13 January 2018

The Best Time to Book Travel Tickets: Singapore Airlines Showcase and Travel Fair 2018

Where does your travel thoughts bring you?  Perhaps to a tropical island with crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches?  or probably a destination where you've always been dreaming of going to?  Here's a chance to realize those 2018 travel goals at really good prices.  Singapore Airlines (SIA) kicks off the New Year with a bang with the SIA Showcase and Travel Fair 2018 which will be held simultaneously in two venues (Glorietta and Trinoma) from January 26 to 28, 2018.


11 January 2018

Dining in Style with Casillero Del Diablo Wines

The holidays may be over, but there are always special occasions to celebrate and serve a good meal and dine in style at home.  What better way to start the New Year by trying out these leveled-up recipes using Casillero del Diablo Wines by Culinary Expert, Chef Sharwin Tee of "Curiosity Got The Chef".  He used Merlot Chardonnay, Chile's famous Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon on these easy to follow, wine-infused recipes from Casillero del Diablo.

First up is the Spicy Mussel and Clam Binakol
This recipe serves 4 to 6 persons  

22 December 2017

The Perfect Gift: SM Gift Cards

Are you rushing to find that perfect gift?  Look no more as SM introduces their SM gift cards.  These are not your ordinary gift cards, but rather one that has been thought of quite well.  You can make your gift cards even more special with their Limited Edition Gift Card Sleeves for just Php 20.00.  Like this one that is specially designed for the Christmas season. 

19 December 2017

A Quick Birthday Getaway

A friend recently asked me, "Tina, what do you want for your birthday?"  It took me a while to answer her question but later on I answered and said  "Nothing in particular, what I really want is to spend my birthday out of town.  That would really make me happy."  This actually came true as I spent my birthday away from the city with my husband, Mickey.  We spent 3 days in Baguio and 2 days in Subic Bay, both of which are my favorite "happy places" in the North.

For me, what's important is time, but not just ordinary time, but one that will make great memories.  Honestly, I was a bit happy that on our second day in Baguio, for some reason, the LTE signal was terrible.  I actually enjoyed being unplugged, which is quite an unnatural feeling considering I do keep an online presence.  But just for this one time, I welcome the cooperation of a bad signal to actually immerse in the good cold weather of Baguio.

Here are some of the photos we took on my birthday.

13 December 2017

Gifts She'll Love: Burt's Bees Christmas Gift Sets

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you still haven't found the right gift for the women in your life, well, fret no more as Burt's Bees has perfectly curated Christmas Gift Sets that they'll surely love.  What's also nice about these gift sets is that the packaging is so pretty that there is no need to wrap them at all, just add a nifty red ribbon, a tag and you're good to go.  These beauty gifts sets will surely bring a smile to her face.