17 February 2020

Oori at Sheraton Manila

Oori in Korean language means "ours", inspired from what the Sheraton brand is known for - The world's gathering place.  This concept is the quintessential ingredient to your dining experience at Oori.  Savor stellar food that sparks conversation, the experience of grilling your own meat, and the variety  in their food selection creates a recipe for well shared indulgence with family and friends.

Savor dishes that are prepared with authenticity in mind and flavored to its traditional Korean roots.  From the main to the side dishes, Oori uses only fresh and premium quality ingredients.  Mickey and  I had the opportunity to try Oori recently, here are some photos from our unforgettable gastronomic experience:

Mickey at Oori's bar.  Perhaps this is the only "shot" we can take as we are both allergic to alcohol.  As a friend once said, "Tina, you"re missing all the fun!"

Such pretty and relaxing interiors, don't you agree?

Even the bar area is a relaxing place to be at.  
Perhaps swap some interesting stories with the bartender or your bar seat mates.

Executive Chef Kiko Santiago of Sheraton Manila and Chef Kibum Park of Oori, prepared a Korean feast for us to enjoy.  

Here are some dishes from Oori's sub-concept restaurant called Bibimbap.  They serve Korean comfort food favorites suited for quick bites.  The highlight of course, is the assortment of bibimbap bowls served over steamed rice with soft poached egg, yachts (or vegetables) and sauces served on the side so you can toss and mix according to your taste preference.  

Yuk hoe
Marinated Beef Tartare
Php 660

Classic Filipino ground pork
Php 600

Sweet soy marinated chicken
Php 580

at Bibimbap by Oori, they also serve Korean Street Food Favorites, Korean Pancakes, Korean Noodles, Bingsu and assortment of Cocktails, Mocktails and other refreshing Beverages. 

Oori has several private dining rooms that can be reserved, but with a minimum revenue

Here we are at one of the big private rooms about to enjoy our Korean barbecue feast

Our tasting menu at Oori and so much more!

All 16 side dishes from Oori

Fresh vegetables for the Korean barbecue

Mandu Jeongol Hot Pot
pork, kimchi and Korean dumplings (good for 2 persons)
Served with steamed rice and five daily side dishes
Php 1,100

The five side dishes for the Mandu Jeongol

For the Grill
Premium Combination (good for 2)
Wagyu Ribeye A5 + Duroc Pork Collar
- with choice of Denjang Jigae (Tofu Soup), Mug Naengmyeun (Cold Noodle), Bibim Naengmyeun (Spicy Cold Noodle)
- Includes: Jul (Korean Congee), Japchae (Stir-fried Glass Noodles), Godeng-e Gue Pan (Pan-Fried Mackerel Fish)
Dessert: Fresh Fruits and Sujeongwa (Cinnamon Punch)
Served with rice, five side dishes, fresh local lettuce, fresh mushrooms, fresh vegetable and onion pickle
- Vittoria Coffee 
PHP 5,500

Fresh off the grill

Fresh Mango Bingsu
Shaved Ice Milk
Php 450

Fresh Mixed Fruits Bingsu
Shaved Ice Milk
Php 450

with Hope Velasco 
Marketing Communications Manager at Sheraton Manila

Come visit soon!

and Bibimbap by Oori
Sheraton Manila Hotel
80 Andrews Avenue
Pasay City, Philippines
(+63 2) 7902-1800


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