10 August 2013

Grace Park, One Rockwell

Last Friday night, I had dinner with the ladies at Grace Park in One Rockwell.

 Rhia, Len, Me and Bambi

As soon as I entered Grace Park, I had sensory overload.  There was lively chatter and laughter coming from the 2nd level of the loft-type restaurant, I got a whiff of special dishes being cooked in the kitchen, the lighting was just right and the interiors, a mix of industrial, re-purposed materials and country chic.

The interior design consists of  floors and walls that are unfinished, the stairs that lead to the second level are made of recycled wood, country style decor adorned certain areas of the restaurant, mismatched chairs, utensils and drinking glasses in different colors but what really grabbed my attention were some of the mismatched plates that were very similar to what my mom had when we were growing up (If I remember it right, she told me that they were her wedding dinner plates.  They were very special, it had gold edges and period-inspired designs on them). 

The menu is printed on kraft paper, secured to a recycled corrugated board by a bamboo paper clip. Grace Park also takes pride in sourcing ingredients produced sustainably by regional farmers. 

The ground level of the restaurant had four tables, we reserved a corner table by the window

Quirky animal decor suspended on the wrought iron wall decor by our table

books and ingredients are displayed side by side on the shelf by the counter

Mismatched plates, glasses, utensils and chairs

Re-purposed stones decorated the kitchen counter and the entire outer kitchen wall

I love these mirrors in the toilet that have different elaborate and aged frames

 Here's what we ordered off the menu...

Baked chicharon 2-ways

3-page salad, organic field greens

Muscovado beef belly

Fettuccine, Truffle cream, organic egg

The next two dishes were not on the menu, but were written on the board by the kitchen counter 
(be sure to check that out too!)
Orrechiette with Ilonggo cistorra

Fresh pappardelle  with salted eggs, asparagus and truffle cream

As of this writing, Grace Park has two seatings for dinner, the first one is at 6:30 pm and the next at 8:30 pm.  It would be best to reserve a table, last Friday night, Grace Park was packed!

You'll find Grace Park at the Ground Level of  One Rockwell West Tower, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.  For reservations call (+63-2) 843-7275.

To know more about their delicious offerings, follow Grace Park on facebook.

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