20 July 2019

Hakata Ton-ichi at Japan Town, Top of the Glo

Are you the type of person who rewards herself (or himself) with a hearty meal during lunch breaks, or dinner after a nice productive day at the office? Let's admit it, eating a good meal everyday can also put a strain on your wallet.  But I have good news for you.  Mickey and I were recently invited to try newest ramen place in town, Hakata Ton-Ichi.  You'll find them at Japan Town at The Top of The Glo (4th level Glorietta).  I particularly love that you can get their signature Ton-Ichi Ramen for just Php 180.00.  So, if you're hungry (or worse, hangry), and on a budget, this would definitely fill your stomach and meet your lunch or dinner budget.

Hakata Ton-Ichi is a ramen shop conceptualised specifically with the busy and hard-working folks in mind (just like you and me!).  Because after all, there is nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of ramen after a long, gruelling day.  But unlike other ramen chains that charge a premium for their best bowls, Hakata Ton-Ichi serves the same rich flavours at an affordable price.  Their aim is to serve the city's hard-working folks with great-tasting ramen not as a rare luxury but as a necessary comfort.

What else is on the menu? Apart from the solo ramen and ramen sets, they also have curry rice options, rice bowls, sushi, salad, an assortment of side dishes you can order and a good selection of drinks.  

During our visit to Hakata Ton-ichi, Mickey and I both tried the Hakata King's Set.

The Hakata King's Set includes your choice of ramen (choose from Ton-Ichi Ramen, Red Ramen, Black Ramen and Miso-Ichi Ramen), Hakata Fried Rice, choose your salad or sushi (Potato Salad, Hakata Salad or Sunny California roll, Terriyaki Pork Roll), choose your side dish (Gyoza or Chicken Karaage), mixed fruits and iced tea.  All of these, fairly priced at just Php 500.00. 

At other ramen restaurants, your P500.00 will only get you one bowl of ramen.  Here, you get a King's set.

I tried the Black Ramen Hakata King's Set
Ton-ichi broth, oil, and chase pork recipe served with savoury squid ink.  
Topped with leeks, kikurage and tamago.

I love that they did not scrimp on the ingredients,  It is a big bowl of ramen, with lots of noodles, and a generous serving of broth and ingredients.  You really get value for your money.

Hakata Fried Rice

Side Salad
(I ordered to have the dressing on the side)


Watermelon slices

Happy with my Black Ramen Hakata King's Set

It also comes with iced tea

Cheers Mickey!

Mickey tried the Red Ramen Hakata King's Set
Mixed with Ton-ichi broth and chashu pork.
Topped with onion leeks, kikurage and tamago.

The Red Ramen is actually not so spicy, but rather just right.

Hakata Fried Rice

Side Salad
(with the dressing on the side)

Gyoza and Watermelon slices

Ebi Katsu Curry Rice
Fresh white shrimp deep fried with pink bread crumbs over rice in special Japanese curry sauce
Php 290.00

Potato Salad
Php 140.00

Don't miss out, try Hakata Ton-Ichi soon with officemates, friends or even with your family, 
and most important of all, bring a hearty appetite!

Hakata Ton-ichi
Glorietta 2, Japan Town
4th Level

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