07 July 2014

Ipanema launches their Latest Collection

Ipanema has long been one of Brazil’s hottest flip flop brands.   What sets them apart from their Brazilian counterparts/other flip flop brands in the market?
  • They are known for the embossed pattern of the Ipanema Calçadão (the tiled sidewalk pattern exclusive Ipanema beach) embossed onto their footwear. 
  • Ipanema's are made from soft PVC plastic material.  Slip into Ipanema flip flops and you'll know what I mean.  You'll instantly notice how comfortable they are, hugging the soles of your feet and the added support it gives when you walk around in them.  
  • Their flip flops are given finishing touches to make them more special - whether it's a glittery shine or a matt finish, a crystal, charm or gemstone, Ipanema's are always glammed up!             
Ipanema recently launched their latest collection of high fashion flip flops, sandals and wedges.  Truly, this collection is a league of it's own, Ipanema has totally brought flip flops to a whole new different level.  The word plain is really not in their vocabulary, this collection all about glamour!  Let me show you the collection in these photos:

Sidewalk Fem - Retails for Php 2,495.00

Ipanema Charme Glam Fem (black/gold) - Retails for Php 1,295.00
 Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandal Kids (pink/gold) - Retails for Php 1,295.00

Ipanema Vitraux Fem - Retails for Php 1,495.00

Ipanema Leblon Fem - Retails for Php 2,295.00

Ipanema Vitraux Fem (black/gold)- Retails for Php 1,495.00
Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandal Fem (orange) - Retails for Php 1,595.00
Ipanema Sandal Baby (pink, lavander and gray) - Retails for Php 1,095.00

Ipanema's latest collection

“Who said that flip flops are only trendy during the summer time?” asked Mr. Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema in the Philippines. “At Ipanema, our footwear is designed to complement your daily ensemble—they look good and functional whether you’re walking on the beach or the city.”

For news and updates on this high fashion Brazilian flip flop brand, follow them on facebook (www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines) and instagram (@ipanema.philippines).

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