24 February 2017

Create Legacies

I've always looked up to my mother.  As a child, I would watch her do her make-up before she leaves for work.  One day, I played with her make-up and she caught me red handed when she got home.  I thought she would get mad at me as I cracked her favorite eyeshadow, broke her lipstick in half and wiped off my make-up "mistakes" on their bedsheets.  I braced myself for a scolding but she just laughed at what she walked into and gave me a hug.

As a working mom, I remember that the first thing she does when she comes home from work is to put her suit on a chair, roll her sleeves and start cooking dinner for us.  She never complained or showed that it was not a thing that she liked to do.  She absolutely loved being a mother to me and my two brothers.

On weekends, instead of resting, she would rather bond with me in the kitchen as she taught me how to bake pastries.  She would let my dad and brothers do the judging on our creations and it would always feel good when we got the thumbs up from them.  They were our ultimate food critics!

When I got older, she gave me wings and trusted me to make my own judgements.  She also taught me the value of family and how important it is to support each other especially during tough times.  To this day, her relentless support in all my dreams and aspirations made it easier for me to achieve my goals and it inspires me to dream big.

Mom, thank you.

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