31 March 2013

An athlete's nightmare

What do Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Ricky Rubio of the Minnesota Timberwolves, UFC Mixed Martial Arts superstar Georges St. Pierre and my husband Mickey Villa (my Michael Jordan) have in common?  The answer: They have all incurred an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries.

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is usually caused by a sudden twisting motion in the knee when an athlete lands or steps. You could opt to not have it repaired, but if you still want to engage in sports, or want to have a full life without constantly worrying that you might accidentally twist your knee, you might want to consider undergoing knee reconstruction surgery.


28 March 2013

Four Wonderful Years

Four  years ago today we got married.  Here are some of the details and moments I love on that very special day.  Happy anniversary, Mickey!


27 March 2013

Heima brings color to Brixton

The burst of color that greets you as soon as you step inside Heima's spanking new Brixton store sends an instant surge of happiness.

I absolutely love that they can transform what could otherwise be an ordinary-looking piece of furniture (that normally comes in a more neutral/safe color) to something bright, colorful and happy.

Their colorful design aesthetic spreads across their furniture collection (sofas, chairs, side tables, lamps, study tables, and their new metal mesh line), new-old bikes with woven baskets, vintage typewriters, Crosley turntables, Trim phones, wall art, paper products and design books.      

Let me show you Heima's new space:

Sophie chairs, Twiggy sofa with the Heima x RIIR For Living Collection and Metal side tables


17 March 2013

The District Boracay

Mickey and I were walking along Station 2 in Boracay Island to find a dessert place one night when we heard some DJ tracks being played from atop The District Boracay's open-air Star Lounge (at the 3rd floor of the hotel).  Since The District is one of Boracay's newest hotels, we decided to have dessert here instead.


16 March 2013

Sneak peek: Boracay Uptown Hotel

What a treat to be able to show you a typical room at the up and coming Boracay Uptown Hotel!   

The new hotel is set to open on the 3rd week of July and is conveniently located beach front, in Station 2 and comes from the same hotel group as Estacio Uno in Station 1 

All the rooms in Boracay Uptown Hotel are located on the upper floors, 
here's a typical room set-up (subject to change without prior notice):


14 March 2013

Boracay morning, sunset and evening walks

With an island as beautiful as Boracay, one doesn't need to do much but appreciate the island's natural beauty.  During our recent vacation, morning, sunset and evening walks were part of our day.   


12 March 2013

Estacio Uno Boracay

Mickey was so sweet to take me on a breakfast date at Estacio Uno while we were in Boracay.  
Estacio Uno stands where the old Waling-Waling hotel used to be in Station 1.  We spent several summer vacations here in the past and having breakfast here certainly brings back a lot of memories. 


10 March 2013

Boracay Escape

There's nothing like an island escape that rejuvenates the soul.  In our case, we find ourselves leaving for our favorite Island in the Philippines, Boracay Island, every two years.


07 March 2013

Filipinismo by Bernard Vista

Mickey and I just came from a successful art exhibit at The Podium's Galerie Joaquin this evening.  The exhibit is entitled "Filipinismo" and the artist is no other than renowned Filipino artist (and my cousin), Bernard Vista.

His beautiful works of art depicts the Filipino way of life, highlighting customs, traditions and are inspired by rural scenes

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