05 February 2017

Langnese Honey, Germany's No. 1 Honey brand, is now in the Philippines!

Do you want to know if what you're buying at your supermarket is 100 % real authentic honey?  The results might surprise you.

Tea time with Cheshire Que, Philippines and USA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, CEO of A-List Professional Health Consulting Company and Lifestyle Columnist at Manila Bulletin and Vannah Santiago, Managing Director of Scene Stealer Marketing Communications.

A few weeks ago, Langnese Honey, Germany's best and most-loved honey was formally launched at Marriott Hotel Manila.  Dr. Cleofas Cervancia, PhD of the University of the Philippines Los Baños gave a very informative talk about honey.  I was astonished when she revealed that almost all honey products that were brought from leading supermarkets are adulterated or not pure honey. 

They tested 39 samples, 25 imported and 14 local honey.  She tested them for moisture content, pH, reducing sugars, apparent sucrose, HMF and even electrical conductivity.  The criteria used was the European Union Directive (EU Directive 110/2001) and International Honey Commission.  Now that's a really technical method that will really determine the authentic from the false claims of most honey brands.

Only 24 out of the 39 samples were authentic honey.  In fact, I used to buy one of the false claim brands before.  We can now thank Langnese Honey for landing on our shores, we can now be sure that what were buying is 100% real honey.  No more guessing among other false honey brands.
Langnese Honey is a family owned brand from Germany which has been around since 1927.  It is also a market leader that has the seal of approval from Germany's Honey ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles that requires strict standards of safety and quality.  To pass these standards, honey should be raw, unfiltered, residue free and should only have a limit of 16-21% water content.  Langnese Honey has surpassed these qualities and has a guaranteed seal of approval.

Langnese Honey also has certifications from the International Featured Standards (IFS), Kosher and Halal are true marks that Langnese comes form only reliable sources. 

Langnese Honey has several variants.  Golden Clear Honey is known for its unique jar, taste and color which is secured by selected premium multi floral raw honeys.  Its usually used for dips, salads, cocktails, hot drinks, etc.  It is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide and is available in 125g (SRP Php 79.25) 250g (SRP Php 151.25), 500g (SRP Php 259.25), 1kg (SRP Php 459.00) variants.

They also have a specialty honey, which is Black Forest Honey.  It is honey gathered from nectar and leaves of different trees.  This variant is available in 250g (SRP Php 189.00) and 500g (Php 345.45) jars. 

Black Forest Honey is usually used for more adventurous recipes for its distinct taste.

Langnese also has honey variants packaged in convenient squeezable, no drip bottles.

Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey available in 250g (SRP Php 178.25) and 500g (Php 324.00) bottles

Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey is best suited for sweetening and adding flavor to different types of food and beverage, when used for baking, it also makes bread and pastries a lot tastier and healthier instead of using refined sugar.

Bee Easy Acacia Honey is available in 250g (SRP Php 178.25) and 500g (SRP Php 324.00) bottles.

Acacia Honey has a subtle and mildly sweet taste and is the ultimate breakfast companion adding flavor and sweetness to teas, cereals and desserts.

Bee Easy Wild Lavender is available available in 250g (SRP Php 178.25 ) and 500g (SRP Php 324.00) bottles.  It is my favorite Langnese Honey variant!

It is suited for sweetening and adding flavor to all types of beverages like tea and a wide variety of bread.

Busy bees making honey

Marriott Hotel Manila's Excutive Chef Meik Brammer shares his experience in using honey in the many healthy dishes that he cooks, some of which were served during the media launch.  I have to admit, it was easily identifiable that honey was used for added taste in the healthy food and in the desserts that was used and I absolutely love it!  

In this photo (left to right): From the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Commercial Counsellor Dr. Andree Buhl, Langnese Honey Fürsten-Reform’s Export Manager Mark Baumgärtner, Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco, Fly Ace Corporation General Manager Ramon Daez, Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager Emie San Beda and Peter Compalla from the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"Fly Ace Corporation is proud to welcome Langnese Honey in the Philippines, as we reinforce our commitment to bring the best of the world's food and beverages to Filipinos", concludes Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco.  "When it comes to honey, there's a reason why Langnese has been around for decades and a consistent market leader all these years - it's name is the ultimate representation of what a real and reliable honey should be."

With Fly Ace Corporation General Manager Ramon Daez, Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco and Dianne Pagtalunan, PR Manager at Fly Ace Corporation

    Choose the healthier sweetener and for making food taste better, grab a jar or bottle of Langnese
    Honey at leading supermarkets.

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