24 July 2014

Carolyn Robb's The Royal Touch at SM Aura

Have you ever been to Carolyn Robb's The Royal Touch at SM Aura?  This is my favorite "waiting spot" whenever Mickey has a meeting or an event to attend at SM Aura.  Alright, there are other places for coffee here (like Starbucks, UCC and Paul) but those places can get a bit crowded at times.  I like this coffee place better because they play relaxing classical music, the interiors are decked with turquoise colored padded walls, the custom gray chairs are comfortable to sit on and they have beautiful chandeliers that light up the dining area.


20 July 2014

When Form Meets Function: My DKNY clutch

For me the best months of the year for shopping is July and January.  In Manila, these are the months when the retail stores hold their all-out sale.  Last week, when I was just "browsing" the shelves,  this beautiful red clutch caught my eye.  Not only is it in a vibrant red color, it is also a clutch that clearly defines "when form meets function".  Now that's hard to get by, especially for a clutch. 

I love the structure of this DKNY red clutch.  It will retain it's form whether the clutch has many things in it or even when there's none.  It also comes in my favorite leather of choice - Saffiano leather.  Saffiano leather is scratch resistant, water and stain resistant and it is durable leather that is easy to clean too (it is often used in Prada and Kate Spade leather goods and now, with DKNY).


13 July 2014

Philips 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection

During weekends spent at home, here's our typical habit inside Casa Villa:  In the morning, we would listen to our favorite music by playing our records and CD's on our hifi stereo system, alternately playing our turntable, CD player or high-resolution music files on our iPad.  In the afternoon, we watch our favorite action packed movies on our home theater system.  Clearly, we are a couple who enjoys listening to good music and watching movies in the comforts of our own home.

Wouldn't you want that in your home too?  Whether you're just simply looking for audio and home theater systems for your living space or a techie person searching for the latest innovations, Philips has just something for everyone with their latest 2014 Home Entertainment and Sound Collection.  Let me show you the collection in these photos:   
Whether you're a beginner or a DJ Armin Van Buuren wannabe, you'll have fun mixing, playing and sharing your favorite tracks with your party-loving friends with the Philips M1X-DJ.  Stream songs via Bluetooth and take your party anywhere with the carrying strap.  Retails for Php 15,999.00. 


09 July 2014

My Kipling Super City Bag

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Kipling Philippines to view their latest Summer Pre-Fall Collection at their SM Aura store.  Along with the invitation came a very special message that I could choose from the catalog any Kipling bag that I want (except luggage).  How cool is that?  Of course, I got super excited and I happily browsed the catalog right away.  It wasn’t an easy task, I tell you.  The bags were beautiful, colorful, fun and functional.  After narrowing down my choices, I arrived with my final choice, a bag that I can use every day.  This bag is the mother of all utility bags and it’s called the Kipling Super City Bag.

The Kipling Super City Bag has dual carrying options, you can carry it like a hand bag or you can attach the shoulder strap (65cm-138 cm) and carry it like a cross-body bag.  This bag is water resistant and made of crinkled nylon which is easy to clean, plus of course, this bag also comes with the iconic Kipling monkey ring.


07 July 2014

Ipanema launches their Latest Collection

Ipanema has long been one of Brazil’s hottest flip flop brands.   What sets them apart from their Brazilian counterparts/other flip flop brands in the market?
  • They are known for the embossed pattern of the Ipanema Calçadão (the tiled sidewalk pattern exclusive Ipanema beach) embossed onto their footwear. 
  • Ipanema's are made from soft PVC plastic material.  Slip into Ipanema flip flops and you'll know what I mean.  You'll instantly notice how comfortable they are, hugging the soles of your feet and the added support it gives when you walk around in them.  
  • Their flip flops are given finishing touches to make them more special - whether it's a glittery shine or a matt finish, a crystal, charm or gemstone, Ipanema's are always glammed up!             
Ipanema recently launched their latest collection of high fashion flip flops, sandals and wedges.  Truly, this collection is a league of it's own, Ipanema has totally brought flip flops to a whole new different level.  The word plain is really not in their vocabulary, this collection all about glamour!  Let me show you the collection in these photos:

Sidewalk Fem - Retails for Php 2,495.00


02 July 2014

Kipling launches their Summer Pre-Fall 2014 Collection at SM Aura

Last Saturday, Kipling launched their Summer Pre-Fall Collection for 2014 at their SM Aura store, and boy, as soon as I stepped in the store, it certainly felt like I was in candy land!  The colors were bright and happy and I love it.  This collection can easily liven up your look with pops of color. 

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