12 October 2017

Step Up Your Eye Game with SM Beauty

I've always loved the natural look when it comes to make-up, but nothing makes a look more cohesive than to frame a happy smile with full brows, the perfect winged line on your eyelids and curled lashes for a wide awake look and to add emphasis to your eyes.  Here are some shots of the level-up natural look I made:

03 October 2017

Closeup Fresh Attraction: Oxyrush and Arctic Shock

Our partner in freshness, Closeup introduced a new modern look this year.  Recently, they introduced the New Closeup Fresh Attraction toothpaste variants - Oxy Rush and Arctic Shock.  Both powered by the rush of shocking menthol, it allows us to experience freshness and get closer than ever, like never before.

During the recent launch, Closeup asked Chef Jose Luis Gonzales of Gallery Vask to create a special menu that will test the power of the New Closeup Fresh Attraction.  A tasteful selection of flavorful modern Spanish dishes with bold spices were served to the guests.  Which later on, put the strength of the Fresh attraction range to the test, as after the delicious food were served, the guests were encouraged to try out the strength of freshness of the toothpaste for themselves.   

Most guests preferred the variant with the very strong flavor, Oxyrush, formulated with a glacier fresh mouthwash and crystal frost.  While guests who preferred a slightly less intense flavor, loved the sweet and fruity notes by the Arctic Shock variant.

01 October 2017

Collagen by Watsons Skin Care Range

Are you experiencing these skin horrors: oily skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone,  fine lines and wrinkles, droopy or sagging skin?  These skin concerns may have resulted from low collagen levels in the skin.  Collagen is the building block of the skin's structure and it is naturally produced by our bodies.  Unfortunately, as people age, coupled by stress and lifestyle choices, collagen production slows down or weakens.

It's a good thing that nourishing the skin with collagen products can help address various skin concerns.  Watsons keeps it promise to help us look good as the retail brand brings us its own brand of simple and effective skin scare solution range, Collagen by Watsons.

Collagen by Watsons is a new generation of skincare that contains critical nutrition for your skin.  This skincare concept, originally developed in Korea, has been dermatologically tested and proven to help boost the skin's natural collagen levels.  It is designed with Tri-Collagen Complex, a unique formulation of three (3) collagen molecules working together, penetrating down to deeper layers of the skin.  It purifies and regenerates the skin cells and improves elasticity.

Collagen by Watsons believes in the simple truth that beauty lies in the layers.  This means going back to the basic foundation of skin - collagen.  The skin must be nourished from within to prevent and solve skin concerns, leaving you with better, if not best-looking skin ever.  

Collagen by Watsons offers an extensive range that suits your skincare needs:

Dryness, roughness and skin dullness.  These are the signs that you skin is dialing the rescue hotline.  The Nourishing range's collagen boosting system improves the skin's elasticity to keep it moisturized, firm and supple.

23 September 2017

Uncomplicated Beauty: BLK Cosmetics

I was intrigued when I received a top secret invite to a beauty launch that was held last week at the posh Manila House Private Members Club.  A new cosmetics line was launched by actress, singer and now newly minted make-up mogul, Anne Curtis.  The brand is BLK Cosmetics, which stands for the color black, Anne explains the color symbolizes elegance, timelessness and being uncomplicated.  In this new beauty venture, she has partnered with successful businesswoman and renowned beauty maven, Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez, and created a make-up line that celebrates uncomplicated beauty.

How uncomplicated?  The newly launched make-up line is pared down to the basic essentials.  Honestly, it is my everyday make-up in a collection.  It is made up of all-day matte foundation (2 shades), contour, blush and highlight palette (2 variants), long lasting liquid eyeliner (2 shades), brow sculpting pencil duo (2 shades), long lasting liquid matte lipstick (5 shades), velvet cream (4 shades) and all day intense matte lipstick (6 shades).  Best part?  Apart from the fact that they're long wearing and receiving a cruelty free certification from PETA, the price range is from Php 299.00 to 499.00, which I think is a steal for a beautifully packaged, quality make-up.

01 September 2017

The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway with Mastercard

Calling all travel bugs!  I know you've been waiting for the best travel deals all year round.  Now, here's the perfect chance to get ready for that much needed and much awaited vacation, as Singapore Airlines and SilkAir brings you their latest travel campaign, "The Great Singapore Airlines Getaway", together with Mastercard.  The global campaign gives you the perfect opportunity to visit great places at great prices and with great perks for you to not only treat yourself, but also the entire family for an unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime.