18 August 2019

Black Scoop Cafe, Eastwood City

My new neighborhood Cafe, Black Scoop Cafe Eastwood, checks all the boxes!  Let me tell you why.  It is a quaint cafe that seats about 30 people max.  They have an extensive line of drinks from milk teas, fruit teas, frappes, lattes, chocolate drinks and other specialty drinks like Thai milk tea and Pei Pa Koa with grass jelly. 

They also have food served in the cafe from pancakes, pasta dishes, buffalo wings, sandwiches, rice meals, and more.  You have a lot of choices with price points that are affordable and hence allows you to binge a little or a lot, depending on your mood.

My favorite seats are the wing chairs by the window.  They're so comfortable, we tend to stay longer than we normally would. Truth be told, we've been back several times already during weekends, Black Scoop Cafe has definitely become one of our favorite weekend lunch spots. 

                                                                   Black Scoop Cafe's warm, interior space

It's good that you can ask them to tweak the sugar level of your drinks.

I love their specialty drinks.  I have to admit, they have somehow piqued my curiosity.
There are still more for me to try on our next visits.  

Thai Milk Tea for me (Php 110.00, add Php 20.00 for black bison pearls)
and Mixed Berries Fruit Tea for Mickey, Php 105.00 (large size)

I love the packaging of Black Scoop, whether it's for the cold or the hot drinks.
Plus, some words of wisdom at the back of the cup!

We ordered for 12 pieces of Buffalo Wings, and requested for 6 pieces flavored regular and 6 pieces flavored spicy, Php 350.00 (add Php 20.00 for spicy).  We liked the dish, however, it may have been better for us if the wings were coated a little bit lightly.  We felt like, there was too much sauce used for it, but other people prefer it this way.  

We also ordered Barbecue flavored Potato Fries, Php 120.00.   We liked the home cut fries (bigger slices) with the skin on, and that they didn't turn tough when kept longer on the table.

This is a simple dish, but really packed with flavor, this has been our favorite dish at Black Scoop Cafe.  It's the Aglio Olio Spanish Sardine Pasta, Php 220.00.  You can order this mild or spicy, but we like it better spicy!

Bistek Tagalog (Tenderloin), Php 250.00.  
Comes with a sunny side-up egg and side vegetables.

Tried the Hokkaido Milk Tea (large), Php 130.00.

and the Brown Sugar Latte, Php 120.00.
Mickey had a repeat of the Mixed Berries Fruit Tea!
We have to admit, all the drinks we tried are good!

Come visit Black Scoop Cafe Eastwood soon!  Come for the drinks or stay longer and enjoy the food as well.  Find them at the 2nd Level of Eastwood City Walk, Eastwood City, Quezon City.


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