25 May 2018

Hair Goals Achieved With Watsons

I have always been experimental with my hairstyle, I've gone from long to short, wavy and straight, bangs or no-bangs, if it's current and it looks good on me, then I would say to my hair stylist, "cut away!".  But of course, you must have a well-trained, go-to stylist, should you trust them the way I do, otherwise you might have to leave it to fate, and brace yourself for a surprise outcome, haha!  Well and good if the outcome is on-point, if not, you may have to grow it out until the length is good enough for a decent cut.

To achieve Hair Goals levels, aside from a well-styled cut, you must also use the best brands for your hair.  For styling, you can use products like Vitress, which you can use to style and smoothen your hair for a more polished look.  For a refreshed look, and to add volume for a night out, use Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo.  If you want a look that will last all day, finish off your hair style with a TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray.

I also believe in taking care of your hair before damage sets in.  Use hair treatment products like Silk Secrets and Lolane Intense Care Treatment, to keep your hair out of harm's way.  You can also use a more potent conditioner such as Cream Silk's Keratin Active to help bring back the vibrance of your hair.  

Learning about new hair styles and how to achieve them with TRESemme and Watsons

We all tried the hair-coloring and hair-styling stations at Watsons, it was a good hair day indeed!

We also took a personality test, where at the end it gives you the best hair color to match your personality and the shades that would best fit you.  It's super cool!

Here's my favorite part, hair color!  Now you can easily play around with different hair color shades, as you can find these shades at Watsons - whether hot to fiery reds, subtle to striking browns, sexy to bombshell blondes, and fun to experimental pastel colors.  Find your perfect shade from Revlon, Revia, Bigen, Liese, Kolours, Beautylabo, L'OrĂ©al Excellence, Naturtint, and Lolane.

Here's my refreshed hair color from Revlon's ColorSilk Luminista line in Light Golden Brown (Shade 170), and my beachy wave look for the day. 

Visit Watsons, and explore their extensive line of hair color, styling, and treatment products, and make #HairGoals happen.  Plus, here's a chance for you to try a new hair color shade, or perhaps color your hair for the first time - May 26 is "Color Your Hair Day", get 50% off on participating Hair Color products.  So ladies, stock-up on the shades that you fancy!  Here's more, if you're a SMAC (SM Advantage Card) member, your P500 single receipt purchase of any participating product, allows you to earn 1 E-Raffle entry that give you the chance to win up to 100,000 bonus points!  



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