17 January 2014

Breakfast & Dinner at Le Chef at The Manor, Camp John Hay

During our recent vacation in Baguio, of course we couldn't miss going to Chef Billy King's Le Chef at The Manor. 

It's a good thing that you can go to The Manor from The Forest Lodge through the parking lot at the back.  Just go up those stairs and you'll find yourself at the garden of The Manor.

It was a beautiful day, the sun is out and the sky was so blue!

In my opinion, the best breakfast buffet spread and best tasting breakfast food in Baguio for is still at Le Chef! (and no, this is not a paid ad or advertisement.  It's just us and our happy tummys agreeing to that declaration).  There is a wide selection of food and the quality of the food is superb!  Plus, at Php 550 net/person for the breakfast buffet, I think it's a steal!

After breakfast, we went to the garden of The Manor to take some shots.  I love how flowers bloom so beautifully in Baguio.  It must be the cold weather.

There is a pocket garden at the far end of the main garden where we like to take photos.  We took advantage of the shade that the towering pine trees provided as it's almost lunchtime and the sun was getting a bit harsh.

The gazebo at the garden, brings back a lot of beautiful memories, Mickey and I got married here 5 years ago.

We found that there is a children's playground at the farthest end of the garden.  If I were still a child, I'd love it here!  I'd probably climb the inclined wall, or up the rope ladder, go down the slide, ride the swing and of course balance on the seesaw!

But then again, who says you need to be a kid?  Haha!

We couldn't resist going back to Le Chef, but this time for a la carte dinner.  We saw Chef Billy King several times in the restaurant and he looked like a rock star Chef with his shoulder length wavy hair!  I just wish he wasn't so busy that evening, I wanted to approach him and thank him for the great tasting food that always brings us back here and also for the superb wait staff that's always attentive to our needs.  A photo with him would've been nice too, haha!  Cooking is one of my "challenges" and I really admire people who know how to make food taste great.  

For dinner, we had French onion soup, Php 180.00

Baby back ribs, Php 540.00

Grilled lapu-lapu, Php 540.00

Leche flan (Php 180.00)

As always, we loved it here!  If you want sure fire great tasting meals, be sure to drop by Le Chef at The Manor.

On our way back to Forest Lodge, I took this photo of The Manor.  It's so beautiful, even at night.

For inquiries and reservations at Chef Billy King's Le Chef at The Manor in Camp John Hay, Baguio City, call (074) 424-0907.


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