17 April 2020

Things we bought at IKEA Alexandra, Singapore

Perhaps there is one place that is always on our list when visiting Singapore, and it is IKEA Alexandra. Although admittedly, when we come here, we are mindful of what we should get, only things that we need. Stuff can pile up faster than you think if you don't control your spending. But honestly, we also can't wait for the biggest IKEA in the world to open in the Philippines sometime 2021, so we can get hold of the bigger items too. 

We made sure we brought our own big IKEA bags as well. Here's some photos of our recent IKEA trip, not a lot as we went around fast because of the shopping crowd. 

Some interesting room lighting.

Things for the bedroom.

There are a lot of cute plushie toys.

Some dinnerware, cutlery and stemware designs that will make your tablescape.

Ideas for a cozy kitchen/dining area.

A country style dining table.

IKEA Alexandra from the outside.

Mickey brings our one bag of IKEA haul and also some water for our hotel room as well.

Here's our IKEA Alexandra haul:

Mojlighet headset/tablet/phone stand - SGD 3.90 (or PHP 140.40)
Eneby bluetooth speaker - SGD 79.00 (or PHP 2,844.00)
Eneby bluetooth speaker battery pack - SGD - 29.90 (or PHP 1,076.40)
Koplla 3-port USB charger - SGD 12.90 (or PHP 464.40)
Bergenes bamboo cellphone holder - SGD 2.90 ( or PHP 104.40)
Navlinge LED table lamp - SGD19.90 (or PHP 716.40)
Stomma Wallclock - SGD 2.90 (or PHP 104.40)
Total - SGD 151.40 (or PHP 5,450.40)

SGD to Peso conversion is about - PHP 36.00

Here's a closer look.

We also took home some IKEA chocolates.

When in Singapore, visit IKEA for some cool home stuff.

IKEA Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road


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