05 October 2015

Bathe with Perfume Everyday with LUX: A Review of LUX Magical Spell Fragranced Body Wash and Perfumed Soap. Plus, Sign-Up to Receive a Special Gift from LUX!

Fragrance is often associated with the people who wear them.  Such is that if you wear a certain fragrance and the people around you had enough time to associate the fragrance with you.  Once you have left the room and the fragrance still lingers, they still remember you and your presence.

Just imagine how luxurious it is, to bathe in perfume everyday.  Now, you actually can!  LUX finally sets the Philippines abloom with the launch of the new LUX Perfumed bath collection.  The collection is masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris and London.

The new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection comes in four variants of perfumed body washes (choose from Magical Spell, White Impress, Soft Touch and Love Forever) and three perfumed bar soaps.

Master perfumer Nicole Mancini helped design this irresistible fragrance. The signature Magical Spell fragrance features a combination of exotic black orchid, vanilla bean, and placed on sensual base notes of golden amber and dark woods.

I was recently sent a beauty care set from LUX to try.  The products came with a leather pouch and inside are two products from LUX - A set of their Lux Magical Spell Body Wash and Bar Soap.  I got curious with the new beauty products and tested them as soon as I can.

Fragranced Body Wash Review

A whiff from the flip top bottle of Lux Magical Spell easily gives off a sweet floral scent that reminds you of a night time perfume.  Scent opens with lavish dark florals.

The Body Wash also has a deep purple hue much like that of the orchids from which the fragrance is derived from.  It is slightly thick in texture and it also has a rich satiny sheen to it.

I used a dollop of the Body Wash consciously as I am not yet certain how much I would need for an entire shower.  The Body Wash had quick foaming ability and it was very smooth to the skin even as I used a mesh net ball to apply it on my entire body.

Initially, the scent is strong but as I bathed, the scent tones down several notches and when I have finished bathing and have toweled off, I was happily satisfied that it had just the right amount of floral scent on my skin.

After using the body wash, it also left my skin softer to the touch and lightly moisturized.  It must be the juniper oil that is also one of the major ingredients of the body wash. 

I think the body wash is perfect for a luxurious bath and I feel you can skip your body lotion, after using this product.

Perfumed Soap Review

Upon opening of the box, I was greeted with a soap that has floral designs embossed on the sides with the brand name carved in the middle.

I love that the soap is designed ergonomically and just the right size for my hands that I can grip the soap without it falling off on the shower floor.  Unlike ordinary bar soaps, LUX doesn't dissolve easily in water, which means you can get more value for your money.

When you run the soap through water, and rub it on your skin, it cleans with a creamy lather instead of a regular sudsy soap.  It gives you a feeling that you're squeaky clean without stripping your skin dry.  It finishes with just the right amount of scent on your body by the time you have toweled off.

My Verdict

The body wash variant will offer you better moisturization than the body bar soap.  But, if you like your scent a little subdued, go for the body bar soap.  And if you still want to use a lotion after bathing, I suggest you use an unscented variety so that the scents do not clash on your skin. 

The perfumed scent of LUX Magical Spell does evoke a feeling of luxury and like all perfume scents, it leaves memories of the person who wears the scent. 

Sign-Up to receive a Special gift from LUX
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