10 April 2020

Exploring Jewel Changi Singapore

Whenever we plan for a trip abroad we give ourselves at least 6 months to prepare before the actual trip. We love to travel but I think the part that we dislike the most is what happens on the day of our departure. There's the stress of making sure we don't oversleep, that we book a TNVS car to bring us to the airport on time, long lines at airport security screening before check-in, pay our travel tax, go through immigration and getting to our departure gate on time. 

Oh and let's not forget that we're both hungry for skipping breakfast, always checking our passports, plane tickets, boarding passes, bags and wallets to be sure they're not missing. It's an ordeal, really! Haha!

But the stress leaves when we are actually lifting off to our destination. We get to catch up on a nap and perhaps a meal from the airline will do until we touchdown. We visited Singapore a few months ago (in January), our 4th year in a row to visit since 2017. We have fallen in love with this Asian country, with their friendly locals, easy to get by transportation, the tourist attractions, the shops and perhaps the all encompassing feeling that we're truly comfortable here. 

When we landed in Singapore, I noticed that there are not much people in the Duty Free Shops, which is located after the arrival area. I wondered, where is everybody? Then further on, as we walked, there it was Singapore's newest mall/airport, Jewel Changi. So this is where everybody is. Normally, when Mickey and I would arrive, we would rush to the taxi cue and go to our hotel right away. But Jewel Changi, was worth exploring first.  

I love the little indoor and outdoor cafes and bars here. 
You can just sit here order some food and drinks and let time pass you by.

Of course when in Singapore, expect hot weather. If I should describe, it's even hotter than our weather in the Philippines, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes when going around.

These photos were taken at the topmost floor. It looks like an indoor park, with all the trees here.

There are also attractions you can see and experience, but you would have to pay for a fee.

We arrived after lunch and wanted to grab a quick bite before going on full explorer mode. We went inside Tonito, a restaurant that serves Latino cuisine. I had the Pork Tonito Burrito. It's made of flour tortilla wraps, rice & black beans with cheese, tomato salsa and sour cream on the side.    

While Mickey had the Latino Sandwich called Peruvian "Pan con Chicharron". It has crispy pork belly, sweet potato crisps with red onion salsa and smoked chili on the side. 

The HSBC Rain Vortex, it is the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 40 meters high and the nucleus of Jewel Changi. It's quite a relaxing sight to see, with the sound of the water falling to the ground. If you are able to catch it at night, they have a light & sound show that starts from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily, at hourly intervals.

Sometimes, you can catch the tram passing on the side of the rain vortex too.

Around the HSBC Rain Vortex, is literally a forest. It's called the Shiseido Forrest Valley, a lush green sanctuary, a tranquil retreat in the heart of the world's best transport hub. 

Look how big the trees are.

The see through elevators get a lush tropical view, and at the top, a canopy of trees.

Yummy afternoon bites with a relaxing view.

at Tonito Latin America Kitchen.

We ventured at the lower floors of Jewel Changi and found this. The water from the HSBC Rain Vortex cascades down to the basement levels as well.

"Everything in moderation, except coffee and shoes", says the neon sign on the wall.

Do you like collectible designer toys/art? We stumbled upon a store that sells Bearabricks.

Peanuts characters, these are really big ones.

Toki Doki, Hello Kitty and more.

There are mini versions.

There's also a huge Muji store and a Cafe Muji at the 2nd level of the store.

Stopped by the Fila store and saw some cute versions and collaborations.  
This one is part of their Christmas edition.

Designer Phillip Lim 3.1 x Fila apparel and shoes

The one they had at the store was more of an outdoor shoe.

Phillip Lim 3.1 x Fila edition release.

This colorful shoe, reminiscent of 80's fashion.

It's a collaboration of Rubik's x Puma.

For edgy fashion, here's a collaboration from Random Event x Puma.

Of course, stopping by Nike for Mickey.

The latest Nike Lebron James shoes.

Stopped by the Adidas store and they had the Adidas Ultra Boost City Pack on the shelves

How cute are the shoes laces on this city pack?

When in Singapore, stay a little longer at Jewel Changi and explore the restaurants, shops and attractions.

Jewel Changi 
78 Airport Boulevard


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