28 September 2015

Learning a New Craft: Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass

I think the attraction for D.I.Y. crafting (apart from the fact that it's also a stress reliever), is the ability to create something new and putting your personal stamp on that creation.  One weekend, my blogger friends Chessika, Phya and I were invited by Stained Glass Craft to an art workshop at Hey Kessy Studio. 

Chinatown TV was also there to document our crafting session.  We met one of their segment hosts, Bea Siman, who also joined us for our first Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass crafting session.

As beginners in the craft, Carol Chua of Stained Glass Craft shared with us that the easiest pattern to make are those which are linear. 

We were given one identical pattern to begin with and chose stained glass sticker patterns and colors we would like for the design.  It was actually quite fun choosing what colors would go for our Stained Glass project, and it was interesting how we all came up with different distinct colors. 

The other tools for our D.I.Y. Stained Glass project are: a glass cleaner, a lint-free paper towel, a pre-cut glass in the same size as the pattern for our crafting session, 4 pre-cut foam squares, a rubber roller, a boning peg, a cutter and a roll of liner. 

Here's the process for our Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass project:
  • First, clean your pre-cut glass with the glass cleaner and wipe off with lint-free paper towel
  • Place the pre-cut rectangular foam on all 4 corners of the glass (under the glass) so that it stays in place while your work on your project
  • Place your pattern under the glass
  • Take a roll of liner, carefully straighten it and peel off the sticker from the back and stick it on top of the lines of the pattern. 
  • Use the cutter to cut off the excess liner
  • Use the boning peg and press on the edges of the liners to secure the liners to the glass
  • Peel off the sticker from the back of your stained glass sticker patterns and slowly stick it on the back part of the pattern. 
  • Use the rubber roller to secure the design and to eliminate bubbles
  • Use the cutter to cut off the excess pattern
  • Et voilà!  You have finished your first D.I.Y. stained glass project!
Our collective D.I.Y stained glass creations

Here are some next level designs. 
You can also get creative and make your own patterns!

Our group photo, this time with Bea Siman of Chinatown TV (far right)

I have to admit, at first, I thought this project would be easy, but it takes careful measurements, a steady hand and a bit of arm muscle to finish the project.  Once you've tried it for the first time, you'll have a better understanding on the techniques on your next advance D.I.Y. stained glass projects.

Here's our D.I.Y. Stained Glass art craft workshop on Chinatown TV, hosted by Bea Siman:

Are you up for your first Do-It-Yourself Stained Glass craft?  For updates on their workshops, you'll find them on Instagram @stainedglass_craftph.  For inquiries, send them an e-mail at stainedglasscraft@yahoo.com.ph

Go ahead, learn something new and get crafty!

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