21 January 2014

Hill Station Bistro at Camp John Hay

If you're a foodie, you probably know Hill Station's fine dining restaurant along Upper Session road.  We were supposed to eat there during our recent Baguio vacation.  In fact, I was already seated on a table by a window that had a view.

Mickey had to park the car so I waited for him to come back so we can make our food choices together.  A few minutes later, he comes back and tells me that the narrow road that leads to the parking lot is steep and if he does succeed in navigating that road and does end up parking there, he may have hard time going out later on.  So, we had no choice but to inform the restaurant staff that we won't be able to dine there after all that day (too bad).

We then headed back to the Ayala Technohub in Camp John Hay, hoping that there would be new restaurants we could try there.  We discovered a new restaurant located at the Ground Floor of this building alongside many other restaurants and I was so happy when the sign read "Hill Station Bistro".  Finally, we'll be able to sample Hill Station's food offerings, but this time at the Bistro.

The bistro had a casual dining atmosphere, it had an open kitchen design, the tables were arranged with mismatched chairs and the dining crowd for lunch were baskasyonistas, employees from the nearby call center and locals.

We were able to eat at Hill Station Bistro twice during our Baguio vacation.  For our first day, we tried their all day breakfast menu.  They had a good selection of breakfast favorites plus some healthy options too (and they were priced just right).

Some of the dishes we tried on our first visit to Hill Station Bistro:

Huevos Ala Lucio which is chorizo in scrambled eggs with home fries, bread and butter (Php 230)

Country Breakfast, which had farmers ham, eggs, home fries, home made bread, butter and jam (Php 195)

For beverages, we had Fresh Lemonade (Php 95)

...and Iced tea (Php 70)

For dessert, Mickey tried the Flan de Mammyvieja, Php 95. 
He said, this tastes good and he likes the smooth consistency.

On our second visit, these were the dishes that we tried:
Cup of Soup, Php 40.00

Spaghetti Puttanesca with smoked tanguige, Php 180.  We love the strong flavor of this dish!

Beef Salpicao, Php 195.  A serving of this dish leaves you with extra rice, so what does one do? Make a side order of Baguio longganisa!  Haha!  Who cares?  We're on vacation!

You can also grab some of their home made deli that you can cook at home or their edible gifts to go.
So, if ever you find yourself in Baguio, stop by Hill Station Bistro at the Ayala Technohub in Camp John Hay.


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