29 April 2016

Breaking the Norm: Globe myStarter Plan

In my line of work, I always rely on my trustee mobile phone for fast communication and accurate coordination.  From top management to frequent contacts in the organization, my mobile phone is always ringing.  Thanks to my power bank, I don't have to run out of battery while on the go.


28 April 2016

Experience The Healing Power of Vaseline Jelly, Now in Lotions!

As the song goes, "Feeling hot, hot, hot!".  Lately, the over the top hot temperatures we've been experiencing has become a daily dilemma or shall I say (but, hopefully not) summer's new normal.  Sometimes, simply going out for lunch can feel like you're actually being baked in an oven.  So, we choose to stay indoors and enjoy cooler temperatures in an air-conditioned room.  Even if the latter is so much better than the former, in both cases, our skin is stripped off its natural hydration and moisture.

It's a good thing that Vaseline has just released their New body lotions which are infused with micro-droplets of a wonder ingredient that can deeply replenish the skin's lost moisture, Vaseline Jelly .
  1. For everyday healing: Heal dry skin from within the epidermis with the new Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion (in yellow bottle), now with micro-droplets of Vaseline petroleum Jelly.  SRP 100 ml Php 69.30 / 200 ml Php 126.00 / 400 ml Php 225.00.
  2. For healing and fairness:  Heal dry skin and get 4x fairer skin instantly with Vaseline Instant Fair lotion (in pink bottle). 
  3. For targeted areas like elbows, heels and knees: Heal dry skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly the original wonder jelly (in clear tub with blue cover).  


A Review of Lux Soft Touch Body Wash Plus, an Instagram Contest from LUX!

Hello LUX fans!  Recently, I was sent a beauty care set by LUX to try.  This time, it contains their Soft Touch variant Body Wash and Bar Soap.  I got curious and excited with this variant that I tried the body wash as soon as I can. 


21 April 2016

Orbik, The Light Experts

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a surge of emotion, just because the over-all design is good?  This is called Emotional Design, and this kind of design makes you linger longer in a space, oftentimes longer than you usually would.  If a space evokes emotion in the design alone, it means that the Interior Designer and the Architect has successfully done their job.  I have visited many spaces that evokes this kind of emotion and when I zoom in on what makes me feel this way when other spaces do not, it comprises many different things: design, flow, colors, cohesion and most importantly, the proper lighting.

Most of the time, most people start decorating with furniture, appliances and then lighting is considered as an afterthought, which should not be.  In traditional design, there is usually just one central light that will illuminate the entire space.  In modern design, lighting is used for many different purposes, it can be used to highlight a focal area (such as a home entertainment system, a bookshelf, a piece of furniture or perhaps an artwork),  and installed in different heights for a more sophisticated look. 

During Orbik's recent launch at Cafe Naya at The Palace, a visual display is shown of how lighting can change the look and the mood of a space.  Come take a look!


03 April 2016

Row 101 Summer Pop-Up at Whitespace: A sneak peek and shopping party!

Summer is here!  It's the perfect season to travel with friends and family, perhaps go to the beach or go on outdoor adventures.  It is also a good time to update the look of your home to complement this extremely fun and sunny season. 

Here's a summer pop-up event that is perfect for that much-awaited summer getaway or interior update.  Row 101 recently gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming Summer Pop-up on April 16 & 17, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Whitespace, Pasong Tamo, Makati City.  They have gathered together a cool line-up of brands so you can start shopping for that summer wardrobe (from swimsuits, apparel, accessories and bags), look good while getting in shape with some work-out apparel, for the home there are throw pillows and home scents, there are also some safety products that are in pastel colors such as fire extinguishers and pepper spray, and much more.

                         Come and take a sneak peek at Row 101's upcoming Summer Pop-up!

Benefit Cosmetics make-up minis perfect for that beauty travel kit - The Porefessional, They're Real beyond mascara and Air Patrol BB Cream eyelid primer

Perfect that summer look with make-up from Japanese beauty brands BCL Philippines and Dolly Wink.

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