25 May 2017

SM World of Beauty

Whenever I travel abroad, there is one shopping rule that I stick by.  As much as possible, I will only buy something if it's not available in the Philippines.  There would only be an exception if it's actually more cheaper than what we have in the Philippines.  Otherwise, it will just be a waste of precious luggage space and shopping money. 

During my recent trip abroad, I honestly didn't have the motivation to go inside make-up stores because as I have mentioned, almost all were available here.  To me, this is actually a clear indicator that beauty has indeed gone global in the Philippines.  But if there is one place I love going to when buying make-up, it would have to be The SM Store's Beauty Section.  It's a wonderland of make-up finds and a haven for make-up fanatics like me. 

Recently, I was invited to shop and experience the World of Beauty with The SM Store Beauty Section at SM Aura Premier.  During the event, we were transported to different continents, respective flags where placed on the different beauty brands origins.  To make things even more fun, we were all given Beauty Passports where we would need to complete 8 stamps and participate on different beauty games hosted by different brands.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a huge beauty loot bag.  Was I challenged?  You bet!  Here are some scenes during the SM World of Beauty Tour:         

At the Cover Girl beauty area, they asked me to guess where the Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder was in the three boxes.  I have to admit, this was quite difficult.  But after a few tries, I was finally able to guess where it was.

20 May 2017

Your New Vegan Go To Place: Marriott Manila

Have you ever tried the vegan lifestyle?  It might be a bit hard at first but oftentimes, people have their personal reasons for shifting.  Most of the time, they want a healthier lifestyle by eating plant-based food.  Whatever reasons you might have to shift, there is no doubt that your body will benefit from adding this diet to your lifestyle.  And if you honestly can't embrace to go vegan lifestyle 100%, you can try to taste some of their tasty dishes and see if you'll like it.  Marriott Manila can help you into that transition, as their award winning chefs have come up with dishes that will satisfy your plant-based cravings.

To start off, Marriott Manila has teamed up with one of the world's finest chocolate makers, Felchlin Switzerland to enhance their delectable chocolate creations.  Felchlin's Export Corporate Pastry Chef Anil Rohira flew to Manila and teamed up with Marriott Manila's Executive Pastry Chef Fil Afable to enhance their delectable desserts.  


18 May 2017

Pizza Party Day with Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza

"Pineapples on pizza" has been a widely debated topic by barkadas when ordering pizza for their perfect bonding sessions.  Some prefer it and some don't.  But according to Greenwich's survey, a huge chunk of Filipinos consider Hawaiian pizza as their favorite flavor. 

This year, Greenwich has turned the spotlight to their Hawaiian Overload Pizza on Pizza Party Day which falls on May 19, 2017.  It's made of seven awesome ingredients on a freshly baked pizza crust and it's perfect to share with your barkada.

This pizza could end the pineapple or no pineapple debate.  I brought home a box to share with Mickey (who is a "no pineapple on my pizza" kind of guy) and he said that the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza had actually changed the way he looked at pineapples on a pizza.  "It has the right kind of saltiness combined with the sweetness of fresh cut pineapples", he added.  I think this recipe, can literally change the way people look at Hawaiian pizzas!   

14 May 2017

A New Fresh, Unisex Fragrance: CK All

Whenever I rush and head out the door, I then realize inside the elevator going down the basement parking that I forgot to put on perfume before leaving home.  It's a good thing that my husband Mickey leaves a bottle of his perfume in the car which has a cool and fresh scent that I don't mind spraying over my body, and it literally kick starts my day.  Let's face it, no look is ever complete without finishing off with a clean scented perfume.  Also, it does give you an added dose of confidence and a spring on your step to last the day. 

So, can you just imagine how happy I was to get an invite to the launch of Calvin Klein's new fresh unisex fragrance CK All.  After fast emptying Mickey's bottle of perfume, I am all too happy to share this new fragrance with him.  CK All is a refreshing composition that opens with citrus notes including mandarin.  The heart of the perfume includes citrus blossom and the paradisone molecule.  The base is warm and oriental, with a touch of amber.   

13 May 2017

Refreshing Summer Recipes with Old Orchard Cranberry Juice

What do you usually do to quench your summer thirst?  I love drinking a cold glass of fruit juice.  It's a good thing that Fly Ace Corporation recently sent me bottles of Old Orchard Cranberry Juice.  When mixed with ice it has just the right balance of sweetness and tartness and is quite a good summer drink to have in your home. 

But if you also want to make some really cool non-alcoholic infusions for a party at home, here are some recipes that can keep your guests cool and in a fun mode without the alcohol content.  Read on.