31 January 2014


The good thing about malls having extensions (or expansions) is that you are sure to find not only global fashion brands entering the retail scene but also new food concepts or even new restaurants to try.

The newly opened Shangri-la East Wing has brought forth the birth of new and exciting food concepts that are worth trying and the latest that we tried at Shangri-la's East Wing is Zarzuela, a restaurant that serves modern Filipino cuisine. 

The restaurant has two separate seating areas, they have tables in the enclosed dining area, but for this particular day, we wanted to sit in the outdoor dining area.  The temperature outside is wonderfully low and sitting by the glass windows with the view would be perfect.


25 January 2014

Our relaxing Couples Treatment at The Spa: The Crystalline Skin Body Treatment and The Light & Luminous Facial by Pevonia Botanica

Mickey and I received an invitation from Jenny Casitas, PR Manager of Pevonia Botanica Philippines to try out The Pevonia Crystalline Skin Body Treatment and The  New Pevonia Light & Luminous Facial at The Spa's newest branch at The Shangri-la Mall's East Wing.  It was a timely invitation, since we just came back from our recent vacation and our tired and aching muscles need some soothing after a long trip.  The facial treatment is also a welcome treat!  After exposing our skin to the changing weather conditions in Baguio, it's time for some major pampering and skin rejuvenation.

It was also our first time to visit The Spa at The Shangri-la Mall's East Wing.  The interiors have a modern design and a relaxed feel to it, calming music was playing softly in the background and the scent of aromatic oils fill the air as soon as you walk inside (preparing you for your relaxing body and beauty treatments).


21 January 2014

Hill Station Bistro at Camp John Hay

If you're a foodie, you probably know Hill Station's fine dining restaurant along Upper Session road.  We were supposed to eat there during our recent Baguio vacation.  In fact, I was already seated on a table by a window that had a view.

Mickey had to park the car so I waited for him to come back so we can make our food choices together.  A few minutes later, he comes back and tells me that the narrow road that leads to the parking lot is steep and if he does succeed in navigating that road and does end up parking there, he may have hard time going out later on.  So, we had no choice but to inform the restaurant staff that we won't be able to dine there after all that day (too bad).


17 January 2014

Breakfast & Dinner at Le Chef at The Manor, Camp John Hay

During our recent vacation in Baguio, of course we couldn't miss going to Chef Billy King's Le Chef at The Manor. 


16 January 2014

The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay and dinner at Twist

After a hectic (but fun!) December month filled with parties and reunions, we were looking forward to a relaxing vacation in Baguio when January came.  The timing was right, the holidays are over, so there won't be as many people when we arrive and the temperature was from 16 to 9 degrees celsius.  We still can get a feel of the cool Baguio weather.

We knew that the place we had to stay in, would have to be in Camp John Hay.  I think this is one of the places in Baguio that is still relaxing and calming.  Many parts of the city have been highly urbanized and there is traffic in the commercial areas during the busy parts of the day (we don't want to see that, we already have that back in Manila).  This vacation was all about relaxation and a chance to press the restart button for the new year.  For this vacation, we are staying for the very first time at The Forest Lodge in Camp John Hay. 


09 January 2014

How to prepare your space for a long vacation

We are leaving in a couple of hours to head off to the mountains for some much needed vacation after the busy holidays.  We have booked a room in a hotel lodge and I can't wait to write about it when we get back!  We were originally booked for just a few nights but I realized we only go up at least once a year, we might as well stay a bit longer and enjoy the cold weather.

Here are a few things I do to prepare our space for a (relatively) long absence to ensure a stress-free homecoming:


05 January 2014

A Fresh Start

Hello, 2014!  You're finally here!  It's time to press the reset button and make a fresh start, don't you think?  Let's start fresh this year!  Here are a few things, I know how: 

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