28 September 2015

Learning a New Craft: Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass

I think the attraction for D.I.Y. crafting (apart from the fact that it's also a stress reliever), is the ability to create something new and putting your personal stamp on that creation.  One weekend, my blogger friends Chessika, Phya and I were invited by Stained Glass Craft to an art workshop at Hey Kessy Studio. 


22 September 2015

Marriott Manila's North Asian Showdown at Marriott Café

Traveling has certainly evolved.  In earlier years, we travel to shop, but now, most of the global brands are already here in the Philippines.  We instead find ourselves traveling to enjoy the local cuisine.  Just a few hours from Manila, and into neighboring Asian countries, we get a taste of authentic local cuisine.  Well Manila, you're in for a treat!  For a whole month, starting September 17 to October 15, 2015, you can go on a culinary journey to Korea, China and Japan through Marriott Manila's North Asian Food Festival at the newly reopened Marriott Café. 

Marriott Manila's Best Chefs are joined by International Guest Chefs for a month long fete, to make your culinary journey enjoyable.  Imagine going on a journey to the Land of the Morning Calm for authentic bulgogi, japchae, galbi and Korean hot pots.  Travel on to the Land of the Rising Sun for fresh sushi, sukiyaki, katsu and savor roast meat, steamed fish, and choose from a wide selection of Chinese dimsum specialties at the Middle Kingdom.

A week ago, Mickey and I had the privilege to go on this culinary journey as Marriott Café reopened with their North Asian Food Festival.


20 September 2015

Let's Go Shopping: Watsons Triple Bonus Promo

Many years ago, when we didn't have Watsons yet in the Philippines, I remember whenever I travel to Hong Kong, I never fail to enter a Watsons store.  For me, it was a wonderland of beauty products where you can literally just leave me there and I'll be perfectly fine discovering and trying new stuff which I wouldn't find back here then.

Years later, we finally have Watsons here in the Philippines and although Watsons is a common sight wherever we go, I still find myself in their aisles, gleefully discovering beauty finds and trying them at home.

If you have a thing for beauty and personal care products (just like I do), or even just passing by the Watsons pharmacy to get medicines.  Now would be a good time to stock on your essentials.  Watsons has a cool ongoing promo called "Watsons Triple Bonus" where you can get a chance to win an Apple watch, get great discounts, cash coupons (get a P100 coupon when you buy a minimum P1000 worth of products with 1 participating brand in a single receipt) and 50,000 shopping points for SM Advantage/BDO Rewards members!  Just spend a minimum of P500 with at least 1 participating brand, register and submit your entry.  The promo will run until September 27, 2015.  Let's go shop!


12 September 2015

Gillette Introduces Flexball Technology at Esquire's Pop-Up Barber Shop

Guest contributor for this article is Mickey Villa.

I remember watching famous TV series with my brothers back in the early 90's.  There were a lot of Gillette ads being aired during commercial breaks.  It showed the superiority of the two blade razor versus the single blade razor in doing the job with fewer strokes.

Our eldest brother Robert, predicted that soon Gillette will introduce a three blade safety razor.  He was right, in 1999, the Mach 3 was launched in the Philippines.  Gillette spent $750 million on the research and development of the Mach 3.  It was intriguing at that time, and I got one.  It promises much less irritation and you can shave against the grain.

Robert made another prediction, that soon a four blade safety razor will be available.  He was right again, a four blade safety razor was made available by a different brand.  Being one of the most creative and imaginative person I know, he laughingly predicted a five blade safety razor is not impossible soon.  This time I was doubtful, and guess what, he proved me wrong again for the third time. 

Gillette will not be outdone, and being a leader in innovation, they launched the Fusion line in 2005, with five blades spaced closer together to help reduce pressure per blade resulting for a more comfortable shave. 


10 September 2015

Our Weekend Staycation at The Marriott Hotel, Manila

If there is one thing we all have in common, it would probably be battling horrendous traffic jams as we go about our daily routines.  Lately, this has been everyone's "new normal" and somehow, when it becomes too frequent, we all dream of going on a relaxing staycation just to break free from the unwanted stress that comes along with the "new routine". 

The invitation for a weekend staycation at the posh and luxurious Marriot Hotel, Manila couldn't have come at a better time.  It was a Monday when I got the invitation, but really my mind was already fast forwarded to Saturday.  In between those days of waiting, I didn't seem to mind the hours of traffic I was battling.  In my mind, I was already envisioning a relaxing weekend staycation in one of Manila's top hotels.


02 September 2015

Three Sisters' Restaurant of Pasig

Only a few restaurants can stand the test of time.  With prized heirloom recipes being handed down from one generation to the next, it is uncertain whether a certain generation of diners can still appreciate recipes that has been handed down by almost a lifetime. 

Last Saturday, we found out why this restaurant is a favorite among many Pasig habitué's until now. 

Three Sisters' Restaurant was first put up in 1941 by Lola Rosa Francisco, who is lovingly remembered to be always in the kitchen preparing hearty Filipino dishes for her family.  Her passion for cooking drove her to put up her own luncheonette in Poblacion, Pasig.  In 1970, Lola Rosa's little luncheonette transformed to a successful restaurant and later transferred to Kapitolyo, Pasig where they serve customer favorites such as pork barbecue, pancit bihon, sinigang na kanduli sa miso and beef caldereta.

Three Sisters' Restaurant has 3 indoor dining areas and one outdoor dining area, just in case you'd like to dine al fresco.  It is my first time to dine here with my family and I noticed that it is quite popular.  The dining crowd are mostly families, groups of friends, the occasional foodie couple, but one thing is for sure, there is always a customer coming in to dine in the restaurant no matter what time of day it is.  This is considering that this restaurant is not in your typical mall.  

We were at the restaurant from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and I guess this only goes to show how at home we were at the restaurant.  We chose to stay at the long table with a view of the pocket garden, ordered our favorite Filipino comfort food and just like any other Filipino family would do, laughter and stories were shared on that long table along with simple home cooked Filipino dishes that are way too familiar and gives you a sense of "home".

I guess the no-frills recipes are what makes this restaurant special.  The food is simple and upfront, no pretensions.  The price points are fair (if not inexpensive) and if you're up for a food crawl in Pasig City, don't miss passing by this famous Pasig resident.

Here's what we had during our visit at Three Sisters' Restaurant of Pasig:

Crispy Kang Kong, P100 

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