20 July 2012


If you have a big space to fill and you need large scale furniture, then O.M.O is the right place to look for the beautiful big stuff.   

O.M.O often uses indigenous materials in their furniture line, they use water hyacinths, abaca fiber, sea grass and incorporates them into their contemporary designs. They have a wide range of furniture available and has tapped the discriminate taste of the international market.  O.M.O exports its products to high-end specialty shops in Asia, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. 

Here's a tour of the store in photos:

I love the raw, yet polished look of this table in it's odd rectangular shape

This sectional sofa is so huge, it can actually be a bed! 
What's also nice about a sectional sofa is that you can always rearrange, re-face it and it can give a living room many different looks for times when you want a change.    

and here are the bigger sized chairs. 
What I like about big-sized chairs is that you can pull your feet up in them and curl into a ball , especially on "bed weather" days (haha!)  

Some organic pieces

The low wing chair assures a relaxing reading position

After a long day, this bed is welcoming.  No alarm clocks, please!

and some large scale lamps

O.M.O Furniture and Accessories is located at Suite 129, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St., Bel Air II, Makati City.  For product inquiries call (+63-2) 403-1208.

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