16 October 2019

La Vita Ristorante Italiano

I can still remember the first time Mickey and I went to Italy.  It was a magical place with beautiful monuments that would leave you in awe of its majesty, as well as its history.  The locals are very friendly, and also very family oriented just like us Filipinos.  They love to gather around food, and as the saying goes, "every nonna in the family is a good cook".  

But what really shocked me was how differently their cuisine was interpreted back home.  In Italy, their cuisine was much simpler, made only with a few fresh ingredients.  The pasta and dough are all made from scratch, even the pizza sauce.  Also, the secret to a good pizza is the use of a traditional brick oven.  I guess this is just one aspect in the many facets that make up how authentic Italian cuisine should be made - simple, fresh, and cooked with love.  

Back in Manila, I sometimes wish I can travel back to Italy if only to have a taste of authentic Italian cuisine again.  What a nice surprise when I was recently invited to the opening of La Vita Ristorante Italiano at The Podium, I was transported back to this beautiful country through their dishes.  Here are some photos at the intimate launch and the authentic Italian dishes by Executive Chef Maurizio Gibillino.

Literally surprised by Marj when we arrived.

Beef Carpaccio Alla Cipriani
Sliced raw beef in olive oil, lemon, chili with shaved parmesan cheese
Php 300.00

Carpaccio Di Polipo Alla Sarda
Cooked octopus with Italian vinaigrette, garlic, chili and parsley
Php 280.00

Pizza is best enjoyed with good company.

Pizza Alla Napoletana
Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and black olives
Php 450.00

Pizza Con Burrata Fresca
Fresh buratta, tomato sauce and arugula
Php 540.00

An off-menu pizza with speck (an Italian cured meat) and arugula.

I told you, the secret is in the brick oven.

Linguine Allatavolara
Linguine with shrimps, in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chili and crab paste
Php 400.00

Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia
Squid ink sauce, garlic and chili
Php 400.00

Rigatoni Con Crema Di4 Formaggi
Pasta with four creamy cheeses
Php 420.00

Pappardelle alla Crema Di Tartufo
Specialty pasta with porcini cream and truffle oil
Php 440.00

Gamberoni Salmmoriglio Di Pantelleria
Grilled tiger prawns in salmoriglio sauce served with fresh salad
Php 880.00

Fiorentina Alla Giorgone
Imported Certified Black Angus Porterhouse cut served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables
Php 4,400.00

Mousse di Cioccolato
Ultimate chocolate fix, it's rich yet light and fluffy
Php 280.00

Pannacotta Con Miele Al Profumo Di Tartufo
Most popular Italian dessert
Php 280.00

Tiramisu Affogato Al Bailey's
Famous Italian dessert with coffee liquor and mascarpone cream
Php 280.00

For authentic, fresh, and artisan dishes made only with the finest ingredients, come visit!

La Vita Ristorante Italiano
3rd Level, The Podium
For reservations call (+63-2) 8285-1486


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