31 August 2013

Easy, breezy cleaning with the Swiffer WetJet

For busy weekends, we like squeezing in some quick cleaning of the living space before the start of a new week.  An unscheduled shopping trip to the duty free stores in Subic two months ago led us to a cleaning tool that makes life a lot easy - the Swiffer WetJet.

The Swiffer WetJet is a stick mop with a floor cleaning solution attached to the pole and a disposable cleaning pad at the base making it an essential cleaning tool, especially if you do not have the luxury of time.

The starter kit comes in a small box that needs a bit of assembly, but what I like about the Swiffer WetJet is that it eliminates the need for a mop and bucket of water and can easily be stowed away when you're done cleaning.


21 August 2013

A call to share God's blessings after Typhoon Maring

Last Sunday, Mickey kept looking outside the window.  It had been raining incessantly for several hours already and he told me "two hours more, if it still rains as hard as this, the effect may be the same as last year's monsoon rains". 

Two days after, the weather hasn't changed.


20 August 2013

Mandatory Staycation

A week ago, I just had that, a mandatory staycation.  I wish I can tell you that I checked into a swanky hotel, enjoyed superb hotel service and a magnificent view.  Well, it was almost like that except that I checked into one of our finest hospitals, The Medical City for a minor procedure that had to be done urgently.  Before I cause unnecessary worry, I'd like to tell you that I am okay and have checked out by the 3rd day.

I must say that it really helped me get over my fear of hospitals that the staff were competent, they had state of the art medical facilities and I had very good doctors taking care of me.

Here's what happened last week:

After checking-in, they gave me a standard hospital accessory, a white bracelet with my name on it.


16 August 2013

Pevonia Botanica Ligne Tropicale De-Aging Mist

Here's my most recent skin care discovery: Pevonia Botanica's Ligne Tropicale de-aging mist, it's a luxurious and light body hydrating spritz from elite spa brand, Pevonia. 


10 August 2013

Grace Park, One Rockwell

Last Friday night, I had dinner with the ladies at Grace Park in One Rockwell.

 Rhia, Len, Me and Bambi

As soon as I entered Grace Park, I had sensory overload.  There was lively chatter and laughter coming from the 2nd level of the loft-type restaurant, I got a whiff of special dishes being cooked in the kitchen, the lighting was just right and the interiors, a mix of industrial, re-purposed materials and country chic.

The interior design consists of  floors and walls that are unfinished, the stairs that lead to the second level are made of recycled wood, country style decor adorned certain areas of the restaurant, mismatched chairs, utensils and drinking glasses in different colors but what really grabbed my attention were some of the mismatched plates that were very similar to what my mom had when we were growing up (If I remember it right, she told me that they were her wedding dinner plates.  They were very special, it had gold edges and period-inspired designs on them). 

The menu is printed on kraft paper, secured to a recycled corrugated board by a bamboo paper clip. Grace Park also takes pride in sourcing ingredients produced sustainably by regional farmers. 


08 August 2013

Old Vine Grille

Last Sunday, Mickey and I had lunch at Old Vine Grille.

I love Old Vine's high ceilings, rustic interiors, comfortable seating areas and well-spaced tables, it definitely sets you for a great dining experience.

It is our first time to try their Sunday lunch buffet spread, the food selection was just right and the food was spot-on in terms of taste.  Our favorites at the buffet (read: reasons to go back) were the Mediterranean salad, gambas-style shrimp, buffalo wings, baked cream dory, roast beef, the fresh to grill section, fresh to bake oysters and that chocolate cake that looks simple, but was heavenly!

The staff were attentive, courteous and polite.  Don't you just love good service?  Many times, aside from the selection and the quality of food, this is what makes us come back.

Let me show you the place:


03 August 2013

The Picture Company

Time flies so fast, it seems like yesterday when The Picture Company first opened their studios in Manila where they consistently took casual, fun photos and documented many special memories.

Last month, I was looking for a photo studio for a project that I am cooking for Le Blog and as I was trolling around facebook, I happily stumbled upon The Picture Company's page.  They are celebrating their eleventh year anniversary and were treating past members to free photo sessions and a high resolution digital file.  I remembered that I was a member in 2005 and 2006, so I called their Powerplant, Rockwell Branch to schedule my photo session.

On the day of the shoot, I had Maits as my photographer.  Maits was such a joy to work with, she helped me with my angles, made the shoot comfortable and shared a lot of laughs with me.  

Happy 11th Anniversary The Picture Company!  Thank you Maits for this photo.  I love it!

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