24 February 2017

Create Legacies

I've always looked up to my mother.  As a child, I would watch her do her make-up before she leaves for work.  One day, I played with her make-up and she caught me red handed when she got home.  I thought she would get mad at me as I cracked her favorite eyeshadow, broke her lipstick in half and wiped off my make-up "mistakes" on their bedsheets.  I braced myself for a scolding but she just laughed at what she walked into and gave me a hug.


12 February 2017

Yosi Samra 2.0

Yosi Samra, a second generation shoe designer, grew up in his father's shoe factory in New York City and heavily invested time in learning the fine art of shoe making.  So much so that when it was time for him to launch his own unique brand in 2009, he was more than ready.

It is no secret that Yosi Samra is the pioneer in designing what would later become the popular fold-up ballet flat.  He quickly eclipsed his competitors by elevating the style into one that has superior structure, as it was comfortable and convenient.  He also placed a premium in using high-quality genuine leathers, unique details, and fashionable designs.

Last week, Yosi Samra launched their Yosi Samra 2.0 version at their SM Aura Premier Store.  In this photo with fellow Bloggers and Yosi Samra fans (left to right): Dior Co, Marj Sia and Ava Te-Zabat.      


09 February 2017

Taters and Cheetos Snack Fest

Raise your orange-crusted fingers!  Two of our favorite snack brands  - Taters and Cheetos have joined together and launched the Taters Cheetos Snack Fest which featured five "Cheetofied" snacks which are sure-fire favorites as you watch your favorite movies at your favorite cinemas.


08 February 2017

Century Tuna "No Excuses, Be Fit!"

You probably have heard most of these excuses why people can't have a healthier lifestyle:

"I'm too busy"
"I don't know how to cook"
"There's nothing else to eat"
"I go to the gym but my body stays the same"

I myself have uttered a phrase or two there.  But we all know that being fit is clearly easier said than done.  It is a commitment from day one and a totally new lifestyle altogether.  Even celebrities, who bank on maintaining being fit, also have their struggles but unfortunately, they would have to as they are always under public scrutiny.

With the start of a brand new year, it is the perfect time to start a better lifestyle.  The Century Tuna Challenge with Erwan Heussaff and Raymond Gutierrez called "No Excuses, Be Fit" was recently launched at sexy tapas bar, Tomatito Manila.  Come take a peek at the inspiring launch!  


05 February 2017

Langnese Honey, Germany's No. 1 Honey brand, is now in the Philippines!

Do you want to know if what you're buying at your supermarket is 100 % real authentic honey?  The results might surprise you.


04 February 2017

K-Beauty at Watsons

Let's face it, we have all somehow been influenced into the beautiful Korean culture, one way or another.  We have danced and sang along to their K-Pop tunes, fell in love with their delicious, healthy cuisine and not to forget their great tasting ice cream.  We embraced their fashion forward style and cutting edge hairstyles, but I think nothing dazzles us all than Korean women's beautiful skin.  I've always wondered how their skin is always dewy, so supple looking and fresh.  Better sense equates to good Korean skin care.  In earlier years, there were just several brands available here in the Philippines.  K-Beauty fanatics wanted to have more and even traveled abroad or Korea to hoard their tried and tested Korean Beauty products.

Lip Marker


03 February 2017

Sustainable Seafood Week at Marriott Hotel Manila

A few weeks ago Marriott Hotel Manila launched the 2nd Sustainable Seafood Week at The Marriott Grand Ballroom.  It is a nationwide environmental awareness campaign which is lead by Marriott Hotel Manila and joined by other hotels and restaurants. 

It is no secret that seafood is diminishing the world over and it is such a welcome relief that Marriott Hotel Manila and other hotels and restaurants vow never to be part of its further decline by sourcing seafood products only from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.  It clearly shows their commitment to help improve the health of the bodies of water by making responsible business practices and supporting the cause.

Come take a peek at the media launch and see how you can also embark on the movement to save the seas.

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