25 June 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue The New Eau Intense Fragrance

I could still remember the time when almost everyone I knew wore Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance when it first came out years ago.  It was a scent that appealed to many and it instantly became iconic.  Recently, I received an invitation to celebrate a new chapter into the blue of Capri as Dolce & Gabbana reinvents its two cult fragrances: Light Blue and Light Blue pour Homme.  Renewing their sensual freshness with unique accents.  Making them even more irresistible, vibrant and long-lasting.  Turning them a deeper shade of Mediterranean blue.

23 June 2017

Care You Deserve from pH Care

For many years now, pH Care has always been a brand that understands a woman's needs and gives the care we all deserve.  Each pH Care feminine wash bottle contains 7 intimate benefits:  It is antibacterial, it cools and refreshes, it deodorizes, it is OB-gyne tested, it contains silky softeners, it's hypo allergenic and most importantly, it has the right pH level of 5 perfectly matching that of the intimate area.  With all these benefits, it is no wonder that pH Care is currently the country's leading brand of feminine wash. 

19 June 2017

Live your Best Life with Boost

What boosts you?  Is it the love for travel, exploring a new place and learning about different cultures, engaging in adrenaline pumping sports activities, to never stop learning and mastering a new skill or a craft?  

12 June 2017

Fast, Safe and Fully charged gadgets everyday with XPower

Live digital TV streaming, Spotify, FaceTime, Instagram and using your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to your other gadgets.  They all need power and it drains your batteries fast, plus modern mobile phone specs are now faster making it even more power hungry.  We need quick, safe, and reliable power bank, cables and car chargers that can sustain our digital age lifestyle. 

It's a good thing we can ensure that our gadgets can always be fully charged and have reliable cables with Digital Walker's latest line, XPower.  Their products come in four major categories based on the high power demands of their customers, from powerbanks, chargers, cables and even to headphones.  Each product is designed to help you get through your digitally connected day as smooth as possible.

04 June 2017

Mickey's Birthday at CRU Steakhouse, Manila Marriott Hotel

Today we celebrated Mickey's birthday at our favorite steakhouse in Manila Marriott Hotel, CRU.  It is always a pleasant experience dining in CRU, they serve the most delicious steaks and dishes on their menu, the ambience is perfect for a romantic night out, plus the service is always at its best.