24 July 2019

Ben's Cookies now in Manila!

With origins from Oxford, England, these freshly baked, soft and gooey cookies from Ben's Cookies are now in Manila!  Created by chocolate cookbook author, Helge Rubenstein, she named it after her son, Ben.  She first started with a small shop at the Oxford Market 36 years ago.  Now, these cookies are well-loved around the world with stores in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Korea, Singapore and now at The Podium, Ortigas Canter in the Philippines!

Ben's Cookies is famously known for their chocolate chunks of delicious chocolate and fine ingredients.  I also love that they are served warm, and that the cookie itself has just the right amount of sweetness.  I also love that it is a soft cookie, and that when you bite through the cookie, you can see that there's ingredients (whether chocolate, nuts or dried fruit) in the middle, not just on top of the cookie.  Plus, the fact that it is a good-sized cookie as well. 

Due to their incredibly good cookies, they have caught the attention of many acclaimed food insiders and publications, which led it to its global popularity.  These most loved cookies have been deemed as one of the best cookies in New York by The Insider and even rated as part of the top 10 cookies in various cities by Yelp.  They have made their cookie recipe simple, honest and straight-forward, that they were able to win the hearts of cookie lovers around the world.

Ben's Cookies comes in a wide variety of flavors, with 14 flavors available in the Philippines.  Choose from Dark Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Chunk, Milk Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate & Nut, Orange & Milk Chocolate, Oatmeal & Raisin, Lemon, Fruit & Nut, Praline & Milk Chocolate, Cranberry & White Chocolate, Macadamia & White Chocolate and Peanut & Milk Chocolate.

Ben's Cookies opening in Manila

Priced at Php 90.00 per cookie, you can also get these in boxes of 5's or 10's, or get them in their classic red tin cans in 4's and 8's (these would be great to give as gifts).  Aside from cookies, they also have gelato, cookie monster (gelato with cookie) and coffee at the store.

Gelato flavors in Black Sesame, Strawberry, Capuccino, Vanilla with Double Chocolate Cookies, Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Cookies and Matcha with White Chocolate Cookies.

Don't forget to get a cup of coffee to go with your cookies!

Try them out!  Ben's Cookies is available at the Ground Level of The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Oritgas Center, Mandaluyong .  Find out what's new with them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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