20 August 2013

Mandatory Staycation

A week ago, I just had that, a mandatory staycation.  I wish I can tell you that I checked into a swanky hotel, enjoyed superb hotel service and a magnificent view.  Well, it was almost like that except that I checked into one of our finest hospitals, The Medical City for a minor procedure that had to be done urgently.  Before I cause unnecessary worry, I'd like to tell you that I am okay and have checked out by the 3rd day.

I must say that it really helped me get over my fear of hospitals that the staff were competent, they had state of the art medical facilities and I had very good doctors taking care of me.

Here's what happened last week:

After checking-in, they gave me a standard hospital accessory, a white bracelet with my name on it.

Hospital or hotel?  There was a bellhop donning hotel-like uniform with a luggage cart, who helped us unload our stuff from the car and ushered us to our room.

Obviously, I had a bit of resistance on staying too long in the hospital with that overnight bag, but the number of nights I would stay here, was really beyond my control.    

This was my room.  It could have passed for a hotel room minus the lighting and switches for hospital equipment over the bed, seeing the hand cranks under the bed to elevate the mattress, the tray over my bed and the standee for my drip.  But hey, it's all good.

This was my view.  Not bad, but a view of the beach or a serene lake would be better though, haha!

Instead of a vanity kit, I had this "welcome kit" in my room.  It had a digital thermometer, a face towel, a drinking glass, a bottle of alcohol and a roll of tissue in it.

Mickey and I did some grocery shopping a few days prior to our hospital trip.  We keep thinking if what we bought was enough for the entire hospital stay (which we were unsure of as my doctor said that it would depend on how fast I would recover after the procedure).

Don't let the smile fool you, I am scurred! (read: scared).  Mickey reads me God's comforting words each time I would have episodes of fear.  Thank you Lord for such a sweet and supportive husband.  

When he sees that I am not satisfied with the hospital food, he asks me what I'd like to eat and buys me food that would make me feel better.    

Here's one of those spoiling moments, Figaro's pasta arrabiata.  On other times it's Starbuck's chicken pesto with shitake mushrooms and a nice venti green tea latte.  Heaven!  Most of the time, it's Chef Resty's  Roastbeef who has just wonderfully opened an outlet at Medical City.  Thank you Mickey!

Mom and dad came to visit me while at the hospital, they came all the way from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and brought me French Baker's super soft ensaymada (mom, I love this!) and French Baker's Mongo pull-apart buns.  Yum!  Thank you mom and dad for your support and prayers and for your wonderful group of friends that comprise your Friday bible study group for praying for me.   

Now these beautiful flowers came from my friend, Marge who has a vast country garden in Vancouver, Canada (Choz!  Haha!).  But really, these were sent by my friend Marge through her wonderful mom.  Thank you Marge, I love the flowers!

Currently, I am still on mandatory staycation but this time at the comforts of our own home.  Thank you to all our family and friends who prayed with us.  We are indeed, blessed.  Most of all, thank you God!  Mornings are great because of you!    


Anonymous said...

Sorry dearie I was not able to visit you at the hospital. Was busy with work as usual trying to finish everything before I take my leave. Nevertheless you were in my thoughts and prayers. Macadamia nuts to follow in September unless you want some chopsticks...+ busybee

Anonymous said...

Tins, glad you're okay now. -ck

Tina Villa said...

Hi CK! Thank you! I'll see you guys very soon! Have a great (long) weekend and enjoy your adventures!

Tina Villa said...

No worries busy bee! Heaven was filled with your prayers. Looking forward to those Macadamia nuts! (chopsticks? I don't even know how to use them. I always ask for a spoon and fork. Haha!) Fill instagram with your journeys! Have fun! I'll see you in September.

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