27 July 2019

Vice Gandoll Brow Collection

Vice Cosmetics recently launched their Vice Gandoll Brow Collection.  The venue for the launch was literally dressed-up like a pink doll house inside and out, guests were requested to come in fun pink doll-like attire, there were pa-kilay stations where guests were encouraged to try the new brow collection, a huge pink doll box to take pictures in and get this, the buffet was also filled with food in pink tones.  It was so fun!  There was also a DJ that played music, as we socialized, took photos and tried the products before the program began.  Here are some photos during the launch:

Videos played on the TV monitors on how to use the new Vice Gandoll Brow products


25 July 2019

Keep Clothes New for Longer with Comfort Care Detergent and Fabric Conditioner

Isn't life better in brilliant colorful clothes?  Especially when they're brand new, clothes are at its brightest, free from roughness, bobbling, retains its perfect shape and has no yellowing.  Personally, I'd love to keep my clothes looking like they're still brand new, for as long as I can.  During the recent launch of the new Comfort Care detergent and fabric conditioner, it is possible to keep our clothes new for longer.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs of clothes aging:
  • Yellowness - The new Comfort Care Detergent is composed of a special blend of stain-removing, cleaning and brightening agents to prevent yellowing so that your white clothes stay white.


24 July 2019

Ben's Cookies now in Manila!

With origins from Oxford, England, these freshly baked, soft and gooey cookies from Ben's Cookies are now in Manila!  Created by chocolate cookbook author, Helge Rubenstein, she named it after her son, Ben.  She first started with a small shop at the Oxford Market 36 years ago.  Now, these cookies are well-loved around the world with stores in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Korea, Singapore and now at The Podium, Ortigas Canter in the Philippines!


22 July 2019

A Delicious Start To Your Day with Quaker Oats

These days, everyone is always in a morning rush, but even before our day gets even more hectic, we all definitely shouldn't miss our first and most important meal of the day, breakfast.  This meal is supposed to break our overnight fast, and as such, we should also take in the right nutrients and energy we need to take on our daily tasks.  

Although there may be times when we would either skip it or take a quick, unhealthy bite.  There really is no need to do either, as we can start our day right with a quick serving of Quaker Oats in an insulated tumbler, just add hot water and we're good to go.  Also as a supergrain, Quaker Oats contains fiber to help keep you full longer, protein to give you energy, and beta-glucan to lower cholesterol for your heart health.


21 July 2019

VICE Little Ponies Limited Edition Mini Good Vibes Lipstick Set

Ever wished you had a teeny tiny version of your favourite lipstick shade for a quick touch-up while you're out for a night out on the town?  Fret not, as Vice Cosmetics recently released mini-versions of their Good Vibes lipsticks!  The 4-piece limited edition set sells for just Php 395.00.  Quite a steal right?  Plus, it will surely fit your small but glam night out bag!


20 July 2019

Hakata Ton-ichi at Japan Town, Top of the Glo

Are you the type of person who rewards herself (or himself) with a hearty meal during lunch breaks, or dinner after a nice productive day at the office? Let's admit it, eating a good meal everyday can also put a strain on your wallet.  But I have good news for you.  Mickey and I were recently invited to try newest ramen place in town, Hakata Ton-Ichi.  You'll find them at Japan Town at The Top of The Glo (4th level Glorietta).  I particularly love that you can get their signature Ton-Ichi Ramen for just Php 180.00.  So, if you're hungry (or worse, hangry), and on a budget, this would definitely fill your stomach and meet your lunch or dinner budget.

Hakata Ton-Ichi is a ramen shop conceptualised specifically with the busy and hard-working folks in mind (just like you and me!).  Because after all, there is nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of ramen after a long, gruelling day.  But unlike other ramen chains that charge a premium for their best bowls, Hakata Ton-Ichi serves the same rich flavours at an affordable price.  Their aim is to serve the city's hard-working folks with great-tasting ramen not as a rare luxury but as a necessary comfort.

What else is on the menu? Apart from the solo ramen and ramen sets, they also have curry rice options, rice bowls, sushi, salad, an assortment of side dishes you can order and a good selection of drinks.  


13 July 2019

Chill Nights, A Beautiful View and Great Food to Match at Penthouse 8747 in Makati City

It was a weeknight invitation, but I just had to go and check-out The Penthouse 8747 at the B.A. Lepanto Building in Makati City.  It was also a decent walkable distance from where my office was, so I decided to just take a leisurely walk going there.  I crossed thru Ayala Triangle, and just a stone's throw away, the building is right there in front of me.

At the lobby, a lady greets me, and holds a key to an express elevator that opens to a floor just below The Penthouse 8747.  Just one more flight of stairs and you can hear music playing, a smile from their staff who leads you inside, and when the doors open, it shows you a beautiful view of the Makati Skyline just before day turns into night.

The Penthouse 8747's chic interiors are reminiscent of the Art Deco era, with couch seating areas that are spread across the entire length of the space, that makes it a comfortable place to hang out in even until the wee hours of the morning.  

If you want to get near the view, there are also bar stools, near the glass terrace.  This area has the best seat in the house if you ask me.  The place embraces al fresco dining, so be sure you are comfortably, but chicly dressed right for it.     


12 July 2019

Stock Investing Made Easy via The 2 Trade Asia App

Have you tried investing money on the stock market?  I have tried this first years ago when a big oil company placed some of their company's shares on the stock market for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  I watched my stocks grow faster than I could ever imagined!  Nowadays, do you know that you can now invest stocks via the 2 Trade Asia app?  How convenient, right?  You no longer have to go to a bank to buy or cash in your stocks, plus you can simply trade through your mobile phone whenever and wherever!


01 July 2019

Sheraton Manila Hotel's Weekend Sunday Fiesta

Don't you just love weekends?  It is a time to unwind, gather with friends and family to catch up, perhaps on lost time or celebrate our life milestones whether big or small.  If you're looking for a special place to gather and eat fiesta-style over the weekend, The Sheraton Manila has just launched their Sunday Fiesta Buffet, expect a weekend of elevated Filipino cuisine feast!

Celebrating the launch of Sheraton Manila's Weekend Sunday Fiesta with the women of Sheraton Manila, General Manager Anna Vergara and Marketing Communications Manager, Hope Velasco.


The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich

Are you a sandwich person?  I surely am!  It is a quick grab and go meal for people on the go and also, not messy to eat.  There is a sandwich that has become popular among K-Pop fans, as their K-Pop idols have been seen eating and sharing it on their social media accounts with silly puns.  It is called the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich, and it started at Korea's well-known SBS music television program.  

Since K-Pop artists are not allowed to eat in the waiting areas of the popular TV program, they would then go to the 4th floor of the building to get some food to eat, and this is how the SBS Inkigayo Sandwich started to get famous.  It was also a way for fans to make friends with their K-Pop idols by discreetly inserting their phone numbers and give to their K-Pop idols.  Quite a smooth move!

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