03 August 2012

Paul Smith

1997 was a year that changed Manila’s fashion scene.  English fashion designer Paul Smith opened his first store in Manila and introduced his signature style of bringing twists to otherwise classic styles in fashion.  

Now on his fifteenth year (in Manila), Paul Smith still sticks to his sure-fire style.  He takes materials from upper-class tailoring and brings them together with something unexpected, uses floral prints for men’s shirts, lines tailored jackets with flamboyantly colored silks, uses vibrant colors for button holes, leather shoe laces and of course, his signature multi-colored stripes are still seen in his merchandise to date.

His Greenbelt 5 shop is filled with books, 1960s posters, vintage toys, quirky home décor alongside Paul Smith clothes, shoes and accessories as when he first opened 15 years ago.

Let me take you on a tour in photos:

Paul Smith was the first to use colored shoe laces on classic shoes

A man can never have enough ties.  It can change the personality of a shirt (and a man's) in an instant

Paul Smith's Steamer Luggage - a four-wheeler trolley case with polka dot fabric lining  
With this color of a suitcase, your luggage will never get lost in a sea of dark colored suitcases

The mannequin gives a sample of a Paul Smith look

Funky hats to finish off your look and handkerchiefs in Paul Smith's signature stripes

I love that the print on the espadrilles is inspired by nature.  It makes you (and others) 
stare at your shoes often 

I've seen a lot of cufflinks, but the details on these cufflinks are superb

The colorful men's belts can break an otherwise too serious, or too safe shirt

I'll ask Mickey to buy the overnight bag (so I can borrow it, haha!)

 Paul Smith's famous mini-cooper printed on his canvas bags  

Dress with a rebel streak with these multi-striped, multi-colored socks

Another Paul Smith signature - floral prints on men's canvas sneakers

Tell me, what man would not look good in a Paul Smith suit?  

Men, you know what to do!

Paul Smith flip-flops for men

Paul Smith's signature stripes on a variety of women's shoes

Paul Smith shopper bags!  
Currently this is my default bag style, I love that I can put a lot of things in them  

Espadrille wedges in different styles and prints  

When the rains come, turn a gloomy day to a happy one with these wellies (and matching bag)!

Weaved bags with leather straps, lovely for the beach or a hot summer day

 Flip flops for the ladies, Paul Smith style

The nature-inspired prints are also in the women's espadrilles.  I love these! 

Shoes for any outfit and for any mood

Men's-style shoes on women?  Why not!

  The colorful striped sock, it's meant to bend the rules 

I love these helmets.  You can use them or you can put them on a book shelf or a side table  together with other books and probably add some vintage toys a la Paul Smith style (haha!)

 An earlier version of Paul Smith's book, You can find inspiration in everything*

*and if not, look again 

Paul Smith is located at 1-035 & 1-036 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Mall, Makati City.

You know what's great?  They have an ongoing sale until the 12th of August.  This would be a great time to stock up and buy some Paul Smith classics and collectibles!

For merchandise inquiries you can call them at 729-9898 and 729-9041.     

Ladies and Gents, shop like there's no tomorrow!


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