18 November 2017

Aquafina is now in the Philippines

Aquafina, the world's best-selling bottled water brand is now in the Philippines.  Known for its purity, the Aquafina brand has won over consumers around since its introduction in the U.S. in 1994.

Aquafina water is purified using the best technology available to purify water.  The process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and carbon filtration to remove chlorides, salts and other substances that can affect the taste of water.  Aquafina prides itself in delivering consistently crisp taste in every bottle, across the globe.

04 November 2017

A New Generation of Selfies with the New OPPO F5

OPPO recently set another groundbreaking technology as they unveiled the new OPPO F5.  It now has the A.I. Beauty Recognition, a technology designed to personalize beautification based on the physical facial traits of a person, giving a customized selfie that is unique to every person.  This technology learns the specific facial features of different people from its global image database of human faces.  The A.I. is also able to recognize the subjects' skin tone and type, gender and age,  match them against its database and subsequently make beautification enhancements that are personalized for each individual selfie.

OPPO influencers Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador and Gabbi Garcia

02 November 2017

Ridiculously Good Barbecue at Rackshack SM Aura

If there's a comfort food that always come first on my mind, it would have to be barbecue.  But how about some ridiculously good barbecue?  Here's some good news, Racks younger version, Rackshack has just opened a new branch at SM Aura.  The difference from Racks is that, Rackshack is a fast casual dining restaurant, designed for the younger generation, serving barbecued meats with different portion sizes and with more adventurous sauces, plus you can have fun and play some games with friends as well.

Rackshack founder, Chukri Prieto shares, "At Rackshack, we believe that barbecue should have no boundaries.  We want to turn barbecue into a unique social and interactive experience.  Choose a favorite among our sauces, or pick two or three and pour them all over your ribs.  Barbecue should be fun to eat and to share among friends.  That's the experience we'd like to bring to Rackshack, and take it to a whole new level."

In this photo (left to to right): Rochelle Rivera, Tina Villa, Chukri Prieto and Michelle Estranero) 

01 November 2017

Penshoppe's #IamDifferent Campaign

Local retail brand, Penshoppe, recently launched their newest campaign called #IAmDifferent.  It is the brand's first Corporate Social Responsibilty campaign that sheds light on bullying especially now that we live at a time where being different oftentimes results to being mocked, isolated and bullied.  #IAmDifferent aims to form a movement to inspire everyone to embrace their own uniqueness, despite what other people may think.  "Being different is something to celebrate and be proud of, that's why Penshoppe is truly committed to empowering the youth to embrace their individuality", says Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe's Brand Director.  

28 October 2017

Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila

"Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila"  Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila has just opened at NAIA Terminal 3!  What's on the menu?  All-Day Almusal (Breakfast), Pampagana (Appetizers), Manila Tacos and Burgers, Mama's Comfort Bowls, It takes Gutz Homemade Bam-I, Panghimagas (Dessert) and lots of refreshing beverages.  Whether you're arriving or leaving Manila, or simply craving for some Filipino cuisine with a modern twist, come visit Manila Life Café at NAIA 3.  You'll not only love the food, the ambience is relaxing, and the music is all about Manila Life.  Come take a peek inside, Manila Life Café by Marriott Manila.