25 July 2019

Keep Clothes New for Longer with Comfort Care Detergent and Fabric Conditioner

Isn't life better in brilliant colorful clothes?  Especially when they're brand new, clothes are at its brightest, free from roughness, bobbling, retains its perfect shape and has no yellowing.  Personally, I'd love to keep my clothes looking like they're still brand new, for as long as I can.  During the recent launch of the new Comfort Care detergent and fabric conditioner, it is possible to keep our clothes new for longer.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs of clothes aging:
  • Yellowness - The new Comfort Care Detergent is composed of a special blend of stain-removing, cleaning and brightening agents to prevent yellowing so that your white clothes stay white.

  • Shape Loss - Broken Fibers can lead to shape loss.  The New Comfort Care Detergent has a unique formulation that keeps the fibres of your clothes intact and maintain the fabric's original shape.

  • Roughness - The new Comfort Care Detergent has a unique formulation that prevents your clothes from pilling that causes roughness, thus maintaining their original texture.

  • Color Fading - The New Comfort Care Detergent protects the fibers of your clothes from breakage that causes color fading.

  • Bobbling - The new Comfort Detergent removes the build-up of loose fibers on the surface of clothes to keep them looking smooth and new.

We definitely love to keep our clothes New for Longer!
(left to right: Bettina, Alyssa, Tina and Maebel)

Experts in fashion game share their experiences with their favorite clothes and some tips on how to keep our favorite fashion pieces New for Longer (from left to right: Nicole Andersson, Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang and Apples Aberin).

Comfort Care is equipped with two superior technologies: Advanced Anti-Aging Technology and Advanced Triple Care Technology.  

The Anti-Aging Technology in Comfort Fabric Solution (fabric cleaning) products prevents clothes from ageing by caring for every fiber in clothing.  It also prevents the signs of wear out, such as pilling/bobbling.  It prevents ash residue that gets deposited into the fabric, which affects color vibrancy.

The Advanced Triple Care Technology in Comfort Fabric Sensation (fabric conditioning) products, enhances the beauty of clothes, protecting them from color fading, fiber pilling and shape loss, ensuring a smoother and softer-feel in clothes.

When used together, Comfort's Fabric cleaning products help prevent clothes ageing, while Comfort's Fabric Conditioner helps maintain or bring clothes close to its original state.

Comfort Care is available in powder detergent, liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, detergent capsules and dry wash spray.  It also comes in two variants, Glamour Care and Casual Care.  

Comfort is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online through Lazada and Shopee.

Keep your clothes New for Longer with the new Comfort Care Detergent and Fabric Conditioner.  Now, you can love, wear and wash your fashion faves on repeat!

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