17 February 2020

Take The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge

Up for a healthy heart challenge?  This year, Quaker, the number one oats brand in the world, invites you to do the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge - It aims to help individuals lower their cholesterol levels in just 30 days by making one simple change: incorporating two scoops (or eight tablespoons) of Quaker oatmeal daily, as part of diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

The challenge was developed to demonstrate how adding oatmeal to your diet helps reduce cholesterol.  "Oats is a common cereal noted for its heart benefits, owing particularly to its high soluble fiber content beta-glucan," says Dr. Rodolfo Florentino, Immediate Past Chairman - President of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.  "Scientific studies have shown that beta-glucan is capable of lowering the cholesterol level in the blood, particularly LDL - cholesterol," he adds.

                           with Marie and Rowena at the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge launch

To show how simple, convenient and tasty an oats-filled diet can be, Quaker partnered with health coach Nadine Tengco to create a variety of sweet and savory recipes to complement the 30-day Quaker Smart Heart Challenge.  Make your own oats breakfast jars with recipes like Choco Choco Oat Jar and Oats n' Mango Breakfast Jar, or step up your morning pick-up with Oats n' Raisins Banana Mug Cake or Whipped Egg Whites n' Oats.  "Incorporating oats into your daily diet need not be boring nor complicated.  It's easier and more accessible now more than ever to kickstart a heart-healthy lifestyle." shares Nadine.

Quaker Oats is available in instant, quick, and rolled oats format.  And is also available in a variety of flavors, Chocolate, Banana & Honey, Chocolate with Milk, Milky Original, Beef & Carrot, Chicken with Mushroom, Banana Bites, Fruit & Nut, and Tropical Fruit.

Visit www.quakeroats.ph and start your heart-healthy lifestyle today!
Share your progress on social media by using the hashtag #QuakerSmartHeartChallenge.

For updates on what's new with Quaker, find them on Instagram @quakeroatsph.

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