inspired by the exquisite corals in the ocean.  Imitating how natural coral reflects rays of light through the living sea, the Coral Light creates a visually mesmerizing effect as it graces a table, ceiling or floor.

Thanks to a special light diffusion technique, the light emmitted by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed on the edge of each diffuser.  Besides serving as an ambient lighting fixture, its desk lamp, equipped with high bright LEDs, also provides a reading function.

Source:  QisDesign
Coral Ball LED Suspension Light
Material:  PMMA, Metal
LED Color:  Warm white and Cool white
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Net Weight:  1.8 Kg.
Power Consumption:  5W
Colors:  Clear in cool white, red, gold, yellow green, purple and orange
Price:  PHP 19,500 (per suspension light)

Coral LED Table Light
Material:  PMMA, Stainless Steel
LED Color:  Warm White/Cool White
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz, DC: 15V, 1.2A
Switch:  On/Off Switch fitted on the power chord
Net Weight:  4.8 Kg.
Power Consumption:  10W
Price:  PHP 18,500


Inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer's ruffled skirt twirling around 
in the air, the Flamenca is an ambient light which captures the playfulness of this true essence.

With a gentle touch on the metallic-like plate, the Flamenca echoes you with the "dancing mode" which creates a soft flowing effect.  Pressing and holding on the plate, you may pause at any illumination you want and hold to turn off.  The design is an exciting combination of bicolor acrylics and curvy shape that achieves dreamy lighting effect.  Designed for three fabulous colors, Flamenca is suitable for decoration in multiple lifestyle scenes, including the dining room, bedroom or any preferable personal space.

Source:  QisDesign
Material:  PMAA
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60 Hz, DC: 5V, 1A, Battery:  AA x 3
Switch:  Touch switch
Weight:  .36 kg.
Power consumption:  3W (max.) 
Colors:  Pink, Orange and Green
Price:  PHP 5,880

Coral LED Suspension lights
Material:  PMMA, Metal
LED Color:  Cool White
Power Input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60 Hz
Net Weight:  7.7 Kg.
Power Consumption:  7W
Price:  PHP 52,000 (for 16 suspension lights)

Aurelia Light
Be Allured

Mesmerizing, amazing, beautiful-Aurelia, the Moon Jellyfish, evokes a sense of tranquilty.

Inspired by the astonishing underwater creature, the energy efficient LED lamp offers a delight not only for your eyes but also your sense of touch.  With a three-way "touch ring" dimmer, it enables easy luminosity adjustment.

Glare is eliminated thanks to LED's small size characteristic, making it possible to hide the LEDs in the center.  LED's directional characteristic which lets the light reflect directly on the inner shade's strips also helps create the transluscent ambience.

Source:  QisDesign

Aurelia LED Table Light
Material:  PMMA 
LED Color:  Warm White
Power input:  AC: 100-240V/50-60 Hz, DC: 12V, 2A
Switch:  Touch switch
Net weight:  1.9 Kg.
Power Consumption:  18W (max.)
Colors:  Pink, Aqua and Orange
Price:  PHP 25,000

I dream about the Coral ball LED suspension lights, they look so beautiful especially in groups 
and I simply love the Flamenca!      

Need some glamorous light fixtures?  
The Coral Light series, The Flamenca and the Aurelia LED table lamps are available at Celestina, Ground Level, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati City 


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