17 October 2015

The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: Inspiring Pop Culture for 100 Years

In Celebration of 100 years since the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle in 1915, the Coca-Cola Company marks this milestone with the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour.  The exhibition will travel 62,000 miles in 15 countries, curating 100 years of happiness in film, social history, design and fine arts.  A few weeks ago, we witnessed the opening of the Coca-Cola Bottle Tour at the Amphitheater, High Street South, Bonifacio Global City.  If you missed it, let me take you again on a journey with these photos:

Celebrating with Coca-Cola Philippines with my blogger friends, Phya and Luie

The first room we went into is called the Sensory Tunnel.
It opens to the familiar sweet Coke aroma and you can also take a cool selfie in the Bubblelizer machine.  Here I am giddy and fizzy inside a Coke bottle!

Ever wondered how the iconic Coca-Cola bottle came about?  In the early 1900s the popularity of Coca-Cola led to competitors imitating the famous trademark of Coca-Cola on packaging.  To put an end to this confusion, in April 1915, The Coca-Cola Bottling Association sent a creative brief to eight bottle manufacturers to design a distinctive new bottle that would be "recognizable in the dark or lying broken on the ground".

The Root Glass Company team went to the local library for research inspiration and, mistakenly believing that the cocoa bean was an ingredient in the secret recipe of Coca-Cola, looked for the image of a cocoa pod in an Encyclopedia Britannica.  This simple, yet wonderful error provided design inspiration for the now iconic glass bottle.

A short film of the history of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle is flashed on the curved wall.

Before leaving the Sensory Tunnel, we got a taste of the "perfect serve" Coke,
which is perfectly chilled at 3 degrees Celsius

The next room opens to art works from 18 artists, all with one inspiration in mind - Coca-Cola.
Here are some of the beautiful works of art brought to the Philippines at The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour: 

Kim Frohsin
Tsunami Coke Memorial for Japan, 2011
Acrylic, collage on board

Burton Morris
Pop Art Bottle, 2000
Oil on Canvas

Norman Rockwell
Three Boys Fishing, 1937
Oil on board

Pakpoom Silaphan
Double Ali Punch on Coke, 2013
Oil on metal signs

Haddon Sundblom
For Me, 1946
Oil on canvas

Steve Penley
Contour Bottles Sketch, 2009
Charcoal on Paper

Art inspirations in music and film:

Velvet Underground Album
Nico and The Velvet Underground Album Cover
Designed by Andy Warhol, 1967

The Supremes Print Ad, "Diana Ross and The Supremes", 1967
Robert Plant Picture, "Robert Plant", 1988
Beatles, "The Beatles, 1965"

John Lennon, "John Lennon, 1963"

Guitar, "Electric Guitar,2014" 

Counter-clockwise from left:
Clark Gable - "Clark Gable and Jean Harlow, 1930"
Robert Redford - "Robert Redford, 1973"
Steve McQueen - "Steve McQueen, 1971"
Ann Margaret - "Ann Margaret, 1972"
Frank Sinatra - "Frank Sinatra, 1957"
Jack Nicholson - "Jack Nicholson, 1971"
Planet of The Apes - "Conquest of The Planet of The Apes, 1972
Gods Must Be Crazy - "The Gods Must Be Crazy Movie Photo, 1982"

Gods Must Be Crazy Poster - "The Gods Must Be Crazy Movie Poster, 1982"

Wasn't that a fun walk through history?  To know more about The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour, visit Coca-Cola Philippines on Instagram @CocaColaPH on Twitter @CocaColaPH and on Facebook @CocaColaPhilippines.

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