12 April 2020

M Social at Robertson Quay, Singapore

Through the years of travelling together, we have now come to realize that we now prefer comfort when we travel. It starts with the purchasing of our plane ticket with a reliable airline, although we book on Economy, I always make it a point that we add a little more to the cost by purchasing forward seats for a little more leg room. Some people might find this unnecessary, but when you're traveling with a guy who stands 6 feet tall, you'll get what I mean. Also, once you have tried it, I will take a chance and bet on the fact that you won't get regular seats next time. It is worth it. Come on, live a little, life is short.

The next phase would have to be more challenging for me. Choosing our hotel. I have to admit, we are picky when choosing a hotel. I prefer a relatively new hotel with modern amenities, will not give us a hard time to get around, an in-house restaurant that serves good food, easy check-in and check-out services, friendly and efficient staff, etc. But if we get more than the non-negotiables, then we are in for an absolute treat.

Prior to coming to Singapore (again) early this year, I've made an extensive research of hotels. I don't like to repeat going to the same hotel abroad every year, because I like to check which hotel group has exceptional services available for hotel guests, to a point where a guest would feel that it is their standard stamp. I am a fan of this kind of service, and when friends ask, I am quick to give a recommendation knowing that it is a good hotel and more.

This year, we booked a 7-day stay at M Social at Robertson Quay, Singapore. It is a lifestyle boutique hotel with 293 rooms. The chic alcove and loft-style interiors are designed by no less than famous French visionary Philippe Starck. He says, "M Social is where all the elements of the world - including creativity, humor and love - come together in an explosion of energy to create joy, of today's and tomorrow's world. To me it is a stage dedicated to creative people."

Here's a glimpse of M Social Singapore, during our recent stay.

A personalized greeting on the big flat screen TV awaits as you enter your room.

Here is our Alcove Cosy Room. It is a room with a modern, minimalist design. It features bare concrete walls with mirrored surfaces, which extends to a striking 4m-tall iconic alcove ceiling. 

The bed is comfortable. Slept like a baby during our entire stay.

Some earth friendly reminders for hotel guests. 

On the opposite side of the bed is a large HDTV, a writing desk with a study lamp, a luggage table, a big lighted mirror which gives great lighting for good grooming, a modern basin and the usual hotel amenity kit: toothbrush, bar of soap, facial tissues, etc. The room also comes with your own little ref, coffee and tea making facilities, a secure, fast and free wi-fi. 

Other people find this room small. But we figured out that if you arrange the contents of your luggage on the open cabinet shelves, and hang your clothes, this room has ample space. We also placed our two medium-sized luggage on the bottom part of the cabinet, so it's not in the way. 

The modern bathroom with it's dark colored iridescent tiles,

The usual hotel shampoo, conditioner and shower gel combo.

The ensuite bathroom with rain shower.

Hello from me and Mickey!

The lighted mirror also works as a great lighting for taking mirror selfies.

On this trip, we forgot to bring our universal travel adapter. So we called Hotel Guest Services to ask if we can borrow one. They said that they shall have it sent to our room. Guess who brought it? It's AURA, their front of house robot. So adorable. Thank you AURA!

Here's a video of AURA. Press the play button.

Everyday they replenish complimentary bottled water in our room, which we bring with us when we go out for the day. It is also convenient that we have a nearby 7-11 store for our drinking water supply in the hotel room as well.

Always wear comfortable shoes when going outside to explore. You'll be able to put your steps in for the day without even trying. So, make sure to wear reliable shoes that won't make your feet ache at the end of the day. Oh, the hotel also has a gym (but really, we don't go to the gym when we're on a holiday, we are out exploring, always).

The view from our hotel floor elevator lobby. We absolutely love the neighborhood where our hotel is at (Robertson Quay). It is much quieter than the CBD area, it is by the river and there is an active community, always out and about when the sun is up. 

M Social also has an outdoor swimming pool as well.

There are two ways to get around from M Social. First is by using the TNVS app on a tablet that is in the lobby for all the hotel guests use, it is so efficient. There is a very small amount of waiting time if you use this. The cars come fast, so be sure you're ready to go out the hotel driveway after entering your destination. Don't forget to jot down your TNVS car plate number as well.

Second, you can also use the complimentary shuttle bus, with specific destinations with pick-up and drop-off at M Social Singapore (and to other Millennium hotel properties as well). As of this writing, the bus, comes every hour. Our advise is to be at the pick-up point, about 15 minutes before the actual bus schedule as the bus arrival would vary depending on traffic, number of people entering or alighting on certain bus points. Research where the other Millennium properties are and perhaps you can just leisurely walk to specific destination points. For us, we used the bus when we go to the Orchard Road area.  

M Social's lobby

This is Beast & Butterflies, M Social's only restaurant at the ground floor where they serve  complimentary daily breakfast. They serve modern Asian cuisine at the restaurant from breakfast to lunch but they also have a bar area, should you need to get a few drinks.

There are many seating areas in the restaurant, from sofas, single chairs, arm chairs to picnic chairs and tables. There are Samsung tablets on the wall, lava lamps and the books that are scattered all throughout that you can read any time. I also love the boho vibe of the throws overs the sofas and the ikat and modern design of the pillows, it is relaxing here.

Always a creature of habit, always seated at our favorite area.

This is AUSCA, M Social's robot breakfast chef.

He can make an omelette or a sunny side up egg, just follow the instructions on his counter and take a video while he prepares your eggs. We always have AUSCA to make our breakfast eggs.

A few photos of what's available for breakfast. They sometimes tweak the selections for variety.



Mixed vegetables

Steamed siopao

Steamed shrimp dumplings

Soft boiled eggs


Baked chocolate muffins

Sliced watermelon

Sliced honeydew

Individually packed cheese

Cold cuts

Yogurt selection

"First we eat, then we do everything else".

Orange and guava juice

Make your own coffee

at night, the breakfast area, turns into a restaurant/bar.

This is the back part of M Social in Robertson Quay. It is the quieter section of the popular quay area of Singapore. It occupies 50 hectares of the Singapore River. This part of town is a popular commercial, residential and hotel accommodation area. It boasts of a wide range of dining and drinking establishments.

Singapore River. It's so serene.

Here are some shots in the Robertson Quay neighborhood during our sunset walks by the Singapore river.

vibrantly painted Alkaff Bridge, built in 1997 to connect the two river banks.

Robertson Quay may be the shy reserved cousin of Clark Quay and Boat Quay, but the quiet types have lots of great stuff to share.

Planning a trip to Singapore?

M Social Singapore
90 Robertson Quay, Singapore
+65 6206 1888


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