14 March 2013

Boracay morning, sunset and evening walks

With an island as beautiful as Boracay, one doesn't need to do much but appreciate the island's natural beauty.  During our recent vacation, morning, sunset and evening walks were part of our day.   

This lone white dove perched on top of a bamboo fence didn't fly away even as I walked closer

Hats anyone?

The best part of our morning walks is reaching the farthest end of Station 1.  
It certainly feels like we've reached the finish line.

 We walked past an interesting tree

A peek on the other side of the island (where Nami Resort is)

A little boy plays by a cliff's edge...

...and hams it up for the camera when he sees me

This view is from TJ's Heaven, the restaurant at Boracay Terraces Resort,
where we always stop for drinks before walking back to our hotel.

 Indeed, people have called Boracay paradise!

Sunsets beach weddings, especially for foreigners are a daily scene.  
They must have fallen in love with the beauty of Boracay enough to get married there.

At sunset, we sit on a sand bar and watch the sun set.  For this day, it was here...

Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunsets, if not the most beautiful.

Skimboarding and sailing are also common activities at sunset, 
and makes sunset photography even more interesting.

   I love the colorful costumes of these street artists at D'mall!

Fire dancers lighting up the shore as we walk back to our hotel at night

As we wind down for the night, the island is still alive with activity

These images are still fresh in my memory and like any one who leaves Boracay, I always wonder, when do I visit this beautiful island again.  I hope sooner than soon. 

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