25 October 2015

Dunlopillo's NormaBlock Collection

Do you experience back pain or a stiff neck after sleeping?  Chances are, your old mattress could be the culprit.  A quality mattress usually has a life span of 10 years, basic ones even less. 

When choosing your next mattress, find some time to shop and test the mattresses yourselves, always remember that the best ones will offer you more support and comfort for a refreshing sleep.  Also, make sure to look for a mattress that will support your natural spinal position. 

Usually, the cost of mattresses will depend upon the materials, size, thickness and construction methods.  The manufacturers usually give a higher warranty on their quality mattress line.

Health experts recommend 8 hours of good sleep in a day, which easily translates that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping (now that's a lot of time spent in bed!).  Our bodies need a good rest for rejuvenation and a good rest is difficult to obtain with an uncomfortable mattress.  If your mattress is already 10 years old or more, it's likely that you should consider replacing it. 

One of the few companies who take mattresses seriously is Dunlopillo.  This year, Dunlopillo launched a new line of mattresses that not only provides superior comfort but much needed support as well.


18 October 2015

The House of LUX

On a normal day, Valkyrie at The Palace in Bonifacio Global City, looks like your typical Night Club.  But on this special day, the whole place was also set abloom to become The House of LUX.  From afar, the entire frontage of Valkyrie was covered with violet blooms.  It actually made me walk faster than I usually do, my heart beating in exhilaration.  When I finally saw up close how beautiful it has transformed into The House of LUX for a night, I just had to stand outside for a few minutes and admire how fascinating and beautiful the frontage was.  

As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted with the fragrance of florals.  The scent was luxurious and ultra-feminine.  The walls were decked from floor to ceiling with the same violet blooms that decorated the entrance, the main area opened to beautiful crystal chandeliers, the seats were covered in plush deep violet colored velvet and the wall of violet blooms continued all over the place.

                                             My date at the LUX ball is of course, Mickey


17 October 2015

The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years

In Celebration of 100 years since the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle in 1915, the Coca-Cola Company marks this milestone with the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour.  The exhibition will travel 62,000 miles in 15 countries, curating 100 years of happiness in film, social history, design and fine arts.  A few weeks ago, we witnessed the opening of the Coca-Cola Bottle Tour at the Amphitheater, High Street South, Bonifacio Global City.  If you missed it, let me take you again on a journey with these photos:

Celebrating with Coca-Cola Philippines with my blogger friends, Phya and Luie


08 October 2015

Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Cafe

Is the iconic red bench and the green vintage bike in front of the newest place to hang out in Bonifacio Global City, familiar to you?  This is Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café, dubbed as "your second home" and your little piece of New York in the heart of Manila's newest business district and amidst entertainment and hip retail stores.

Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café has three levels of dining space:  a brunch café at the ground floor, a vinyl record listening station is on the second level where you can dine casually in bar stools with your close friends.  For those who'd like to hang out and party, or in this case, "house party" the night away, just head on up to the third level.

Since their opening this year, Unit 27 Apartment Bar + Café has been a favorite place to hang out by the fashionable set, the creatives, the music lovers and the 9 to 5'ers.  People come here for their popular all-day brunch menu and to just simply hang out.  It is a comfortable place to be at, just like when you are at your own home.  For those of you who haven't been here yet, let's go! 

When you visit for the first time, take a fun photo on the red bench or on the brick wall where the vintage bike is on the front steps.  You'll find that there are many Instagram worthy areas in Unit 27, go ahead and explore when you visit.


05 October 2015

Bathe with Perfume Everyday with LUX: A Review of LUX Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash and Perfumed Soap. Plus, Sign-Up to Receive a Special Gift from LUX!

Fragrance is often associated with the people who wear them.  Such is that if you wear a certain fragrance and the people around you had enough time to associate the fragrance with you.  Once you have left the room and the fragrance still lingers, they still remember you and your presence.

Just imagine how luxurious it is, to bathe in perfume everyday.  Now, you actually can!  LUX finally sets the Philippines abloom with the launch of the new LUX Perfumed bath collection.  The collection is masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris and London.

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