05 May 2021

Ultimate Reborn To Be Greater Than Ever: The All-New Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex

As women, we always try to put our best foot forward no matter what we do. But we sometimes catch ourselves settling for what's immediately in front of us, thinking this is the best we'll ever get, and not realizing that we're meant for something greater. After a year that forced us to face uncertainties head on and try to make something out of nothing, this year feels like a chance to restart. 2021 is definitely the time to revisit our goals and commitments and become our best selves, as we continue to push beyond our limits.

In the same spirit of elevating ourselves and refusing to settle, Cream Silk also strives for limitless possibilities, as it aims to help modern Filipinas realize their potential greatness.

"As a brand, we've been there for the modern Filipina in every stage of her life, constantly improving to make sure we meet her evolving needs and expectations, and this year is no exception," says Carlos Corrals, Cream Silk Philippines' Senior Brand Manager.

This year, the number 1 conditioner in the Philippines introduces not just a refreshed brand image, but also its most powerful formulation yet: Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex, pioneering technology combining the power of three ultra-nourishing oils, providing care and conditioning like no other for hair that's ultimately reborn and full of life.

"The all new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn is formulated to deeply nourish hair from within, so Filipinas no longer need to settle for just straight, strong and smooth, as they'll be getting hair that's captivatingly straight, unbelievably strong and sensationally smooth.

Providing nourishment unlike any other, Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Conditioners give Filipinas what they need to go from good to great.

Cream Silk's Greater than Ever Formulation

Ultimate Reborn stands for the greatest ever from Cream Silk so that women can stop settling for just good but be conditioner for greater. At the core of this new formulation is Tri-Oleo Complex which penetrates deep into hair layers and revives locks from dull dry and lifeless to be beautifully reborn and visibly full of life, enabling women to be greater than ever.

"Hair loses nourishment every day, going through daily activities that cause stress and damage to hair. When hair loses nutrients, this makes the hair more prone to all forms of hair problems," says Dani de Leon, Unilever Philippines' Research and Development Manager for Hair Care. "Although hair may feel and look okay, shampoo alone is not enough and actually can cause hair to lose even more nutrients with every wash."

"Thanks to Cream Silk's hair care expertise spanning over three decades, inspired by the Filipina's needs, we've pushed hair science once more to innovate and develop Tri-Oleo Complex, a unique combination of nourishing power with rosehip oil, organ oil and macula oil that's heavy on nourishment but light on your locks," she continues.

Extracted from rose bush seeds commonly found in Chile, rosehip oil contains healthy nutrients to help give hair smoothness and shine. Meanwhile, organ oil from Morocco, known as the liquid golf for hair, lowers the chance of proteins leaving your locks, effectively strengthening them from further damage. And finally, originating in South Africa and used by the Zulu people to maintain a healthy glow on their skin and hair, marula oil is quickly absorbed into hair resulting in thick, healthy and moisturized locks. All these combined within Tri-Oleo Complex, Cream Silk offers triple action nourishment that targets the weakest areas of the hair fibre, nourishes from within and coats and protects each strand to restore strength, smoothness and moisturization for hair beautifully reborn and visibly full of life.

Rediscover yourself with the All-New Cream Silk, providing you nourishment like no other so you never have to settle again. Be Beautifully reborn, greater than ever with the All New Cream Silk with Tri-Oleo Complex.

The all-new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex is now available for Php111.20 (170 ml bottle) nationwide in leading supermarkets, groceries, drugstores, department stores and online stores. 



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