10 March 2013

Boracay Escape

There's nothing like an island escape that rejuvenates the soul.  In our case, we find ourselves leaving for our favorite Island in the Philippines, Boracay Island, every two years.

We arrived at Caticlan Airport via AirPhil Express and was met by Joebell, our Hotel Coordinator from Willy's Beach Club Hotel. 

After 30 minutes of  3 short land transfers to Boracay Island (a 5-minute van ride to the Jetty port, a 15-minute boat ride to the island, and a 10-minute van ride), we finally arrive at our hotel, Willy's Beach Club Hotel.

Our room is conveniently located at the ground floor facing the beach

The view from our room that never gets old

Willy's Beach Hotel is located in Station 1, just across the famous Willy's Rock, a famous spot for sunset photography

After checking-in, we took a stroll towards Station 2 and had our first meal at one of my favorite restaurants in Boracay, Lemoni Cafe at D'Mall in Station 2.   

Lemoni Cafe has been in Boracay Island since 2005 and has been awarded by Philippine Tatler as one of the country's best restaurants.  

Grilled pork chops, sautéed vegetable’s and yogurt mint sauces, PHP 390.00

Bell pepper risotto with tarragon and tomato cream dory, PHP 340.00

Click here for Lemoni Cafe's full menu

Here's a familiar figure.  He looked like he was calling us to get out of the heat, so we went inside Boracay Island's first McDonald's quick service restaurant to get ourselves some iced latte.

The interiors looked good.  They had bamboo designed walls and faux greenery that lined the windows.

The day we arrived was such a picturesque day.  We were fortunate to have the sun out, it was raining the week before and I kept praying to God for sunshine - so here it is, in all it's 32 degrees (celsius) glory.

Mickey tells me, there is no island as picture-perfect as Boracay.  I agree with him.  

Some of the foreigners that we've met during our trip, said that Boracay "is like paradise" 
and that "it's so beautiful".

Even Italian singer and songwriter, Mike Francis couldn't help but write a song about Boracay called "Moonlight in Boracay".
If you every feel like recharging and unwinding, you know that there's always the beautiful and picturesque Boracay Island in the Philippines.  Come visit!

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BoracayStories said...

Wow! I didn't know Mike Francis has sung a song about Boracay. Thanks for sharing, Tina! Boracay is indeed a paradise!!!

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