04 February 2017

K-Beauty at Watsons

Let's face it, we have all somehow been influenced into the beautiful Korean culture, one way or another.  We have danced and sang along to their K-Pop tunes, fell in love with their delicious, healthy cuisine and not to forget their great tasting ice cream.  We embraced their fashion forward style and cutting edge hairstyles, but I think nothing dazzles us all than Korean women's beautiful skin.  I've always wondered how their skin is always dewy, so supple looking and fresh.  Better sense equates to good Korean skin care.  In earlier years, there were just several brands available here in the Philippines.  K-Beauty fanatics wanted to have more and even traveled abroad or Korea to hoard their tried and tested Korean Beauty products.

Lip Marker

Now, I have some great news for all you K-Beauty fanatics, Watsons will be curating the hottest and trendiest skin care and beauty products in a specialized K-Beauty section in over 150 stores in Metro Manila featuring a wide selection of K-Beauty products for cleansing, pore solutions, beauty masks and cosmetics.  Among the famous K-Beauty products to watch out for are JayJun, 23 years old, Cosrx, April Skin, Scinic, SNP, Bling Some and MeFactory.  Even more exciting is that every quarter, Watsons will come-up with a very good line-up of K-Beauty products for everyone.  I am sure, if you are late bloomer and are not yet a convert, it will not be long when you'll also fall in love with these Korean Beauty and Skin care products.

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come at Watsons K-Beauty sections:

Cathy Doll
Geisha Moteru Gel Liner Pot | Whitening Sunscreen | Color Lip Balm Stick

Coconut Cleansing Water

Make Me Lovely Cushion

Dual Eyebrow Pen

April Skin
Magic Stone Natural Cleansing Soap

Different masks for different skin care needs

Super fun animal design masks

JJ Young
Skin care solutions

Pore Heating Sheet | Blackhead Clear Sheet | Pore Tightening Sheet

It is no secret that K-Beauty products are fun, easy to use and not to mention today's make-up craze.  They brighten your face, and in time, give you flawless complexion and youthful looking skin.  Try these K-Beauty products now available in select Watson K-Beauty sections or through Lazada

Watsons Get It K-Beauty products are also available in SM Beauty Stores nationwide.  Other brands include Etude House, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, iWHite, Deoproce, Yumei Mise, Cathy Doll, Leaders InSolution, Ciracle and Organic surge.

Get K-Beautified today!

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